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Which ships do you NOT support?

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Nov 4, 2003
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(This is copied and pasted from the Serebii.net Forums.)

Just like the "anti-character" threads, please be tactful about how you describe why you don't support/like certain ships (if you choose to). Yes I know it takes a whole lot more work to be nice about it (oh, the horror ;P), but you won't have people nagging you to death in the end. Not to mention the thread won't get closed.

Here's my list of Pokemon ships I don't support:
~any PokemonXPerson or incest shipping

And here are some other ships that come to mind.
~BeastboyXRaven (Teen Titans): I'm sorry, but I feel that many (NOT ALL!!!) take their relationship too far. Just because they have hugged doesn't mean they're in love. And what if you get healed by someone? Better hope that, if that's the case, your doctor doesn't secretly want to have an affair with you! And not all "moments" have to be romantic; they can just be sweet without being totally sappy (don't tell me you never had a moment with someone before). One more thing: if you're taking Beastboy's flirting with Raven into consideration, not all flirting equals romance; many people view flirting as an innocent game. With that said, though, you can still think of them all you want, but realize that even the creators themselves said that they will never fall in love.
~FrodoXSam (The Lord of the Rings): First off, J.R.R. Tolkien never intended for anyone to be gay. Second, if you're thinking about that kiss from the end of the third movie, know that there are certain types of kisses. A kiss on the forehead symbolizes friendship.
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There are many that I don't support, too long to list.
Oh, man. This is not the way I want to make my debut here, but this was just too tempting to resist.

There is only one shipping I REALLY don't like. I mean, I REALLY, REALLY don't like at all!!! And it's this.


I've read so many of those Ash/Misty fics, I'm sick of them!!! I'm happy that Advanceshipping is now here and we'll see good ol' Ash hook up with May.

If there are any more ships I despise, I'll let you all know.

Now, I'm going to go hide from the flames.
And I'm going to copy and past my answer from Serebii.net. :p

Ooh, fun. I wouldn't go so far as to say I hate any of these, except for the first one.

Apprenticeshipping - My least favorite ship of all time. I hate this one so much.
Advanceshipping - I'm not sure why, but I don't like it. Could be the age difference.
Any ship involving incest, although Ketsuban's made Petalburgshipping seem cute. ^_^
Any ship crossing a human over with a Pokemon.
Any ship with a huge age difference, unless both characters are 18 or older.
Any ship involving Tracey.
Any ship involving more than two people.
I dislike AdvanceShipping for two main reasons: I don't like May's personality and AdvanceShippers can be as obnoxious as PokeShippers yet don't get the bad rap.

I dislike shippings with huge age gaps (especially when the male is older) and shippings that go against canon (not just implied) sexual preferance.
I think I'll just C&P from Serebii.net, too:

1. Advanceshipping
Who didn't see that coming? :p I absolutely cannot stand this ship. The mere mention of it brings me out in hives. (Well, unless it's mentioned in the context of "Advanceshipping sucks" or something.) I just don't understand why anyone would believe that Ash and May are interested in other, or going to end up together. Hell, if anything, the writers have gone out of their way to dissuade their audience from thinking this! I don't mind people liking non-canon ships, but picking a non-canon ship and then confidentally declaring it canon just brings on the brain-hurty, as far as I'm concerned.

2. Palletshipping
This one is only mildly annoying, but I'll list it anyway. Honestly, it just bores me. Gary and Ash's entire relationship was deadly dull. A typical exchange between those two seemed to consist solely of Gary making some snotty insult, and Ash turning bright red and yelling, "Oh YEAH?" Yaaaawn. At least with Pokeshipping, Ash and Misty each gave as good as they got. It also irritates me when Palletshippers accuse Poke/Contestshippers of applying a double standard - "you can't like Drew/May and then reject Ash/Gary! They're the same kind of ship! The evidence for both is equal!" IMO, that's nonsense. The fact that both ships happen to be 'rival pairings' means nothing as far as proof of the writers' intentions is concerned. I ship Drew/May because they actually have scenes together that include an element of romance. I don't ship Ash/Gary because they don't. It's as simple as that.

