GO Which Pokemon are you maxxing out? (for your level)

Fire Chicken
Jun 9, 2012
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Hi everyone, I was just wondering, do you have any Pokemon you consider so good you just want them to be at their max possible level at all times? Either powering them up twice as soon as you level up, or if you're level 38+, letting them stay at Level 40 forever? Do you only max out 100% IVs, or would be OK with something less if it is useful? Stardust sure is a scarce resource, but several Pokemon might as well be worth it.

For me, it would be 14 Pokemon right now, only 8 of which are 100%:
  1. Kyogre 4046 (93% 15/14/13, Waterfall/Hydro Pump): My highest CP Pokemon and one of my biggest favourites, especially among the non-100% IVs. Kyogre's a supreme Water-type specialist and a very balanced specialised generalist, despite its one-bar charge move. It has the just right balance of damage VS survivability for me to consider it efficient in Gyms, particularly if there's at least one Pokemon weak to Water in the Gym (which is a common occurence here, as we have lots of Golem/Rhydon, let alone Tyranitar).
  2. Groudon 4019 (87% 14/11/14, Mud Shot/Solar Beam): Another member of the 4000+ CP squad and big favourite. Several offline friends of mine are amused that I had the guts to max out a 87% 14 Atk IV Groudon, but well it's the best I got so I'm totally fine with it. Unfortuantely, I feel like Groudon's fallen a bit from grace lately, but it is a very good Sunny/Clear weather specialised generalist, capitalizing on any Ground or Grass weakness the opponents may have while still sporting nice damage and bulk. It's better saved for Gyms that are going to take a while to get down, else I might as well use Exeggutor (more later). In Raids, unfortuantely its utility is even more limited nowadays, with Thunder Kyogre gone, and I'm not feeling like switching to Dragon Tail/Earthquake just for Thunder Latias.
  3. Tyranitar 3662 (98% 15/14/15, Bite/Crunch): The first of the two 98% Tyranitars, this is the fully Dark moveset one (just because it happened to get Crunch, no need to change). It is a supreme option in all relevant legendary Raids for a while, such as Lugia/Latias/Latios/Mewtwo. In Gyms unfortunately it does not see as much use as the Stone Edge one.
  4. Tyranitar 3656 (98% 14/15/15, Bite/Stone Edge): The second 98% Tyranitar, this one has Stone Edge (once again, just because it happened to get it). While I could try to switch to Crunch for this one to see use VS Latias/Latios/Mewtwo, I don't feel like it; it's good enough as is, and it's role is more of a Partly Cloudy gym generalised specialist. Resistance to Blissey's Normal and Psychic attacks is a big deal, and weather-boosted Stone Edge can hurt a lot in return.
  5. Rayquaza 3645 (100% 15/15/15, Dragon Tail/Outrage): The first of the 100%s maxxed. Rayquaza is the supreme Dragon-type specialist and thus is and will be a top Raid pick against all the Dragon-type Legendaries we got and will be getting all the way until Zygarde (except Dialga). It just has the best neutral DPS in the game, that says it all. I rarely use it as a Gym sweeper generalist, especially in the few rare cases of Windy weather (not that I battle Gyms a lot in Windy, got much better things to do to take advantage of it). Rayquaza's also got two level 37 100% sidekicks of same moveset that may hopefully, someday, reach Level 40 and make this a totally equal trio.
  6. Dragonite 3581 (100% 15/15/15, Dragon Tail/Draco Meteor): This one was caught during Community Day, evolved one minute before Community Day ended (to get Draco Meteor) and maxxed out one minute after (with all the excess Stardust and Candy I got during that event alone). One could say that it's not really a perfect Dragonite when Outrage is better, but I value the rarity of having a 100% with its exclusive move too much to change it away, and it's still good enough. So this is my #4 of the Dragon team in Raids. Because of Draco Meteor's 1-bar nature, I don't use it much in Gyms.
  7. Raikou 3349 (100% 15/15/15, Thunder Shock/Wild Charge): My original 100% Legendary and the first Pokemon I ever maxxed out at Level 40, the moment I hit Level 38 actually. Raikou is the supreme Electric-type specialist that saw a lot of use in Ho-oh, Kyogre and Lugia v2 Raids. In my earlier days I would use it a lot as a generalist too because I didn't have much better options and weather was not present. Noawadays, unfortunately, it has fallen from grace in Gyms, only having niche generalized specialist uses ie Gyarados, because even Vaporeon and the like are more likely to be handled by a Grass attacker. Even in its own boosting weather, Rain, which mind you is getting very rare as we head into summer, Kyogre outclasses it in the generalist department off raw damage alone despite the 1-bar charge move. That said, even though I find myself using Raikou less and less nowadays, it's still one of my original and biggest favourites, and I hope for it to see more use in future.
