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What's your favorite pokemon movie or movies of all times?

I liked Destiny Deoxy. It had everything. Battles, rivals, cool characters and a lot of action and emotion. They need to make more movies like that.
Pokemon Heroes~
Beautifully detailed setting and city design, TR and their fantastic parkour skills, the characters were unique and well presented... oh! And how they portrayed the Pokemon, both wild and domesticated, felt so real. There are so many great scenes that display this, even with something so little can make the world feel more "real"; such as the lady who was giving her Vaporeon a little shower with the tap, just like you would with a dog. And when Ash runs through the city streets (amazingly portrayed, I felt the exact same feeling when I was lost in Venice for 3 hours lol), he comes to a small opening with two Pidgey bathing in a water fountain. He doesn't particularly take any real notice, just like someone would when you see two birds taking a bath in a birdbath. I didn't mind that Misty and Brock took a seat back in this film, but they still had their time to shine, such as Misty winning the race at the beginning (and who could forget that race? So awesome, really unique use of the canals of Venice. I could imagine the writers walking through Venice and thinking "Hey, this would be cool for a water Pokemon race").

The plot wasn't too bad, and the Soul Dew was pretty neat. Poor Latios~ :c

The music was wonderful. ;w;

The 3rd and 11th deserve a mention. x3
No love for Spell of the Unown? That's still my favorite. I loved that remix of the Pokemon Johto theme they did for Ash's battle against Lisa. I love how the Unown actually seemed useful in the movie.
Zoroark was a good one. Everyone from Movie 9 was great in my own Opinion.
I seen clips of the newest movie with mewtwo and genesect on. i hope the do great. :)
Spell of the Unown is still my favorite so far. I love how Oak, Tracey and Delia get to play roles here, Molly's story and how there is no trully villain in the whole movie.
They're makin a new movie with mewtwo's new form.
lucario and the mystery of mew becuz it was awesome especilly the beginning tornament. also the pokemon ranger and the temple of the sea ( i think its called that) cuz manaphy!!!!
I guess Spell Of The Unown. Great story from beginning to end, one of the better (and more sympathetic) antagonists of the series with Molly Hale, and Entei is pretty cool.
Spell of the Unown. I think I've seen it at least seven times. Could watch it again and be just as entertained as before.

That one was alright, but raise of darkira still is my top 3 of all times. :)
1. Spell of the Unown (Brilliantly written, and well animated)
2. Destiny Deoxys (I admit, I was a critic of the film at first, but it managed to tug at my heartstrings-- I really liked how tragic Tori's story was, and the animation of the film was spectacular)
3. Lucario and the Mystery of Mew (Very emotional film because for me it's the final time the characters I knew were ever the same ones I loved :-()
4. Ranger and the Temple of Sea (Michele Knotz's best performance as May, IMO-- I prefer Veronica Taylor's version, but Michele really did a good job here and I was very impressed with her as May this film)
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Pokemon the first movie was a classic.
Mewtwo vs Mew because it is the only pokemon movie that I have seen from beginning to end. But it was a good movie.
Like I have said before the DP Trilogy was really great I thought and it was very good and I had liked both Dialga and Arceus the best in these Movies.
That movies was okay. i watch the movie and realise how powerful arceus is.
From what I have heard the 16th Movie was ok. And it also looks good Ok.
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