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What would you change about your favorite Pokémon?

Torchic does not need much change, but the shiny could be of a darker tone than just sunburnt chicken
For Archeops (my favorite fossil pkmn) should have a better ability. I don't know what I would give it though.
A list of things I'd change about Lucario.
  1. Fix some weird inconsistencies in its moveset like giving it Iron Head and Fire Punch since it can learn Zen Headbutt and Blaze Kick.
  2. Give back it and everyone else's Mega Evolution.
  3. Give it some kind of Aura Sense ability that makes it immune to evade+accuracy changes since Lucario in lore can see the world through Aura, which is something all living things (like Pokemon) have.
  4. Make Aura Storm an actual move. Maybe make it a special Fighting type version of Aeroblast.
  5. Change the shiny color to red. I get the DBZ joke that the yellow one has but it looks ugly. Lucario looks much better with the blue replaced by red, go and google it.
Natu - improve its shiny, there's barely a difference.
Flygon - give it a Mega or buff its stats/wider movepool/alternate ability, Garchomp has completely outclassed it.
make munchlax easier to get in gen 4, have a place where it can be found in the wild without smearing honey on trees

Audino is the perfect specimen of Pokemon.
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Better shinies, Most of my favourites have terrible or decent ones (Crobat, Nidoqueen, Vileplume, Gastrodon)
sometimes i wish shaymin was a regular pokemon and not a mythical just so i'd be able to use it in more games.

like? don't get me wrong, i'm happy of its rarity, but it sure is a bummer these days to not be able to use it/transfer it in modern games s: yes, i know l:a and bdsp exist and they're "modern", but moreso the version games is what i'm referring to.
Arcanine would get 150 BST in every stat.

It can now also Mega Evolve without item and get 200 BST in every stat.

That is all.
Eevee needs a ghost type evolution. But I often have thought that in order to become a ghost, It would have to die >.< If this happens to become true somehow, then what about a rock type, fighting type etc...Eevee needs more evolution types.
Mimikyu was more fun to use before it was nerfed. Another thing that somewhat makes me feel weird is when you run into it outside of Alola. I think in terms of lore it will always feel a little out of place without the abandoned Walmart since it was inspired by a real life controversy in Hawaii when they built on the native people's land because of tourism. I like how the location itself tells a story, there is even an NPC outside who points this out.

Skitty was my favorite as a child and it's very weak but I'm not sure if I mind. It's nice to challenge yourself and win with your favorites just like Karen of the Elite Four says.
Hmm... I guess the only thing I would change about Sableye would be its typing. Dark/Ghost, while being an interesting type combination, doesn't feel right with Sableye given that its dex entry always involve gems and always found in caves. I figured either Dark/Rock or Rock/Ghost would be fitting. Especially Rock/Ghost given how we've yet to get an actual Rock/Ghost Pokemon so feel that would be dope.
wish absol was better competitively :bulbaLol:
Honestly, Aegislash could look, a bit more regal and fancy? It's already perfect in my eyes so I don't know what to improve on it
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