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Who is everyone's favorite and least favorite gym leader?


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Jun 26, 2015
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Brock, Roxanne ,Roark, Grant werent that bad really, but maybe Onix and Geodude were used to much especially Geodude, they could have made Graveler be in one gym atleast.
Roxane should have had Lairon too in that gym.

That also affected the anime and viewer ratings.

The same goes for fighting gyms with Machoke
Best gym leaders?
Whitney? Leonora? Norman? would need better in game combos of moves.
Juan/Wallace? best water gym
Volkner -best electric

Grass and bug gyms were good but could have been a little better i games better especially in the anime.

Steel gym leaders were neat, dragon leaders could have been more diverse and better

Candice, Brycen and Wulfric were nice ice gyms,
Wulfric strongest, Brycen had very good diverse team, Candace if only they would made use Frosslas or Jynx especially in the anime. Medicham was not in the right place there.

all Fire gyms were nice done.

The fairy gym was in game good, why they wasted that potential in the anime that was lame...

Some gyms were to easy in some situtations with some pokemon but that's the fun of the game.

why they don't they make gym leaders use more stats effects, flinching, infauntation and switching moves thats a mystery?


Dec 30, 2015
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My favorite Gym Leader would have to be Valerie. Those eyes; they are just.... AHHH! Such beauty! :X3:

Close seconds would be Skyla, Elesa and Volkner.
Argh! It's so difficult to choose one when all of them have their distinct personalities and their own distinct charm, that really makes them stand out. :love:

Least favorite Gym Leader? I don't have one, so that's that! :D


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Mar 2, 2018
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Least favorite would be Lenora. Her and her Watchog can die a Fighting-type death.

My favorite would have to be Surge. Something about him is so intimidating and real at the same time.

Plus he's from Murrica. B/


Oct 27, 2015
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Whitney is great. Any time I'm flattened by her Miltank, it just makes me respect Miltank more. It's a powerhouse, and Whitney is the first one to showcase it.
I actually like Clair's attitude. It's hilarious on the phone in Gen 4. "Yeah, hi. What's your point?" one day I must use this when answering certain calls.
The gym leaders of Unova are just awesome. And in B2W2, how every gym has a different theme arrangement - so great.
And I really like the gym leaders of Hoenn too.
I can't really narrow it down.

I don't really have a least favourite, but there are quite a few that just aren't that memorable for me... and unfortunately Kalos has a larger percentage of those.


Jan 20, 2013
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Favorites are Jasmine, Candice, Sabrina, and Erika. Least favorite is Crasher Wake, he seems kinda out of place.


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May 9, 2010
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Favourite: Sabrina is great. I really liked Brawly's redesign in ORAS too. Tate and Liza can have a special mention for being different to every other gym leader in the game - if we do return to gyms, trying something different like they did here would be good too. (No triple or rotation battle in Gen V was disappointing in retrospect, but the Striaton Gym was a bit different at least.)

Least favourite: Probably one of the XY ones. They're just kinda forgettable, especially after Gen V's.


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Oct 18, 2012
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Favorite is my man Clay. Ground is one of my favorite types (and is underrepresented in Leagues in general), and Clay is a fun character who also gets his share of thoughtful moments, and he always gives me a decent challenge. His Gym puzzles are entertaining (the B2W2 always trips me up), and that Gym theme in the sequels, with the really grimy bass... amazing. :cool:

Least-favorite would be... ah, Bugsy, I think. There are a few that I don’t really care for at all, but he’s the first one to jump to mind. As far as Bug-type Leaders go, I prefer both Burgh (by several miles) and Viola. I’ve never found Bugsy to be challenging at all, his team is pretty boring especially considering the other, newer Bug-types that they could have used, his Gym puzzles do nothing for me (literally, in the case of GSC), and I’m just not very keen on his design. Also, his name pun (inasmuch as it can even be called one) sucks.


Oct 29, 2016
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Hard to pick, but one of the Unova gym leaders. Great battles along with personality that made all of them stand out among other gym leaders and the fact that most of them were involved in the plot in some way.

Least favorite has to be one of the Kalos gym leaders, because of their lack of personality and a huge contrast to the generation previously, as well as being rather forgettable. Korrina isn't included because she actually gets some personality.


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Feb 1, 2013
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Favorite: Blue because I loved getting to see how he had progressed as a character. It was honestly really neat, and a complete surprise for me when I first played Pokemon Crystal. Also, I think to date he is the only Gym Leader to have a mixed team (a team that is not all a certain type). I'd love to see more Gym Leaders do this in the future.

Least Favorite: Whitney, just being a crybaby after she lost and her gosh darn Miltank that I consistently hate anytime I have to fight it.

