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Which version will you buy?

Which version will you buy?

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what is your spaghetti policy here?
I know we don't know anything, but since they are remakes it's generally safe to guess the features and inclusions.

I will most likely be buying both at some point. But my first version will be Omega Ruby, as I bought Ruby first all those years ago!
I love Iris!
Most likely both. One physical and another digital. Physical will be Omega Ruby most likely. Also my first back then.
The Ugliest Trainer in Galar
Alpha Sapphire. I always preferred Team Aqua (pirates!!!!) and I love Kyogre. And I'm too poor for both.
The Charming Fool
This time both. Have never bought both before but this time I'm very interested in both games.
Zan! Testu! Ken!!
Way before these two were announced, I thought I would buy the Ruby remake, because I have the original Sapphire version. However, I'm going with Sapphire!
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Hopefully both, but IF I had to pick...
Omega Ruby.

Why? Cuz...
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I'm going to go with Alpha Sapphire; come to think of it I never played either sapphire or ruby I only played emerald. Oh PS I haven't posed on these forums since X and Y came out so it's nice to see you all again. Maybe this time I'll try not to go dead when the actual games come out it didn't help that I had to move during that time and was in the midst of graduating from collage. But that's all off topic stuff.
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I'll buy Alpha Sapphire, hands down. Sapphire was my first ever Pokémon game, so it has quite a bit of nostalgic value for me :)

Plus: Sableye, man
Just Sableye :D
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AlphaSapphire just because I played Ruby before and I like to mix things up a bit, probably I'll choose Mudkip instead of Torchic for that same reason.
Dat Alpha Sapphire!
Alpha Sapphire, most definitely. Might buy Omega Ruby at some point, too, but since I played Sapphire as a kid, I want to go back and relive it. Haha