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Oct 1, 2010
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Hi Pokémon anime fans!

As you should know if you've read the rules (if you haven't, please do!), asking for and linking to any illegal streams of the Pokémon anime is against the rules. However, there are multiple sources where fans can watch the series legally that can be discussed - the purpose of this thread is to share those sources with everyone. Most of these sources can be linked to across the forum.

To watch the series legally, you may use any one of these websites/services if they are available in your country:
The following source may be mentioned in posts, but not directly linked to:
  • TV Tokyo
TV Tokyo livestreams are run by third parties that stream live TV Tokyo broadcasts from their personal streaming service/website. You may need a Japanese VPN to access these services. While technically it's just watching TV Tokyo content as it airs on TV, it is still considered illegal since the content is being put out by a third party - not TV Tokyo themselves. We ask you not link these websites around if you use them, however you are allowed to mention TV Tokyo by name.

If we are missing any more legal sources, feel free to contact one of the Anime and Manga moderators so we can update this list!
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