3. Eldershipping
Even thinking about this ship makes me drowsy.

Pokemon Man GT said:

I've read so many of those Ash/Misty fics, I'm sick of them!!! I'm happy that Advanceshipping is now here and we'll see good ol' Ash hook up with May.
Just a simple question, PMGT: Do you dislike Pokéshipping as a thing, or do you just not like the cow offal that makes up about 75% of the AAMRN fanfiction genre? Because if you just don't like bad GakiShipping stories, you are in a group with the vast majority of Ash/Misty Shippers. Bad fanfic has really killed the reputation of the ship, you know.

If, however, you don't like the concept of Ash and Misty, I would like to know your reasons.

BTW - We don't flame here. You are in the nice, adult end of the fandom. :-D

Back on topic:

I don't like: PalletShipping, BoulderShipping, Pikalilah Shipping (and most other human/Pokémon ships), MommyShipping or DaddyShipping.

You will notice a recurring theme to these dislikes. That is correct: I'm no fan of non-traditional pairings.
My answer

Let me see if I can try to clarify myself, BenRG.

I just can't really see Ash being with Misty. One reason I think that is because she's so bossy, hot tempered, gotta have her way, hates to be wrong know it all and she could probably kill Ash if she wanted to with that mallet of hers that's as big as Rhode Island!!! I'm not a big Misty fan.

You know how many arguements those two have had during all those episodes before she, and Brock left Ash? Ash and Misty are like cats and dogs! I was so happy when Misty left Ash just before he went off to Hoenn!

And I also believe that the show really doesn't support Pokeshipping at all, despite all the hints that Pokeshippers say that are in the show. Although I could be very wrong and you're just waiting to launch your Pokeshipping canon at me and knock me back to F1 land

That doesn't mean I do completely hate Pokeshipping, however.

In my FF.net favorite stories page, I must have at least 25 to 30 Pokeshipping romance fics there!!! And I think I have one of yours up there also!!! The more heartbreaking for Ash, the more angsty for Ash, the more fluffy, the more well written, the better!!!!

I just believe that Ash and Misty are so opposite, they are not compatible to be with each other. That's the reason I have.

But answer me this.

What does cow offal mean? I've never heard of that word before.
What comes out of the rear end of the cow's digestive system. In other words, it's fancy speech for "bullshit".

As for ships I dislike :

Any of the good old ship involving anybody and their hands :)-D)
Any ship involving human x Pokémon, WITH the exception of Mewtwo, who blurs the line between humanoid character and pokémon very effectively anyway.
Palletshipping. Well, Palletshipping on ASH's side at least. On Gary's side, I can see that.

Edit : Forgot a second exception to the human x pokémon line, namely Latias. As she's able to transform to a human anyway, she doesn't count.
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Well, there certainly are a lot of 'ships.

I'm going to follow the example of others and use broad categories!

I'm anti-

Any 'ship involving a human and a pokémon
Any 'ship involving Incest
'ships with more than two people
Any 'ship that goes againist both a characters sexual prefferences and affections (if you're going to do a fanfic with two characters of the same sex getting together there at least should be hefty clues for it)
May/Ash shipping- May seems to be to be the female Ash so hooking them up faintly smacks of incest

I do not support-

Ash and Misty shipping- one, they're both way too young and two, even when they do grow up I don't think these two would mesh well. Misty obviously likes Ash, but Ash has shown very very little interest in her. And she's over-bearing. I don't like any ship where one part- weather male or female- completely dominates the other. The only 'ship that this seems to work with is Rocketshipping, and even then it's something of an unhealthy relationship what with all the dependancy issues.

I'm a bit behind the times here, what's Apprenticeshipping?

