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Which ships do you NOT support?

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Advanceshipping, Orangeshipping, Incests, MasumiShipping, Pokemon+Human, gay/lesbian...A couple others too.
Advanceshipping is...scary....o_O
Orangeshipping is interesting, but I really do not support it at all.
Incests: aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! O.O
MasumiShipping: Sure, Max might have a crush on Misty, but that's a one-sided thing.
Pokemon Human: woaaah...We're getting a bit desperate now, aren't we? o_O
Gay/Lesbian: This is a children's show....right??? o_O And there aren't that many characters I can see gay...Nope. ><
No gay characters? Have you seen the "James' Debatable Sexuality" thread yet?

And MasumiShipping does have a lot going for it, on Misty's side as well. Anyway, a lot of ships are one-sided. Arguably, even PokéShipping.
Hehe, not yet...Maybe I should. O.O Hmm...you're quite right. You never know, do ya? ^_^ Same thing with Advanceshipping...Mostly as an "I look up to you!" Kind of thing, I think. Student and Teacher.^_^
Ah. That might explain it, even though I haven't heard of most of the new characters. I wish we'd hurry up and get cable. And DSL. Yep. -_-;;;;;;;;; I feel very lost here. ^_^; Oh well, I'll just stick around and catch up.
Just it being a childrens show doesn't mean there's no gay characters. Besides, given that it's rare to show a character's romantic interest, I'd say the ten percent rule stands.
The only ships that I don't support are any yaoi/yuri shippings, especially Palletshipping, because those ships make no sense to me. They're just really weird.

And I don't know why, but I've just always hated Palletshipping....
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Palletshipping is up there, only because some of the "backstory" hints really reach into the realm of the bizarre. Apparently a couple of nine year olds were self-aware enough to catch themselves falling in love and thus come up with an elaborate faking of disrespect? Granted, we have to deal with a new interpretation of little kids' maturity level in the show thanks to the writers' inexplicable desire to make May ten and yet not act it, but would Early Ash (let alone pre-series Ash) have been smart enough to be a party to such a thing?

It's kinda odd. I have problems with certain yaoi and yuri ships, namely the variety which is only liked because it would be hot. I should rephrase that...I don't care for that as a reason for supporting a pairing. If the pairing is interesting because of personalities clashing or matching or whatever, I have no problem with it at all.

But to say none of them make sense is something of a generalization. A lot don't, fair enough, but to say all is unfair.
Well, I wasn't saying that none of them made sense to anyone, I was just saying that they didn't make any sense to me....

And I think that's mostly due to the fact that I (along with some other people as well) don't like gay/lesbian pairings.

Although, it's not that I'm against that sort of thing, I just don't like it.
You're just jealous that Misty is getting what you want :p
Anything that isn't Gayshipping, Ronshipping or ContestShipping I dislike
I don't really like Gymshipping either, I'd much prefer Orangeshipping if Misty were to end up with either Brock or Tracey. But I guess Misty always pulling Brock away by the ear shows that she doesn't like it that Brock flirts with other girls in front of her.

But overall Masumishipping > both Gym and Orangesipping.

If I had to put Misty with one of them, Misty and Max is so much more exciting and interesting than either Orangeshipping or Gymshipping.

So it's Masumishipping > Orangeshipping > Gymshipping > Pokeshipping for me. :)
Alright. Here's mah list.


Ash X Misty: I dislike this for a number of reasons. For starters, I feel their personalities don't mesh well at all. Next, Ash has never displayed any romantic interest in Misty. Finally, most (not all, mind you) of the fanbase grates on my nerves, especially all those Pokeshippers who constantly claim it canon. Blech.

May X Drew: This ship's too cliched and obvious for my enjoyment. I just find it very boring.


Tristan X Serenity: Serenity only views Tristan as a friend. Besides, do you honestly believe Joey would allow them to ever become a couple? I didn't think so.

Seto X Serenity: I fail to see why this is so popular. It lacks evidence and doesn't make any sense.

Joey X Mai: Personally, I feel that Joey's too immature to get involved in a serious relationship with anyone. Besides, their personalites don't really go well together and (to me, at least) it seemed as though Mai moved on from Joey after the conclusion of the Doma saga.

Seto X Tristan: Do I really need to explain? This is just as illogical as Seto X Serenity.

Yugi X Rebecca: This is clearly one-sided. While Rebecca may have a crush on Yugi, he seems to only view her as a younger sister.

Yugi X Tea: These two are plutonic friends and nothing more. I just can't picture them ever becoming a couple.

Ranma 1/2:

Ranma X Akane: Ah, man. This is so cliched and uninteresting it isn't even a joke. Crap, do I hate it.

Mousse X Shampoo: Mousse is infatuated with Shampoo, no doubt about that. However, I feel Shampoo's too into Ranma to ever return his feelings.


Sango X Miroku: Could this be anymore drawn out? It's too obvious and boring beyond belief.

Inuyasha X Kagome: *see above*

Kouga X Ayame: I fail to see anything on Kouga's side. He's clearly obsessed with Kagome and seems to have no intention of wanting to hook up with Ayame in the future.

One Piece:

Sanji X Nami: While Sanji obviously has the hots for Nami, I simply can't picture her ever returning his feelings. Meh.

Power Rangers:

Tommy X Kimberly: This pairing was so sweet it frequently gave me stomach troubles. Words cannot describe how happy I was when Kimberly finally broke off their relationship in Zeo. I nearly cried tears of joy.

