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Who had the more annoying catchphrase; Iris or Dawn?

Which was more annoying?

  • No need to worry!

    Votes: 42 15.7%
  • You're such a kid!

    Votes: 155 58.1%
  • Both were equally annoying

    Votes: 44 16.5%
  • Neither

    Votes: 34 12.7%
  • I can think of an even more annoying catchphrase

    Votes: 46 17.2%

  • Total voters


"Ursaring, standby for battle!"
Mar 14, 2010
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I don’t think a thread like this was made before. Basically, which one did you find more annoying Dawn’s famous “No need to worry!” or Iris’ “You’re such a kid!!/You’re such a little kid!!”
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Probably "You're such a kid!" if I had too choose one. Though I'm still probably not as annoyed with it as most are...though if I keep hearing it every episode, that just might change. I've never been annoyed with "No need to worry" in any case. I've caught myself saying that before. :sweatlol:
Dawn's is motivational and Iris's is... well you know. Haha. Iris's is way more annoying but that doesn't mean she's a crappy character. I like them both.
Well... neither.
I like both... Also Iris saying "Kodomo ne" is very cute.
Dawn's never bothered me. As others said, its just her reassuring herself.

Iris' is more acceptable in the Japanese version, if only slightly.
Dawn's never bothered me. As others said, its just her reassuring herself.

Iris' is more acceptable in the Japanese version, if only slightly.

Dawn pretty much drove me away from the show and her no need to worry added insult to injury. I'll take Iris "You're such a kid" any day of the week, tho!!
Iris is more annoying because she's flipping insufferable about it. True, Ash is not the most rational person, but he still proves effective. Now Iris may have proven that she does know something, but that still doesn't mean she can call Ash out when he is not familiar with Unova. Dawn may have been trying to hide her own worries with her phrase at times, but it at least is supposed to make you feel better. Iris is just...hateful.
Dawn, but I think it's more the way she said it than the catchphrase itself. Just her tone of voice irked me while saying it. Idk. I was fine with Daijobou, though.
I actually liked Dawn's "No need to worry" but Iris's "you're such a kid" is really annoying. Shes as much of a kid as Ash, so it makes it even more irritating.
Why is this only comparing Dawn/Iris catch phrases?

What about all the other characters?
Ash: I choose you
Misty: Go..my steady
Brock: ?
May: Kamo
Max: ?
Dawn: No need to worry
Cilan: It's tasting time.
Iris: Such a kid

Even compared to all the others Iris' is still the most annoying.
Takeshi: Kirei Onee-san?

I had no problems with Hikari's daijoubu.
I dislike Hikari as a character, but putting that aside, I'll have to say Iris' is more annying... that's the whole point of it (annoying Satoshi).
Yah, Iris your just a kid is annoying, Ash knows way more than her and has done far more so to hear her say that over and over again well. I got used to Dawn's no need to worry and started to like it.
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I voted for neither. o.o I don't think the catchphrases are too annoying! They wouldn't be their anime-selves without their catchphrases!
"No need to worry" wasn't annoying at all, "You're such a kid" is mildly annoying. So, Iris' one.
I guess I'd have to say Iris's catchphrase, as I really kinda liked Hikari's 'Daijoubu'. Nothing is as good as Dento's though :3
Iris's. Dawn's "No need to worry!" showed her trying to maintain her confidence; Iris's "You're such a kid!" is putting someone else down (but possibly for the same reason as Dawn's - to make her feel better about herself).
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