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What's the last thing you took a picture of?

An alligator near my job since it was the first time I've seen one!!

Like, it was just poking its head out and ngl I was...pretty afraid since it was looking kinda at me so I was speedwalking to work at that point. xD
Screenshots on my phone of some weirdo coming into this science server I'm in on Discord and asking about the logistics of some weird science experiment he wanted to do involving paying a homeless guy $50 to replace all of his blood with possum blood because possums are resistant to snake venom (even in context it doesn't make much sense). :confused:

I'd post them but there's a lot of them. If screenshots don't count, then the last picture I took was of the water in my sink coming out of my faucet at an angle for some reason. I dislike this new development.
A partial schematic for a fan controlling board that allows the user to run 12 volt fans at 5, 9, or 12 volts when the board is connected to a charger supporting the "Quick Charge" standard.
my calc II syllabus, apparently. Too boring to post. Math is gross.
This misspelled sign I came across yesterday, thought it was funny and felt like keeping a record of it
Screenshots of a math textbook and an accidental screenshot of my home screen
My broken fork from yesterday's dinner.
A picture of an empty can of Pringles with a Cloth-Drying Ball sitting on it (for context, I was trying to insert it inside that can like one would insert Tennis Balls into an appropriate cylinder container, but the ball was too big to fit in)
Tears of the kingdom downloading, with a little bit of animal crossing at the side
My Ball Python who Id picked up made the shape of a heart. I thought it was really cute
If screenshots count, the email I got from my local sushi buffet place about what's gluten-free since I'm on a restricted diet atm!

For actual photos, a picture of a chocolate bar I was showing to my husband who was at work. yumm
A notice posted by the time clock at work, telling us that our pay period is changing.
A picture of myself after I got up to see how my hair looked.
A big close up of my Pyukumuku plushie.

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The WiFi password at the back of the router
The dogwood tree in my backyard, right before it started to wilt.
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