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What's the last thing you took a picture of?

My cat, staring at me and/or the ice cream cone that I was holding.
Myself donning sunglasses and a cap. Gotta look good for once !
Well for the comic forums on GameFAQs and also my devianart account, I posted a pic of each JLA Showcase #1 story "The Flashback of Notre Dame" and from Young Justice Targets #2.

Before Greg Weisman got to do a Gargoyles revival in the mid-2000s via Slave Labor Graphics (SLG) Comics and the current Dynamite Comics, he incorporated a familiar looking group in these DC stories:


The JLA Showcase story was originally suppose to be titled "A Case of Self-indulgence". Can't imagine why.
Took lots of photos (and video) of my mother's book presentation earlier today! ❤️
It is a self-help book (in Greek*) about the concepts of "mental evolution", "intelligence process", "new era mindset" and how the "people of tomorrow" can have more substantial relationships/communication with better value and deeper perspective. At least that is my general briefing of her "online life coach" thing she started during quarantine.

*There are plans for an English translation but will not share more of course, the purpose of this post is not to advertise, but to share how proud I am of her for making it this far in 3 years.

Of course I got her permission to upload this.
A few shots of the resort pool
My sleeping Riolu, Sylveon giving him sweet dreams.


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My almost 20€ gaming mouse I bought so I could play Doom 2.
A sign from a tavern that said "Souvlakies". Apparently that is a plural form of souvlaki :)
Last photo I took was a picture of something I was going to send someone though it looks like I took it incorrectly.

Last screenshot was an accidental screenshot of Pokémon Go. Didn’t even realize I even took it.
The WiFi password at a store I was on, so I could tell it to everyone else in the group who was a bit further from the point it was written.
A selfie of me in my newest cosplay.

EDIT: Oops! Just noticed I already said that. In this case, a statue of a cow made up of cogs, scrap metals and old train parts.
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A screenshot from a video I was watching yesterday.
Well one recent thing:

Power Rangers Dino Thunder Volume 3 or rather Bakuryu Sentai Abaranger. See Korea use to bring over Power Rangers for air, but eventually aired Super Sentai and even I guess making comics (Manhwa) based off them.

But using the Power Rangers brand.
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