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What's a Pokémon that you didnt really like in the Games but began to like when you saw them in the Anime?

Oct 17, 2018
Reaction score
Boy, where do I start.

Kingler, Corphish, Glalie, Turtonator and Galarian Farfetch’d were some of the many I would barely remember had the anime not portrayed them and made me like them very much.
But two that stand out are Goodra and Hawlucha. I was pretty indifferent to the Goomy line at first, until Ash’s whole story, personality and overall style made it my favorite pokemon of all.

Meanwhile, I had glossed over Hawlucha in the previews and discovered it while fighting Korrina... and that 3D model looked HIDEOUS from the opponent’s angle, so I hated it. So when the anime introduced me to the glory of Ash’s Hawlucha it quickly rose to be my favorite Ash pokemon and one of my favorite species.


#1 faba hater
Jan 11, 2022
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i know before i watched the sun/moon anime alolan vulpix was like "yeah it's neat i guess" but now i see it and i go "holy shit. it is fucking binkus", M13 is also where zoroark gets a lot of it's value for me since outside of there i generally see it associated with N who i could not give less of a shit about at best.

Mochii ✎꒦꒷✩‧₊˚

Alola, Primarina! (✿ノ◡ヮ◡)ノ*:・゚✧
Feb 22, 2022
Reaction score
It's Meltan!

At first I just thought Meltan as a metal Pokemon and nothing special about it.
Until I watch SM (that episode when Ash's Meltan debuted ), I was convinced by its cuteness, so I started to adore it.