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Who do you think is the biggest stalker from the Pokemon series?

Who is the biggest stalker?

  • Team Rocket; Jessie, James, Meowth

    Votes: 31 63.3%
  • Brock

    Votes: 3 6.1%
  • A Pokemon that follows the group

    Votes: 5 10.2%
  • One that is not mentioned on this poll

    Votes: 10 20.4%

  • Total voters


"Ursaring, standby for battle!"
Mar 14, 2010
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Looking back from Kanto to Unova we’ve seen stalking in many forms; from a crush or admiration, desire to steal or kidnap and other reasons. From TR trying to steal Pikachu, Pokemon that follow Ash and the group around for one reason or another “stalking” in the Pokemon world is more than simply looking at someone profile page and looking at all of their pictures.

Like Helga from Hey Arnold, Bulk and Skull from Power Rangers and many other series, we see characters that follow the main character in elaborate disguises and hiding places.

Now to get to the point we know Brock can tell every Jenny and Joy from each other (aside from their own relatives). The famous marker-drawing Jigglypuff following the gang all the way up til Johto (and the Jigglypuff from that one Hoenn episode that could be the same one). The rich ladies Snubull that followed TR around because it loved to bite Meowth’s tail.

I would give my vote to Brock, the poor guy literally falls for anything female that moves (reminds me of Oshawott in the BW series...wonder if his fall for any girl Pokemon at first sight is a way of sneaking the "Brock character" back into the series, ah something to think about there haha).

Looking at the Hoenn league for example; Max used his Pokenav to look up data on the league's rankings and competitors Pokemon and strategies ok that's legit considering it was to help Ash, but Brock had a book not to write down battle stats but all of the females. While that seems "sort of" harmless he mentioned that he listed the name, location, interests, etc of those girls! Creeper...

But the #1 reason I think he deserves top stalker is because like I mentioned before he could tell any Officer Jenny or Nurse Joy apart from the others, I was impressed yet creeped out back in the Kanto episode "Round One Begin!" when he could tell them apart haha but it was kind of funny.

TR does stalk the gang for Pikachu, but as seen in numerous episodes there are a lot of times when they come across the "twerps" by pure luck but they have been seen sneaking in bushes or looking through their submarine lens for them. So, I'd rank them at a solid #2.

Of course there are many others but who do you think tops the list for “best/top” stalker in the Pokemon series?
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Does Kasumi counts?

Sure, I mean any character that WAS in the main cast and is no longer there temporarily or for good still counts. When did she stalk a main character? I do remember after Ash got home from Hoenn she said that she was at his house for if I remember correctly a few days or something like that?

There was literally an episode where he popped out of a bush.
TR. I said enough...

True, going through extreme lengths not only to stalk their target but to catch them by setting traps (that they usually get themselves trapped in), buying expensive machinery, cross-dressing, sucking up to a boss that could give less than a crap about them through their blind devotion.

Wow, looking at those reasons kind of makes me want to give them my vote over Brock.
Non-Human(!st Place):Jigglypuff.

From Kanto to Hoenn(Yes, it is the same Jigglypuff), it sang everybody to sleep in an attempt to become a star.
And the writers are sure as heck hinting at it coming back in Eastern Unova with all these promotions of it...


Waiting at Cynthia(who is single, pretty, battle-happy, aggressive, assertive, way to comfortable with the company of 10-year old kids and a loner who has issues with ice cream O_0)'s private, unoccupied villa how long for Ash...?
Easy. Team Rocket.

Guys. You've been at it since Kanto. Please stap. :< Pikachu isn't worth anything. There are tons of them in Viridian Forest.

They've always been at border of being good guys, what with Jessie's Coordinator career and James' love for Pokemon. But then the writers are like haha nope back to being generic bad guys for you.

They really should have been the trope namer for Face Heel Revolving Door.
Jigglypuff did follow Ash through 4 regions, (Kanto, Orange, Johto and Hoenn)

Sadly it must have died along the way.
Gotta be Team Rocket...they've been around longer than Brock swooning over women with their non-stop attempts to capture Pikachu.
My initial impulse was to scream "CONWAY!" (and he is the very first thing I thought of when I saw the word "stalker" in the thread title)...although, come to think of it, in terms of sheer persistence I think that Team Rocket have this in the bag. I mean, most people would have given up on trying to kidnap Pikachu after just a handful of humiliating defeats. It took them until freaking Hoenn to branch out into any other kind of major hobby.

Conway definitely leads the way in terms of stealth, though. The others wish they could get as close to the object of their obsession without being detected as he could to Dawn.
I'd say Jigglypuff. No one will expect it to reappear as Ash is so far away from Kanto, but the Writers sure remember it, and it appear at the Ending Song Mitemite☆Kotchitchi, and may star in the Pikachu Short airing along with the Kyurem vs Sacred Swordmen movie. Since the writers did not forget about it, it will reappear in the future with no doubt. :)
I've moved this to the Grand Festival as its a contest thread (choosing between different people). @Paulisthebest; please remember to make threads like this in the subforum. Thank you.

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Sure, I mean any character that WAS in the main cast and is no longer there temporarily or for good still counts. When did she stalk a main character?

She stalk Satoshi for 5.5 years, 7/24. Even TR didn't go that far. :p
Crap, can i change my vote? I thought of someone who stalked Ash for the longest!
Sure, I mean any character that WAS in the main cast and is no longer there temporarily or for good still counts. When did she stalk a main character?

She stalk Satoshi for 5.5 years, 7/24. Even TR didn't go that far. :p

Haha, oh it was all about the bike I remember after Brock joined he tried to run leaving her behind. Good answer!
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