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What youtube (non-music) video did you watch last?

WARNING: The following video contains material that once you've seen it, you can't unsee it.

In Australia, we have this show called "A Current Affair" which claims to be "current affairs", but it is downright garbage, and this video shows some of the lowlights of the show, including Corey Worthington (remember him?), illegal drag races (which is the only thing that keeps the show alive), dole bludgers and that guy that barks. And the video depiction of the show is just the tip of the iceberg, as the comments highlights even worse lowlights of the show. It is shows like this that makes me want to move somewhere else on this god foresaken planet.
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Recently found 2 of 4 old PSA toons with Spider-Man.

Don't Hide Abuse and What to Do About Drugs:

Other two which are currently in lost media territory are Kids Play It Safe and Where Do You Go for Help.
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This will be my last post before I get permanently banned by the head of the forums, as the forums will get burnt to the ground as a result of this video.

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