GO Which attackers/defenders do you use the most?

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Jun 9, 2012
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In this thread you may explain, with as little or much detail you wish, which attackers (for Raids or Gym Battles) and defenders of yours you prefer using the most and why, in what situations etc.
Basically you can show off your best Pokémon and how you prefer using them.

I'll start off with my own list:
Tyranitar (3028 CP @ Level 30, Bite/Crunch)

Main Dark-type attacker. So of course it's perfect against everything weak to Dark, but it's still very good against everything it's not weak to, particularly those it resists. Which means it might be better than Machamp in dealing with Blissey and Snorlax in Gyms too. Hopefully I'll get an EX Pass and use it as a lead in the battle with Mewtwo there. A very good option for taking down weakened Gyms.
Most useful for: Gym Battles, Raid Mewtwo,

Dragonite (3003 CP @ Level 30, Dragon Tail/Outrage)
Main Dragon-type attacker. In practice, this one sees more use than Tyranitar, as Dragon is a great type when it comes to resistance, there's a reason Dragonite is considered the best generalist after all. These days I use it a lot VS Suicune after the Exeggutor, which is something Tyranitar can't do because of its weakness. Also a very good option for taking down weakened Gyms.

The Rhydons
(Full Ground group:
2934 CP past Level 30, Mud Slap/Earthquake
2716 CP past Level 30, Mud Slap/Earthquake
2364 CP no powerup, Mud Slap/Earthquake

Fighting group:

2571 CP no powerup, Rock Smash/Earthquake
2571 CP no powerup, Rock Smash/Earthquake
294 CP no powerup. Rock Smash/Stone Edge)

The Full Ground group are the main Ground-type attackers. For a very long time the first two from said group were my most used attackers overall as they were my highest CP Pokemon, I had no better generalists, and they can solo all Rank 1-2 Raids except Exeggutor, which I did more at the time.

But of course they're good for the next ranks too, just not enough for a solo. They did fine the one time I did Gengar and am sure they'll perform well if I ever do Jolteon/Flareon (as getting a high IV Eeeve evolve into them by luck isn't easy).

For Rank 5 they were great when we had Entei and they're gonna do as well against Raikou when its time comes. In Gym Battles they're also good, but I may use the pseudo-legendaries more now.

The Fighting group are not as strong and I don't plan on powering them up, but their different moveset and high enough CP is useful for handling better Blissey, Snorlax and Tyranitar, both for Gym Battles and Raids (for the latter two).

Unfortunately I still haven't got the chance to get any Rhydon with Wonder tier IVs (80 is barely out of the top tier of Appraisal) but since I can get Rhyhorn Candy quite easily and Rhydon are the best Ground-types around I felt like evolving and powering up lots of them so I can use their power even if it's not at their fullest. I hope I can get someone better by the time Gen IV comes and Rhyperior will become the most broken Pokémon ever.

Gyarados (2913 CP past Level 30, Dragon Tail/Hydro Pump
2772 CP @ Level 30, Bite/Hydro Pump)

Unfortunately there is no full Water moveset for Gyarados so these two are the best I can come up with. They still see some use as Water-type attackers as I don't have many better options anyway. I am considering using a Charged TM on the latter to make it Bite/Crunch, a full Dark Gyarados has some more specific use. Especially if I get an EX Pass for Mewtwo.

Vaporeon (2696 CP past Level 30, Water Gun/Aqua Tail)
Main Water-type attacker, bulky enough too. It's good enough, not much else to be said here.

Alakazam (2447 CP @ Level 30, Psycho Cut/Future Sight)
Main Psychic-type attacker, does lots of DPS but is very frail. Unfortunately I'm not good at dodging but it still does a very good job when needed.

Machamp (2438 CP @ Level 30, Counter/Dynamic Punch
2428 CP @ Level 30, Counter/Dynamic Punch)

Main Fighting-type attackers, perfect against Tyranitar and good against Snorlax/Blissey.

