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Who had the more annoying catchphrase; Iris or Dawn?

Which was more annoying?

  • No need to worry!

    Votes: 42 15.7%
  • You're such a kid!

    Votes: 155 58.1%
  • Both were equally annoying

    Votes: 44 16.5%
  • Neither

    Votes: 34 12.7%
  • I can think of an even more annoying catchphrase

    Votes: 46 17.2%

  • Total voters
Dawn's "No need to worry" was more irritating, because her voice in the dub was awful.
IMO, Cilan's "It's evaluating time" is easily the worst catchphrase in Pokemon.
I honestly think Iris's catchphrase is more annoying. It makes me angry every time I hear her call Ash a little kid. -_-
Both were equally annoying due to how often they were used for Dawn and Iris. I don't mind the phrases themselves, but I think they could've been used less often and not feel repetitive.
Iris's catchphrase is more annoying. This is mostly because I hate her as a character and because of her annoying dub voice.

Dawn's catchphrase never bothered me.
Iris's mostly because her's is totally unjustified. She is just as much of a kid as Ash is.
Iris' by a long shot. Dawn was annoying, but not for her catchphrase, which was perfectly fine. Iris, on the other hand, was a hypocrite, being more childish than Ash, yet still having the audacity to call him a kid every 5 minutes for no reason. Even Cilan for just being interested in something. Seriously?
Personally, I found Dawn's catchphrase so annoying to the point when I was playing Pokemon Black (at school) and saw that Game!Iris (look under N's castle} tells the player "No need to worry!" when going head-to-head with the sages, my reaction was "She stole Dawn's catchphrase!".
I find Iris's catchphrase adorable and somewhat see it as a running joke.
As all people said here,
Iris is most annoying with here you are such a kid. She thought that she know everything but honestly she don't know eveything but one day ash didn't know one think and ask cilan then she said you such kid but when ash ask her she said i don't know with honest face
she and dragon type are most annoying things in pokemon
I don't see it is type because a type means things and can by many pokemon not just because dragonite like dragon so they did dragon type

i think fairy same but fairy better than dragon

i see eletronic type will be good idea

anyway let's back to iris and dragon type, as i think and this point one two people in another forum site told about too :"I don't like her. She annoys me, her character design is stupid. The "you're a kid" thing annoys me, because, well, she's a kid and Ash is a kid. So aren't kids supposed to be like other kids? You know, because they're kids.

Another reason is her fear of Ice types. It's like Norman being scared of fighting types or Roxanne being scared of water and grass types lol They don't look scary ok froslass and glalie are scary at all. I understand Misty's fear of bug types. But Ice types? Really? Just because they're weak to Dragon types? She's not a dragon. Is she scared of ice cubes as well? And shouldn't she be scared of dragon as well? That's just so..absurd. I wonder what will be her reaction to Kyurem." +"OMG THISSSS ^^^
I think it's utterly stupid and makes no sense, they want to add a twist or something funny to her character but they didn't do it right with Iris. It actually makes her look dumb, I remember an episode when she was scared of Vanillux (maybe? I know it was the icecream poke) and I'm like.... why would she be scared? :| it's kinda cute...."

i am sure ash is the worst person in pokemon in everythings if he trainer, gym leader, brider....etc and i don't say that because i don't like ash no because i like
Definitely Iris's. Saying, "What a kid" proves that she's a kid by immaturely calling someone names. I didn't even realize that dawn had a catchphrase. But Iris, well.... :eek:hdear:
Never even herd Dawn's catchphrase, so I can't really vote. But even I will admit Iris' "such a kid" was annoying.

At least it got toned down, though.

And frankly, Cilan's "It's evaluation time" was a LOT more annoying.
I Honestly think "Little Kid" was just Frankly MUCH VERY WORSE!
Like others have said, Dawn's was for motivation. It inspired her to overcome her obstacles. So I never found it annoying, as it had a motivational origin.

Iris', on the other hand, was just plain insulting. She said it just to "prove" her point, but seeing how frequent she used it, despite the irony in her statements (she acted more like a little kid than Ash), it easily wins the award for "Most Annoying Catchphrase".

So Iris' "catchphrase" wins this contest hands-down, if you ask me.
You're all such kids for hating a catchphrase, lol.

As for me, I didn't find any of them particularly annoying.
Sure You are such is unacceptable, tribble, horrible and it is the first reason that made me hate iris too much and very very very very very very much
i can't accept it because it made her terrible and it is not funny at all and kodomo ne also horrible because i hate her already
she is a kid and a little kid because she doesn't know when said it, and what to say it to makethe episode interesting but it didn,t work - if she say it for 1 time then i will accept but no she began to say it all times in all episode for what? nothing.
i want to kill her but i can't because i am a real man not like ash animation
if ash a kid then why do you to go with him iris.
1- He is a kid because he doesn't know attack called Electro ball, what a bad and terrible reason
2- He is a kid because he happy for getting his six badge.
3- he is a kid because he is happy for getting the champion of luck movie in zorua ang movie episode
4- He is a kid because one day he didn't know thing that cilan told to him but then cilan tell her that you don't know this thing also so she told to herself a kid by that.
really iris you are a kid because you hate ice type for nothing just because it is super-effective to dragon type, what a jerk reason
How ice type this cool type os awful and dragon type this doesn't make sense type and dangerous and horrible type isn't awful
if you hate ice type for this reason then please don't eat ice cream or playing skiing and then you should hate idragon type also because it super effective to itself.
And Please you must hate Fairy type also because it super effictive you dragon type
you should also hate kyurem because it is ice type too
if you loved fairy type then you really a kid and don't make sense iris
The one that will make her become kid is serena
please serena don't be with iris said like past girls and i love you serena so please slap iris if she said to ash that he is a kid please
also iris is horrible in every thing
i just hope that this post http://bmgf.bulbagarden.net/f717/do-you-think-writers-doing-enough-iris-109376/ didn't finish to tell you about all feeling and i am happy from every person that tell a truth about iris
i just felt like i am right about my feeling about her
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