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What's your favorite pokemon movie or movies of all times?

No that would be the 14th you are thinking of here I am referring to the One Last Week with Genesect and Mewtwo.
Oh, the newest one. i havent seen that one yet, but i can't wait to look forward to watching it.
The 15th Movie was good I thought and was shorter than the past few movies and it felt weird but I thought that it barely showed Ash, Iris, and Cilan in this Movie.
That the one with kyrim and keldeo right? that one was ok.
The Rise Of Darkrai was what made Me like Darkrai so much and I REALLY Believe that is a Darkrai's sole job and purpose to give Nightmares to People I think.
At first when i seen the movie i thought darkrai was the bad guy.
Besides the first movie, it has to be either Destiny Deoxys or Rise of Darkrai.
Already replied to this post more or less saying the same thing. Oops. :\
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M1, M12, and M5. All of which included my favorite legendary Pokemon+storylines (Latios, Latias, Arceus, Mew). Of the three, M5 with Latios and Latias is my absolute favorite. The ending with Latios still tears me up every time I watch it. I like how Latios and Latias were portrayed and the personality of Latias. In M12, I absolutely loved the Arceus typing/defending concept that was portrayed in the movie. The storyline was great for me as well. M1 I really liked the battles and emotional moments, and it's hard not to love the first movie as a favorite.
I've always had a soft spot for Pokémon 4Ever, Pokémon Heroes, and Spell of the Unown. You can chalk it up to pure childhood nostalgia fogging up my goggles. I spent countless hours watching those three movies.
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