Arcanines and Houndooms (too similar so I'll list them together)
(Fire group:
Arcanine 2435 CP past Level 30, Fire Fang/Fire Blast
Arcanine 2256 CP @ Level 30, Fire Fang/Fire Blast
Houndoom 2134 CP past Level 30, Fire Fang/Fire Blast
Arcanine 2030 CP no powerup, Fire Fang/Fire Blast

Dark group:
Houndoom 2148 CP @ Level 30, Snarl/Foul Play
Arcanine 2096 CP no powerup, Snarl/Crunch
Houndoom 1958 CP no powerup, Snarl/Crunch)

The Fire group are the main Fire-type attackers. The Dark group is useful but not as good as the newly-obtained Tyranitar.

Golem (2362 CP @ Level 30, Rock Throw/Rock Blast
1850 CP no powerup, Rock Throw/Rock Blast)

The main Rock-type attackers. I still need to do some work on the Golem department in case the Legendary Birds come back.

Kingler (2258 CP @ Level 30 Bubble/Water Pulse)
I don't have any other full Water-type option after Vaporeon, so this has some use.

Exeggutor (2234 CP Extrasensory/Solar Beam
2226 CP Bullet Seed/Solar Beam)

Main Grass-type attackers, see lots of use VS Suicune now... even the Extrasensory one is better than the other options. The Extrasensory one can also act as a Psychic-type helping Alakazam; jack of all trades, master of none. I've considered TMing it but I think it's a waste of TM, sorry not sorry Exeggutor

The Magnetons:
(1830/1744/1741/1534 CP all @ Level 30, Spark/Zap Cannon)

Main Electric-type attackers, useful VS Suicune and Gym Battle Gyarados. I have a slightly less CP Wonder one that I plan to evolve into Magnezone instead, so these will stay as is.

Sunflora (1621 CP @ Level 30, Razor Leaf/Petal Blizzard)
The only other usable Grass-type after the Exeggutor that functions as the Suicune anchor (6th spot in the team; it might have just a bit less CP than the Magneton but for a 6th slot it might give out more DPS thanks to the resistance giving it some more survivability).

Honorable Mentions:
Pinsir (2359 CP past Level 30 Rock Smash/Submission)

This is somewhat obsolete as its only main objective was defeating high CP Blisseys with the old Gym Battle system when I didn't have Machamp or Rock Smash Rhydon.

Ursaring (2306 CP @ Level 30 Counter/Hyper Beam)
Also an obsolete options for a Fighting-type attacker because Pinsir wasn't enough.

Scizor (1893 CP no powerup Fury Cutter/X-Scissor

Main Bug-type attacker. But I never really need it, haven't done any Raid Exeggutor or Alakazam. May make it in the Top 6 for Mewtwo, in that case I may power it up.

Cloyster (1819/1673 CP no powerup Ice Shard/Avalanche)
Main Ice-type attackers. Their only use was VS Dragonite in Gyms, but the 3003 CP Dragonite can do that much better now.

Snorlax (2493 CP need Candy to powerup Zen Headbutt/Hyper Beam
1867 CP no powerup Zen Headbutt/Hyper Beam
1864 CP no powerup Zen Headbutt/Heavy Slam)

Some of my attackers could be better defenders in theory but I don't like using those in case I need them.

Chansey (813 CP no powerup Zen Headbutt/Psychic
771 CP no powerup Zen Headbutt/Hyper Beam)

I've seen others who put Chansey as a defender, even if the CP is low (the HP is still very high, reaching the 300s). And since I have no better use for them until I get the Candy to get a good Blissey, why not? I have some Blissey who could do the same but I'd rather not take up a Gym's Blissey spot with those low CP ones.

If I can't put any of the above, Ursaring and some of my lower Rhydon/Arcanine can do.
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Jul 10, 2015
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I use my golems a lot because their rock moves are really good against almost anything. I a lso use my two Vaporeons, Jolteon, Machamp and Tyranitar. Basically it depends on the situation and the Gym :)

I don't really mind what defenders I put in. I just put in a couple and hope they last long enough to get me the coins I need. I do have a good Blissey and a couple good Snorlaxes that I could put in if needed.
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Dec 27, 2014
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Defenders - whatever I don't want.

Attacker - Gyarados for gyms She has over 600 victories.