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What's GROWING on? A look at Bulbapedia's newest additions from September 2023

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Bulbasaur and SunfloraThe Bulbapedia encyclopedia is always growing here at Bulbagarden! Every single day, hundreds of edits are made around the clock by enthusiasts all over the world! Let's take a look at some of our editors' biggest contributions that readers may have missed. Join us as we explore some of Bulbapedia's newest additions from September 2023!

Side Game Strategy
Have you ever played Pokémon UNITE? In this newest addition to the World Championships, players can choose between nearly 60 different species of Pokémon and face off in 5-on-5 team battles to see who can score the most points within the allotted time! Game strategist Oddkid has been creating dedicated pages for the various Pokémon you can choose from in UNITE. Take a look at new pages Greninja (UNITE) and Gengar (UNITE) and get excited for what's in the works our UNITE coverage!

Reform The Entertainment
Toy company Re-Ment, known for their detailed miniature food, furniture, and animal figures, joined in on the Pokémon craze in 2016. Over the past 7 years, Re-Ment has released almost 100 different collections of Pokémon miniatures, including everything from Pikachu Loves Ketchup to Pokémon Camping! Merchandise specialist AnnieCat07 has updated our list of Re-Ment products, and this Bulba Admin is particularly excited to see how this re-forms our merchandise coverage!

A Group of Legendary Proportions
Content on the encyclopedia is under constant re-evaluation. During the month of September, the team came together to create a new article named Legendary group. This new page includes content that used to be on several different pages such as Legendary trio, Legendary duo, and Trio master. Be sure to take a look at this content refresh to learn more about relationships between Legendary Pokémon!

Pack Your Pocket With Adventure - Key Visual
Pack Your Pocket With Adventure!

Did you hear the news? An original live-action drama based on the core series Pokémon games will be airing in Japan starting this October! In Pack Your Pocket With Adventure, follow the ADventure of Madoka Akagi as she works towards her dream of becoming a creator. Anime specialist QuickJolteon started our article for the new live action, and we look forward to what happens to Madoka as her story unfolds October 20th!

Double Trouble, Big Trouble's Gonna Follow You
For several years, anime enthusiasts Eastern Goldfinch and Michail2003 have been compiling a list of all of the arsenal used by Team Rocket! Reminisce the good old days by reading everything you can about the "Grab the Poké Balls in One Fell Swoop Handi-Vac" and the "Automatic-High-Speed-Super-Duper-Whatchamacallit" (A.H.S.D.W.) for short. And don't forget to Prepare for Trouble~

Merchandise Mayhem - Yokohama Edition
Were you able to go to the Pokémon World Championships this August in Yokohama, Japan? This event featured a Pop-Up Pokémon Center, known officially as the Pokémon Center Worlds Store 2023, where players, fans, spectators, staff, and guests could purchase over 100 exclusive items all themed around the World Championships and the Paldean first partner Pokémon! Merchandise enthusiast Maverick Nate compiled a list of all 119 items exclusive to the store, so be sure to check it out!

The Bedroom, reimagined with Snorlax and Munchlax
Merchandise Mayhem - Amsterdam Edition

From September 28th, 2023 to January 7th, 2024, the Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam, the Netherlands is featuring an exhibit featuring Pokémon artwork inspired by Vincent van Gogh's works. In this exhibit, titled Pokémon x Van Gogh, six pieces of artwork were created by artists Naoyo Kimura, Tomokazu Komiya, and sowsow. Patrons to the museum could receive a special Pikachu with Grey Felt Hat after participating in themed activites (at least until the scalpers got to them all...), while fans in the US, Canada, and the UK could receive one copy for each Van Gogh themed merchandise purchase via the online Pokémon Center stores. TCG specialist glik has started a page on the exhibit. Be sure to check back once we've finished compiling the list of all available merchandise! In the meantime, enjoy artwork featuring Snorlax inspired by "The Bedroom"!

When The Glow Of The Blood-Stained Moon Shines Upon The
It crossed the sea and drifted ashore in a new land. Surviving in this place led it to take on a unique appearance and gain special powers.
Have you started your adventure in Kitakami? Within this new DLC for Pokémon Scarlet and Violet, The Teal Mask, players can meet The Bloodmoon Beast, Ursaluna, in the Timeless Woods. It has gained special powers due to adapting to the environment of Kitakami. It is highly alert and rarely makes itself seen, but it tends to appear during foggy nights.

Bloodmoon Ursaluna is just one new Pokémon featured in The Teal Mask. For more information on other new Pokémon, please check out our page on The Teal Mask.

Thank you for joining us while we celebrate these newest additions to the Bulbapedia encyclopedia from the month of September 2023. All of our content is written by our valuable volunteers, so if you are interested in joining in on the fun, check out this handy page on getting started. We are always welcoming new editors!
Maverick Nate

Maverick Nate

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