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Which form of Alcremie is your favorite?


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Jun 8, 2019
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  1. He/Him
Alcremie is a Pokémon that can have 9 different forms depending on the method it was evolved; and this is influenced further by the type of Sweet it was holding upon evolution, of which there are 7 kinds. Altogether, this results in there being a whopping 63 possible variants to its appearance (70 if you count its Shiny coloration)!
Which one of these combinations is your personal favorite?

(Click for full view, or go here to view each of them yourself!)
My favorite is Matcha Cream Alcremie with the Ribbon Sweet — in general I really like the color combo of green and purple, and that seems right up my alley. I also think the Shiny form when paired with the Star Sweet looks pretty cool.
The sweet that looks best with Alcremie is the berry sweet for sure. It is the most vibrant or contrasting when compared to Alcremie without sticking out.

I’ll also have to go for the rainbow swirl because of its patterns and how vibrant it is. Lemon cream and caramel swirl are good too
My favourite is the Rainbow Swirl, I think it's the most unique of the bunch, and it's composed of some of my favourite colours (blue and yellow). I was also huge into apriball collecting in SwSh, and the Rainbow Swirl pattern looks great in one of my favourite balls, the Moon Ball.

I realized that I never actually ended up getting an Alcremie with my favourite combo in SwSh, despite having Milcery in every apriball, so this post made me get on and get Star and Berry Rainbow Swirl Alcremie's in Moon Balls haha
I also remember that one of my friends was trying to get every form of Alcremie with every Sweet, along with their Shiny forms. He never made it, but it does sound fun at face value. Maybe one day I'll pick up where he left off.
Ruby Swirl, the one I used for my Shield Team. I just love the colors. I would have preferred to get one with a Love Sweet, since pink is my favorite color, but was unable to get one easily.
Mint cream with stars. Feels nostalgic and reminds me of Christmas for some reason.
Mint Cream, Matcha, Salted and Rainbow look great. I'd like the species more if they showed up more often in merchandise. Now as for specific combinations my Top 10 would be:
  1. Mint + Blueberries
  2. Caramel + Blueberries
  3. Mint + Heart
  4. RubyC + Ribbon
  5. Matcha + Clovers
  6. Mint + Ribbon
  7. Salted + Blueberries
  8. RubyS + Strawberries
  9. Rainbow + Flowers
  10. Shiny + Hearts
all alcremie is a great and cute alcremie, but i think... maybe ruby cream with the heart sweet!
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