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When do you think Pokemon is going to do eastern europe (outside of russia)?


Well-Known Member
May 11, 2019
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Russia's too big to have a single pokemon region to itself.

Of that part of the world, what do you think would be the most likely inspiration? My bets are on Poland, Romania, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, and Greece.

What generation could it be? With the emphasis on western European regions as of recent, could they start doing eastern european after that? Assuming Italy is gen IX, then Germany is X, then Greece is XI, then could Poland be XII?

Also, what kind of pokemon or regional variants could be featured? What would the legendaries be like?

Also, the human characters. Could we see the return of multiple rivals and stat trainers? Would the story necessarily have to be darker due to the region (of course disregarding real history)? Or could they do lighter stories in that region?


Well-Known Member
May 13, 2014
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I hope they take a 10 year break of Europe, there are other countries out there...

But if I had to choose I'd go for Finland/Norway or Greece, specially Greece which would have some cool legendaries.


A Pokémon Enthusiast
Jun 26, 2015
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All the countries the regions have been based on are where Pokémon has official localizations. Japan, USA, France, the UK and now Spain.

Germany, Italy, China, Korea, or somewhere in the USA are pretty much more likely candidates based on what we have had up to this day.