Rita Repulsa X Lord Zedd: This was very unexpected and seemed to be pulled out of thin air. Even Rita X Zedd shippers have to admit that.

Trent X Kira: Kira may have had a crush on Trent, but I fail to see any hints on his side of the ship.

Blake X Tori: *see Trent X Kira*

Harry Potter:

Harry X Ginny: This was poorly written and very unexpected. 'Nuff said.

Ron X Hermione: Your typical love-hate canon romance. If you ask me, it's very unoriginal and horribly cliched, even more so than Ranma X Akane and Inuyasha X Kagome combined.

Tales of Symphonia:

Lloyd X Colette: Sugary sweet to the point of being disgusting. Definitely not my cup of tea.

Teh fin. I'll edit if I think of anymore more ships I dislike.
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For the most part, I don't support most of the ships which exist in Pokemon. As for the ones which I actually dislike, well, see below. I may not hate them, but.. for lack of better words, the ships make my eyes bleed and my soul scream :-D

Most ships I dislike are the ones which are incredibly cliche, predictable, boring, and show absolutely NO creativity on the writer's part whatsoever.. This includes BOTH main girl/main guy pairings and love/hate relationships ,partucularly love/hate relationships which are becoming more common (and thus more cliche) . I really want to know who the so-called 'genius' was who decided that "when two people fight, they really care about each other". I can say much, much more about this, but since this is a public scene, I think that it would be inappropriate for me to do so - worst still is a ship which is both *shudders* It gets irritating - It really,really, REALLY does

More often than not, I often find pairing such characters up totally unessessary and something which contributes absouletly NOTHING in terms of plot or character developement, and simply tacked on due to the fact that the charactes are a cliche couple (again, both lead characters or they always argue). I find this very annoying, since in most cases I find that a romantic subplot detracts and tarnishes what is otherwise a good relationship and/or rivalry in a book/tv show/whatever. In my opinion, if the characters involved don't have to become a couple, if either character doesn't actually want a girlfriend/boyfriend, then the ship SHOULDN'T happen (yes, I know people are going to disagree with me on this, this is just my opinion). Particularly in Bishoen anime, where romance is rarely a significant plot, or even a significant subplot - and romance is the last thing I want to see (Hey, I don't mind romance, but keep it in the Bishojou anime for people who actually want to watch romance)

Take note writers, producers, and anybody else I've happened to have left out - A lead character CAN remain single, rivalries CAN remain simply that, and denying interest does NOT always imply that they are lying! - it's not as though they're going to die if they remain single, you know! It's called a PLATONIC relationship! and they CAN exist! Yeah, you can tell I'm not a romantic at heart (that's why I don't happen to watch Bishojo anime very often) , give me action and comedy any day!

I also don't like ships where the romance is shoved in my face almost constantly to the point in which I feel the need to puke.. So I don't like Serena/Darian (yes, they're a couple, that dosen't mean I like it) Hey, I don't mind romance every now and then, but I have my limits, and that ship crossed the line for me.

Another factor is, for a ship to actually work, the characters involved, as well as the storyline and the anime itself has to be twisted, mutilated and butchered to such an extent that I find it unforgiveable. More often than not this occurs when either character has absolutely NO interest in romance or an actual desire for a girlfriend/boyfriend whatsoever (heh, if it were not for the fact that the character was a lead, would the ship have as much merit? Would it be as popular? Would it still seem inevitable? - think about that) , as welll as completely degrading the characte's role to a mere love interest - thus resulting in a narrow-minded view of the character in general. Again, this most often occurs in Bishoen anime, where characters, whether they are the leads or rivals, are paired up simply due to the fact that they are the opposite gender and thus assume that the writers are going to pair them up.

The fanbase can also be incredibly annoying, but I don't dislike ships simply because of it. They certainly don't help though, particularly when they begin to act all arrogant (it can happen), egotistic, and start to degrade others simply because their beliefs are different, which becomes a far worse situation if the ship happens to be popular and when the shippers believe their ship to have more 'hints' and (in their mind) plausability- It's at that point that I begin to regard the ship as repugnant, and a part of me WANTS that ship to fail/not happen/it's rival ship to happen just out of PURE SPITE and to see the ship, as well as the shippers themselves, to fall off their high horse (sadistic, perhaps, but hey, I'm human, ok? XD)

It's perfectly understandable to be opinionated on something, just don't expect every to agree with you.

Heh, I didn't add the list. Oh well, you can probably tell what ships I don't like in Pokemon based upon the above, can't you? It's not that hard, I think XD

If you have, congratulations! and if you happen to support these ships, let me tell you now that trying to convince me otherwise will ultimately result in failure no matter HOW good of a debator you may be. I'm not going to be swayed in these matters. Anyone who tells you otherwise is lying. The ships I dislike I will ALWAYS dislike, so don't even bother- you'll just be wasting your time, trust me ;-)
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You know, I always thought it was stupid to dislike a shipping just because of the fandom, but if we're talking about Sailor Moon (manga), I find myself starting to dislike Shitennou (Generals)/Senshi (Scouts) just because fics based on it are *so damn abundant*. Do these people forget that the Shitennou even have a connection to Mamoru (Darien)/Endymion? Seriously, even if you're just looking for a friend-shipfic based on these five you can't find anything out there! (except for the one in my sig, of course)
I don't support any shipping that involves two one-time-appearance characters that never met.
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