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BULBAPEDIA: Which Cantonese romanization system does Bulbapedia use?

Tony Ng

New Member
Apr 20, 2019
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I am a Hong Kong resident, and may I query a question about Bulbawiki?
Unlike Putonghua(Mandarin), there is no standardized romanization system for Cantonese. Therefore, there are different kinds of Cantonese romanization systems, such as Cantonese Pinyin(教育學院拼音方案, or short for 教院式拼音, developed by the Education Bureau), Yale romanization(耶魯拼音, developed by Yale University), Guangdong Romanization(廣州話拼音方案, developed by the Education Department of Guangdong), etc. Currently, the Jyutping(The Linguistic Society of Hong Kong Cantonese Romanisation Scheme, 香港語言學學會粵語拼音方案, or short for 粵拼)developed by the Linguistic Society of Hong Kong(LSHK, 香港語言學學會) is most commonly used in the society, including the government, universities and academies, dictionaries, computer software, etc.
When I was browsing the page Pocket Monster (song), I found that there is the romanization of the lyrics of the Cantonese version is not using Jyutping, but a unknown romanization system. For example, the lyrics '活在球內儘是生命', the Jyutping of of it here is ‘wut6 zoi6 kau4 noi6 zeon2 si6 sang1 ming6’. However, in the page, it is shown as 'wuht joih kàuh noih jéun sih sāng·mihng'.
Actually, which Cantonese romanization system does Bulbawiki use? And why does Bulbawiki use that kind of Cantonese romanization system? I look forward to seeing the answers by Bulbawiki.