  8. Gyarados 3281 (100% 15/15/15, Waterfall/Hydro Pump): Is it Kyogre? No! It's Gyarados! This is the #2 Water-type. Sure, Kyogre outclasses it in almost everything, but it's the whole Top 6 of Water-types that matters in Raids anyway, and I don't have the Rare Candy to get 6 Kyogre past Gyarados' supreme point, so this will do. Not to mention the Flying-type's utility. If a Gym has only Rhydon/Golem etc. in it, and especially if auto-select puts it first (which hints that they have Ground movesets), I'd rather use this one. Mind you, I have another 100% Magikarp and the resources to evolve-max out waiting, so if we see more use for Gyarados in the near future (Regirock) I'm ready to give this one a twin bro :)
  9. Aggron 3004 (100% 15/15/15, Iron Tail/Stone Edge): A relatively new addition to the maxxed out squad, obtained off Stardust grinded on the Earth Day event, but thanks to the Gym event we're in now, it sees lots of use already. This one doesn't have any Raid utility (the most I could do is change its charge move to Heavy Slam and use it VS Granbull, but that's not necessary, I can solo it with other counters). But it can really shine in Gyms, especially in Partly Cloudy. Basically it does the same as Stone Edge Tyranitar, but a little more slowly/surviving a bit more. It's also a likely auto-select pick, which I might just use to save time from having to change in a few Gym scenarios, as time matters during the event.
  10. Golem 2904 (96% 15/13/15, Rock Throw/Rock Blast): Another relatively new addition to the maxxed out squad, and unfortunately not a 100% (yes, we get LOTS of Geodude here, but I never got a 100 :() This one is a useful Rock specialist in Raids, albeit with all the legendary birds gone it's not nearly as relevant as before, but Partly Cloudy Regice might be a thing. Its main use is a Rock specialized Gym sweeper, thanks to Rock Blast's 3-bar nature, it can clear demotivated defenders quickly.
  11. Exeggutor 2902 (96% 15/15/13, Bullet Seed/Seed Bomb): Another relatively new addition to the maxxed out squad. This does the exact same things as Golem but for the Grass type. While I do have a Level 35 Sceptile, it's more of a glass cannon than my taste can handle with Leaf Blade. Seed Bomb Exeggutor is just the right balance of speed VS survivability I'd prefer off a Grass Gym sweeper, although it has somewhat caused Groudon to fall from grace in a few Gym scenarios this way.
  12. Machamp 2889 (100% 15/15/15, Counter/Dynamic Punch): The supreme Fighting-type specialist and a very time-efficient (but not healing item-efficient) Gym generalist, because of the abundance of Normal-type defenders. For a while I didn't find much use in Machamp as I had stopped doing Level 4 Raids (where it really shines with Absol/Tyranitar/Aggron being staples) and didn't value time-efficiency in Gyms over resource efficiency. But especially in this Gym event, when I would rather take a Gym full of Blissey/Chansey/Snorlax/Slaking down quickly, my team of 6 Machamp (of which this is the #1 is handy). I also have a 96% Machamp of lower level that I might eventually power up, perhaps when the three Legendary Golems show up in Raids and it finally gets maximum Level 5 utility too.
  13. Gengar 2619 (100% 15/15/15, Hex/Shadow Ball): A very good Ghost-type specialist that unfortunately does not have much Gym utility because of the Normal-types. A bit too much of a glass cannon as well. But it sees use on the Latias/Latios rejoin team and Focus Blast Mewtwo, in a similar capacity to my Psycho Cut/Shadow Ball Mewtwo. In very specific Gym scenarios, for example a few demotivated defenders most of which are weak to Ghost, it might see Gym use too.
  14. Breloom 2402 (100% 15/15/15, Counter/Dynamic Punch): It is Machamp, but glassier. Too glassy to see use in Gyms unless Grass helps it resist something, but a good option in Raids for that little extra DPS. I'm not good enough to try out so tough challenges yet, but for some Tier 4 duos the difference of a Breloom lead + 5 Machamp VS 6 Machamp can be just what's needed, so I'd rather be ready since I got my 100% on this species too.