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Where/how to submit bulbapedia recommendations?


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Sep 7, 2022
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Hey! Does anyone know if there is a place to go specifically to recommend new features/updates to Bulbapedia? I think it would be awesome if, in the 'locations' section of a pokemon's article, the "Route 10"/"Diglett's Cave"/etc. links showed the encounter rate in that area for the given pokemon as a tooltip (rather than having to follow the link and then find your pokemon/game generation all over again)! We know the information already exists in another place, and the tooltip formatting exists as well, so it should be pretty easy to include... depending on how the info in the background. (I don't know enough about that/if the articles are formatted manually or populated from a database the way it looks like the could be.) Does something like a submission space/guide exist? Thanks!
In general, we're moving away from tool tips since they don't work particularly well on mobile. S

Specific information like that is something we also try to avoid on Pokemon pages just due to the sheer amount of info already being present. Another factor is its now two points of data that have to be changed if something incorrect (the location and the pokemon page). If it pulled from one spot that would be something we could do, and we wouldn't have to worry about it but it's not sadly.

In general for suggestions like this I'd advise on either of the appropriate project pages (Pokemon or Locations)
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