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What's the last thing you took a picture of?


Prof was like "This isn't in your powerpoint so take a picture of it or draw it." Take a wild guess which option I chose

there will be no rat-themed superheroes created on our watch, no sireebob
took photos of a bunch of ducks and swans while I was at the park this afternoon. n.n
some orgo crap I'm not gonna bother posting (prof said "take a picture of this because it isn't on your powerpoint." uai j00 d0 diz)
while helping to baby sit, the photo of my sister's baby, with one of my Eevee plushies
some weird warning light that came on in dad's car (apparently it means that a light bulb somewhere has burnt out)
a screenshot of my phone showing a bunch of random numbers from the UK calling me (I live in America, why is this happening)
A cute little Corgi puppy I saw a customer bring into my work today. God, it was adorable!!!
My unofficial Peter Pettigrew Lego figure, which uses the head from the only official version currently in existence.

some weird bee that was weirdly just walking around on the floor and falling over like he was a drunk weirdo
This coffee creamer because I just wasn't sure how to react to it when I saw it.


Part 2 in my not-a-real-series series about the ghetto lab equipment in my lab. Our spectrophotometre is killing itself, apparently. That screen is behind a glass panel. How and why is it falling inside itself??
one of the soda I bought today
diet coke to share with a friend
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