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Which Miku was your favorite ?

c la fet

Watch out for the rain of steel
Jul 10, 2022
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Now that every design has been revealed, which Miku from Project Voltage was your favorite ?

My favorite was the Dark Type one.
Surprisingly, Fighting-type Miku ended up being my favorite — I love how edgy she is, and the leek motif works very well without being too excessive. (The outfit in particular kinda reminds me of V2 Luka and some old fanloid designs, which ain't a bad thing at all.) I also really liked the Ghost, Poison, Ice, and Ground ones.
Steel is my favorite type but it ended up being my personal least favorite design... go figure T_T
Dragon (is that what the Altaria one was called?), Electric, and Psychic (Meloetta) are my personal favorite ones, tied at #1.
Definitely Normal and Electric for me. Rotom and Chatot are some of my favourites and the designs match them really well! Electric Miku almost doesn't look like Miku at all, and I kinda dig it to be honest.
I would say Dark, huge fan of the umbrella, the Obstagoon and the overall attitude. She is an "evil" kind of star and she has fully embraced it.
Dark, rock and bug are my favorites!

A bit disappointed in the Ghost type one though, I was expecting spookier stuff. She looks too much like regular Miku for my tastes.
1. electric, funky electro swing singer it's amazing. i wanna draw her.
2. dark, its giving the mysterious owner of a haunted manor in a gothic story
3. normal, she looks so fun!
4. poison, she looks like a hot mess and i love maximalist designs. she has fully become a splatoon character.
5. ground, SHE LOOKS SO COOL, i love the vibe of a desert rogue and it reminds me of sand planet.
6. fighting, she's such a graceful swordswoman, and the leek thing is super clever.
7. rock, she took romeo and cinderella literally.
8. fairy, i love her cotton candy hair.
9. bug, its a bit odd but i like it, also kricketune representation is always welcome.
10. water, she reminds me of those beach babes from adventure time.
11. flying, this is what kahili should've looked like.
12. steel, i wasn't rlly expecting her being a samurai
13. ice, the icicle hair is cool as fuck
14. ghost, at first i was disappointed but I've warmed up to it
15. fire, i don't know what's going on with this one
16. grass, it's just meh for me.
17. psychic, it's kinda boring. she doesn't look especially like a psychic type trainer, just like a normal girl.
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