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Which pokemon game did you have the most fun with?

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Re: Which pokemon game did u have the most fun with?

Sapphire for me, I played the hell out of that game. The contests were awesome. Oh, and I loved my secret base. ;w;
Re: Which pokemon game did u have the most fun with?

I had the most fun with, SoulSilver and White. I was addicted to them. They both had a pretty good story to me!:ksmile:
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Re: Which pokemon game did u have the most fun with?

Leaf Green! I can clearly remember spending hours and hours playing it, past my bedtime too. :p I was ecstatic for a remake of the original games, with completely new artwork and music. I also had a lot of fun with the Sevii Islands! It was fun trading Pokemon between Sapphire and Leaf Green, too.
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Re: Which pokemon game did u have the most fun with?

My favorite was probably my HeartGold. The fact that you can explore 2 regions, and get 16 badges, plus the fact that you get to battle Red, all make the game more fun. I will say, though, Emerald was really fun too.
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Re: Which pokemon game did u have the most fun with?

I'd say platinum or emerald. i just like the newer games, really anything but kanto. YA I SAID IT, i just think kantos the worst. i do like them all though
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Re: Which pokemon game did u have the most fun with?

I had the most fun with Gen I. I don't adore it for anything more than what it was for me at the time, a game I felt I'd always wanted. Red and Blue came out in the U.S. when I was in fifth grade, and gradually my friends' and my birthdays all passed and we each had our own copy. By now I've learned how buggy and unbalanced the gameplay was, but at the time we all loved it. Geodude was my favorite, for no good reason, and I loved Venomoth, Cloyster, and Magmar. No game since then has impacted me so strongly, no matter how much better they would get. The only pair to ever really disappoint me were Ruby and Sapphire, which I thought were clumsily designed, particularly many of the new Pokemon they featured. I loved HeartGold and then Black, but Black let me down in some ways - it had such a strong idea behind its story, and it completely copped out on it. I'm also a little tired of the "resurrection of an ancient, creative / destructive power" storyline that has somehow never been let go of by RPG makers for the past twenty years. It's lazy - and one of the reasons I still love Red and Blue is that all "legendary" Pokemon could be left alone, as if they didn't exist, which is what I like to do with them. That said, Black and White are absolutely beautiful games in so many other ways. Red and Blue still were the most enjoyable for me, although they're certainly not the most enjoyable to replay more than a decade later.
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My favorite game of all time is still Emerald. It had a gripping plotline, the characters and pokemon were well-designed, and it was the first pokemon game that I absolutely fell in love with. Although SoulSilver nearly gave it a run for its money.
Black. Definitely Black. I have nearly 560 hours invested in that cart, not to mention my level 100s and shinies. The plot, the Pokemon, everything makes it my favorite game by far. Nothing else even comes close.
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My pokemon White, easily. I have a ton more hours on it then any other game, its where I learned about my Ponyta obsession:p, and the plltline was brilliant. HG is probably second, and any other game the plot just seemed too boring. in White I never expected the twist at the end, and Audino's are amazing little grinding creatures.
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Probably Gold for me, then Emerald. Since I didn't have a GBA until 2005 , I played my Gold version a ton. I've done countless amounts of restarting back then so I don't have a set team either. In total I probably have over 5,000ish hours in playing maybe even 10,000 or 20,000.
Same goes for Emerald. I played it a ton since I didn't get a DS till 2010. Though I did get Diamond in 2008, I had to burrow my little brother's DS to play. Plus it's one of my favorite games cause there's so much post-game stuff.
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I agree emerald has to be my favorite even though my favorite Pokemon (Froslass) isn't in it. I especially loved getting kyogre groudon and rayquaza all in my party and destroying the E4.
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My first two Pokémon games were FireRed and Emerald, but I think I'll give to to FireRed for being my actual first, despite Emerald now being my favorite. My friend got LG a week or two after I got FR, so we messed around just discovering the Pokémon world together since they were our first two Pokémon games. I remember all of the times I'd go over to his house and we'd just play FRLG all day and all of those endless times we spent playing that minigame Pokémon Jump.

Emerald does come really close though since I got it probably less than a full year after owning FR, so I was still new to Pokémon, and Emerald just had so much more in it.
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Re: Which pokemon game did u have the most fun with?

I would say Sapphire. I just remember playing that one endlessly the summer of 2003 on my front porch. I still have never restarted that game and would say I care most about the pokemon on that cartridge than any other pokemon game I own.
I played it endlessly for that first summer and years afterward. And I've never restarted my Sapphire either, and I would probably cry if anything happened to those pokemon.
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pokemon blue for some reason the more i played pokemon the less interesting it became, and the less i tried. the only game i've liked better that's new is heart gold.
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Fire Red/Leaf Green, actually. I liked Red and Blue a lot ever since they came out, and the remakes were pretty much perfect in they updated the graphics and several other things. However, I seem to be the only one who likes them in my area.
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The only pokemon games I've played were White version and Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Sky. Mostly because I didn't give a crap about pokemon until the Zoroark movie came out. So I'd have to say white, because it's my first one. I want to play Emerald, but DSi's can't play GBA games... T_T