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Which main girl had the best interactions with Brock?

Out of main girls Brock traveled through, with who he had best interactions for you?

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pokemon fan 132

pokemon fan 132
Dec 28, 2008
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As everyone already know not counting Ash, Brock was second longest traveling companion in pokemon sereies staying for approximately 612 episodes in main cast(give or take few episodes). On his voyage he along with Ash met many new people forming various friendships, with three main girls becoming his friends and companions during Original series, Hoenn and Sinnoh.

Since Ash has thread dedicated to his relationship with main girl companions he traveled with, i figured out why not create same thing for Brock examining on his relationship with main female characters and out of three which chemisty was most appealing. Having enough girls to choose from and provide material for insightful analysis.;-)

So in here everyone can express with who out of three main girls Misty, May and Dawn Brock had most memorable, enjoyable and strongest friendship. Best type of interaction and character dynamic?

I decided to add poll so that based on voting you can elaborate on reasoning behind certain vote and why you feel exactly with that female Brock worked the best finding common language.

To start things of ill be the first one breaking ice.

Out of various 3 female protagonists Brock was in cast in my opinion he had best interactions and most natural friendship with Misty. Their relationship was filled with lot of memorable scenes, wide diapason of diverse and rich interactions cointaining lot of humor, clash, even arguing which got pretty heated at times. But also lot of mutual support, encouragement, bonding moments where they spent time alone giving each other advices or tattling about Ash and how to help him out not to rush in trouble.

For example i remember several times when Misty was commenting on Brock irrational behavior and falling down for girls making him go embarrased or trying to shut her up even to the point of hiutting her in head comically, such as when flirting about girl in Bulbasaur village or for dr. Ivy,. Often having with him talks about romance giving advices what to do next about girls. Such as Temaku which wanted to marry him "In Heartbreak of Brock" exploding at him for not having courage to do first move advised how to approach girls and what they find interesting about guy teasing him quite a few times how boys cannot figure out girl emotions. With Brock reciprocating in somewhat reclusive and shy manner being unsure himself if he wants to follow her suggestions.
Or giving him encouragement and support like when his long time friend Suzie returned from breeder convention or girls he really cared about rejected him.

Hell i even remember Brock asked Misty to dance together in one of episodes(i believe it was in Kanto).

Accompanied with comedy moments witnessing various spats and humorous moments happening between those two. Be it Misty being annoyed with his obsession over girls or certan pokemon coming up with snarky remarks and outburts out of annoyance, or pulling him by nose to stop embarrasing her and Ash keeping him in check(yes nose pulling was present at times too). As well being fun to watch reactions from Brock side sometimes reciprocating it back by pulling Misty by ear for change whenever she got obsessed over certain pokemon like Corsola, or when trying to pledge herself to become someone assistant like dr. Proctor or scientist Foster which researched pokemon fossils from Johto.

Or care they expressed for each other with Brock giving moral support when she was competing in some events like Whirl Cup. Encouraging her how she can do it on her own, expressing concern and reassurance beside Ash that she will be ok when she got separated from group such as when being split with TR members or getting lost and separated from group. And vice versa .

With Misty showing lot of care for his safety as well. For instance when Brock got obsessed with Ninetales illusion in "Just Waiting on a Friend", Misty slapped him trying to get him back to sense, and searched with Ash how to break hypnosis,in Sick Daze when Brock was sick Misty tried to cook,having to take over Brock chores with Ash. Same applies to his illness and whole incident with Jinx with Misty primary worry being Brock well being and that he recovers soon.

With mutual understanding and concern for other well being serving as testament to natural, filled with admiration friendship they had preserving on itself even in most recent moments. Such as Brock assuring Ash how Misty can take care of herself with everything being fine being worried when she fallen of the cliff with Max. And Misty being overjoyed to see not only Ash but Brock as well during her return, with his usual antics there annoying her coming up with sassy remarks when irritated, but also enjoying in company of her friends again alot.

In general i have to say how i liked all those memorable moments joking with each other, talking sometime about their own desires, having fun and expressing care and support, but also moments of annoyance when getting on their nerves knowing what its like to come from gym leader families being one of their common links.

Now im not saying how there didn't existed relationship between Brock and other girls.
Because i thought he worked actually very well with May supporting her in contests quest, being backbone along with Max and Ash on which she could rely when experiencing harsh lose having several great moments.

Such as May showing interest in Brock cooking and various stews and dishes he prepared, keeping her company when going to shopping spending some qualiy time alone, small arguing between them when she tried to drag Brock into haunted house or about his pervy side at times irritating her of girls always being on his mind failing to observe certain details etc.

Along with Brock helping May sometimes about contests, advised her what attacks to use when she was in pinch(such as Skitty and whole assist thing), or Combusken overheat along with comforting her after loss. And acted like parent in general warning her along with Ash and others of poison berries, food, dangerous areas etc . being possible to feel warm and unforced dynamic happening between them.

Although with Dawn i felt to be perfectly honest how there were hardly many noteworthy moments with friendsahip between them being mostly cookie cutter barring few exceptions. But admittedly i did liked moments between them such as Brock dragging her of in performance of Takeshi Paradise, teaching her how to prepare meducines and basics of first aid serving as vector in Mamoswine later on starting to obey. Or when he cheered for Dawn in contest and sewing her dress along with Ash clothes for Hearthome contest performance.
But it was rarely and most of time their relationship lacked emotion and true believable support existing between them feeling more along the lines of good acquintances rather than close friends. At least imo.

However with Misty i feel Brock interacted best having many memorable and enjoyable moments.
You could really get impression in my opinion of those two friendship growing with time just like it was case with Ash being genuine friends which had fun together when discovering new pokemon and species having their differences and similarities, fights and all those funny scenes which only strengthen their bond becoming closer to each other. To the point of feeling like brother and sister, with this not losing on its steem at all becoming even stronger and more eventful over time.
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Re: Out of main girls Brock traveled through, with who he had best interactions to yo

Misty. I can't remember many of his interactions with May, and he had none with Dawn that didn't just involve him explaining some ability or other game mechanic to her. You explained it better than I ever could!
I have to agree about Misty nothing will make me think otherwise! Curious to know what do you think the relationship between Brock and serena/iris would've like?
Misty for sure. I thought she and Brock were a really fun pair, especially whenever they ganged up on Ash. :p

May and Dawn had some fun interactions with him too, but Misty seemed closer to Brock than the other two did.
None of Brock’s relationships with any of the three girls really entertained me that much, because I don’t really find Brock himself that entertaining a character, but he and Misty did have their moments (ex. the episode where Ash caught Bulbasaur; or the time they took the Togepi egg from him). At the very least, the Brock-Misty relationship was different from the Ash-Brock and Ash-Misty relationships, something that’s not really replicated with May or Dawn - neither of whom Brock interacts that much differently with than he does Ash.

I don’t think Brock and Misty were especially entertaining together, but at least they could be fun from time to time. I can’t think of anything interesting about seeing Brock interact with May or Dawn, and the show didn't really pay much attention to either dynamic.
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