To be honest, I've never got the argument that X and Y can't hook up because they fight too much. Um... I guess that large chunks of Much Ado About Nothing, Pride and Prejudice, When Harry Met Sally, Buffy The Vampire Slayer, Oklahoma!, Harry Potter, Emma, Star Wars, My Fair Lady, Chicken Run, Inuyasha, Anne of Green Gables, Two Weeks' Notice, Ranma 1/2, Guys and Dolls, The Philadelphia Story, Slayers, virtually every film in existence starring Katherine Hepburn and Spencer Tracey (you get the picture)... were just figments of my imagination, then? *is puzzled*

And to keep this post on-topic, here are my loathed non-Pokemon ships (again, C&P from Serebii):

Harry/Hermione (Harry Potter) - see rant on Advanceshipping, above, and throw in a healthy dose of 'the author has freaking well said they're very platonic friends' and 'enough Weasley-bashing, already!'

Angel/Cordelia (Angel) - ugh. Sappy, boring, and twisted Cordelia into an unholy Mary-Sue. I used to love Cordy, back when she was blunt and tactless and more than a little b**chy. But oooooh no, she had to be upgraded from 'sidekick' to 'heroine' status, lose all of her edge and become a paragon of perfection, brimming over with kindness, warmth and sympathy, who always knew just the right thing to say. BARF.

Joey/Rachel (Friends) - what the hell kind of crack were the writers smoking when they came up with this one?

Matt/Mimi (Digimon Adventure) - in over 100 episodes, how many times did these two actually talk to each other? Four?

Rika/Takato (Digimon Tamers) - look, Takato/Jeri is canon, m'kay? Deal, and stop banging on about the second movie, for crying out loud.
I don't support ships that involve:

- Incest
- Human/Pokémon (other than believing in the obvious fact that Ash's Bayleef has a crush on him. :p Not as a ship, just as a crush. Oh, and the whole Latias thing is all right with me, so long as it never turns into anything more than it was in the movie.)
- Huge age gaps (particularly if one of the characters is young...).
- More than two characters
- Characters with themselves or one of their own body parts. *Cough*
- Anything that goes against a character's...well, character. o_O I'm very canon-oriented.

In addition, I'm fairly opposed to Palletshipping and Advanceshipping. Neither seems to have any place in the canon of the show in my opinion, nor is the chemistry between the characters correct for them to be imagined in any romantic context. Just my view on things, though. People can ship whoever they wish, in my opinion, and if I don't want anything to do with it, I can stay away from it. So long as it's not pushed on me and I can ignore its existence, knowing its out there and doesn't concern me in the slightest won't do me too much harm.
I've been wondering...

What exactly does "canon" mean, anyway?

My Anime terminology is pretty rusty and I only know a few terms, since I really don't think about it all the time.

Man, maybe I need to go find a site that has a lot of anime terms for me to learn. Man, I'm sad. :(
Pokemon Man GT said:
What exactly does "canon" mean, anyway?
I never really learned the meaning of it myself but I think it means something that's proven in the show and not something that people just assume. Or something like that, someone else can probably explain it better and tell me if I'm right or at least close to what it means.

Pokemon Man GT said:
What exactly does "canon" mean, anyway?
Canon literally means, in this context, actual events from episodes of the animé and the movies. More importantly, as many things in shipping are only in the eye of the beholder, it means indisputable events that do not require analysis of interactions, events or art to demonstrate.

Oddly enough, not even things from official websites or literature is necessarily 'canon'. At most, it is 'official', and should be accepted as canon if it does not contradict on-screen events. Star Trek's various manuals and fan information books are an example of publications full of information that was 'official', but has since been superceded by new canon events, making them effectively worthless (is still sick he shelled out £30 for the Star Trek Encyclopedia :mad: ).

Interestingly, there is some talk that the Pokémon movies may be only semi-canon, as some events in the movies are not reflected in later parts of the series.

*scratches head for a few minutes*

I guess I kind of understand it. I bet the reason I don't fully understand it is because I'm not a full canon follower and walk the side of non traditional things in Pokemon and like seeing rare and unusual pairings.

Yeah. I REALLY need to watch more anime.
Yes, as everyone else explained, it is basically the objective side of what happens in the series. What the creators of the series want you to see. It's usually pretty indisputable, except under some extreme situations...which I can't think of any examples of. ^^;;
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