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who do you ship within pokemon?

It's roly-poly time!
May 5, 2020
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  1. Azumarill x Lucario x Slurpuff x Scorbunny
  2. Braixen x Sylveon x White Kyurem x Lugia x Chikorita x Oshawott
  3. Minun x Glaceon x Luxio x Mudkip x Kirlia x Raichu x Poipole x Suicune x Celebi
  4. Steenee x Azumarill x Alcremie x Sylveon x Shaymin
  5. Meloetta x Jirachi x Pikachu
  6. Raboot x Manaphy x Happiny x Meowth x Mudkip
  7. Axew x Pichu x Espeon x Vanillite
  8. Mew x Snorlax x Stufful x Slurpuff
  9. Wobbuffet x Gengar x Espurr x Togedemaru
  10. Grookey x Meowstic x Dragonite x Primarina
  11. Cyndaquil x Umbreon x Togepi x Litten x Frosmoth
  12. Lycanroc x Smoochum x Mime Jr. x Riolu
  13. Plusle x Igglybuff x Bulbasaur
  14. Cinderace x Morpeko x Minun
  15. Raichu x Celebi x Wigglytuff x Roselia x Braixen
The flavor of coffee~
Jan 20, 2013
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Jasmine x Erika, Candice x Maylene
Sep 28, 2019
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N x Touko/Hilda (Ferriswheelshipping)
Lillie x Mizuki/Moon (Mostly in SM because USUM's story sucks lol)
Silver x Kotone/Lyra (Soulsilvershipping)
Silver x Kris (Redemptionshipping - for retro nostalgia)
Mitsuru/Wally x Haruka/May (cute blushing!)
Zinnia/Higana x Haruka/May
Gloria x Bede
Serena x Emma/Matiere (maybe Serena can share her bottomless wardrobe with the poor homeless girl who is dressed in rags)

Volkner/Denzi x Flint/Oba
Archie/Aogiri x Shelly/Izumi
Lusamine x Mohn (sad story :cry:)

Spin-off games:

Grovyle x Celebi (PMD2 - cried at the end)
Gengar x Gardevoir (PMD - mostly platonic for... reasons)
Protagonist x Partner (PMD2 - also platonic for reasons lol)
Virizion x Emolga (Gates to infinity - pretty funny ship that is actually somewhat canon)

It's hard to ship silent self-insert protagonists so I just ship them with my favorite characters. :p I wish BW1 had actual dialogue options.


Satoshi x Serena (Amourshipping)
Satoshi x Hikari (Pearlshipping)
Satoshi x Kasumi (Pokeshipping)
Musashi x Koujiro (Rocketshipping)
Pikachu x Buneary (cute!)
Pikachu x Piplup (lol)
Ai/Amber x Mewtwo (platonic of course)


Silver x Blue (Chosenshipping)
Akari x Akira (How I became a Pokémon card - rare ship with a canon transgender character!)
Ruby x Sapphire (for some reason I liked it better when it wasn't canon...)
Active Member
Jul 27, 2017
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Leon and Sonia. But it is one-sided. Leon does not get romance. He is more into battling.
Aug 1, 2020
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I once wrote a trilogy of Blue x Red fluff stories lol. I used to ship them so hard, though that's waned a bit in recent years. These days, I am all about SlumberingWealdShipping (Victor x Hop x Victor) and [everyone] x Hau because Sunshine Boy deserves love lol.
cute patootie
Oct 1, 2010
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I'm not an active shipper or anything, but the two pairs that I would be most interested in seeing are Jessie x James (I love them so much!!) and Drew x May. both fit each other so well imo, and May's rivarly/connection with Drew was especially well written in that her story didn't just revolve around a love interest. she had her own goals and worked hard to achieve them, and strengthened her bond with Drew along the way. it was very well done ✿♥♥