Honorable Mention (least Favorite): Bugsy. Now, this is purely because of the ifrst nuzlocke I played. I started a nuzlocke on my Soul Silver, and got all the ay to Bugsy without one death. His Scyther took 5 out of the 6 of my team. Gosh I was so upset after that, I gave up on that nuzlocke.


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Oct 9, 2011
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Favourite: Sabrina. This was actually a really dfficult pick because at one point I was leaning towards Erika (and she's still one of my favourites), but I settled on Sabrina because I feel lke I've always liked her character ever since I was a kid.

Least Favourite: I actually don't really dislike any gym leader in particular, rather there are some that I just... feel more indifferent about than others. I suppose the gym leader who I feel most indifferent about is Chuck though. I don't really care much for him.


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Jul 19, 2015
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I just fought Burgh the first time in a while a week or so ago when I started my current play through of Pokemon Black. Needless to say, he's a wimp. Definitely one of my least favorite gym leaders.

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May 1, 2014
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Indecision is strong in my family. My father has it. I have it. My sister has it. Everyone f-cking has it. So I'm opting for the plural.
  • Roark
  • ORAS Brawley
  • Falkner
  • Cheren
  • Skyler
  • Maylene
  • Candice
I literally have no least favourite. Merely apathy. What can I say? I'm a happy little elf.


Mar 26, 2016
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My favorite is probably Roxie. Her personality is awesome and it was really great to finally get another Poison-type Gym Leader, especially one that's a rock star.

I'm gonna jump aboard the bandwagon and say my least favorite is Whitney. That Miltank...


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Aug 22, 2017
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My favorite ones are Korrina and Morty. But now I play another pokemon game for smartphone - Pokemonquest My friend recommended me this quest game and I downloaded it from internet. Pokemon quest game has interesting story and adventure tasks.
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Mar 14, 2005
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1. Morty for being the only gym leader who takes an interest in legendaries and having a friend in Eusine. I also really like his design, although it would be best if his HGSS clothes could be combined with his original face.
2. Clair for having an immature but human reaction to losing. She clearly has family issues with Lance and their grandfather, which makes her more interesting. I prefer her original design, but oh well.
3. Blaine for his implied connection to Fuji and unique design.

Honorable mentions: Sabrina for her anime arc (they should have something similar in the games), Jasmine for her caring nature and Janine/Falkner for their cool attires and daddy rivalry. I don't really count Giovanni and Blue as gym leaders as they have more memorable roles.

Least favorites:

1. Crasher Wake is over the top in how he dresses and talks. It's also annoying how they gave him two cameos in HGSS and B2W2 (not just PWT).
2. The Striaton Trio are a bit lame as they had more potential. Instead of being the Shadow Triad, they ended up retiring without getting any closure.
3. I don't dislike her, but Korrina giving her second Lucario to the player was really forced.
4. Marlon's laissez-faire attitude toward Team Plasma was irresponsibly stupid. The Plasma Frigate had already frozen Opelucid City!

The myriad of forgettable gym leaders are harmless, at least.
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Dec 30, 2010
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Just gonna copy Meza and cover all Gym Leaders.

  • Favorite: Lt. Surge
    He's super cool, can be a strong competitor in the early game, and he has a great design. He's a tough guy, but fair. You want to earn his respect.
  • Least Favorite: Blaine
    I don't dislike him, but I also don't care about him. Same with Erika, but at least I liked how she was a gossipy bitch in HGSS. I just don't find him, his Gym or his puzzles interesting or memorable.


  • Favorite: Chuck
    He's cute, he's fun, and he can provide a real challenge. His Gym in HGSS is one of my favorites because his Gym trainers are tough. Great experiences all around. Plus, I like that he has a sweet tooth.
  • Least Favorite: Bugsy
    His personality and design aren't anything special, and battling him is only interesting because of his strong Scyther.


  • Favorite: Flannery
    I really like her design and awkwardness. She really manages to stand out among the more confident, collected, or boisterous members of the League. Her battle's always fun, and I like finding new ways to try and overcome her Torkoal.
  • Least Favorite: Winona
    I couldn't even remember her for a second, lol. But she's just so boring in comparison to every other Hoenn Gym Leader. Her battle is definitely the hardest Gym in the game, and I like her Gym's puzzles. But Winona herself always manages to slip my mind. There aren't even a lot of memes to try and make her interesting - at least Bugsy gets memed on fans. The only person more forgettable is Glacia.


  • Favorite: Candice or Byron
    She's cute. He's cute. It's a tie.
  • Least Favorite: Fantina
    She's not cute. It was always a drag facing her in Platinum, since you have to battle her much earlier, and so much of the game is locked behind her. I preferred her in D/P, where she had a stronger team, but the game gave you a lot of tools to have fun with the battle.


  • Favorite: Marlon
    The bae in the bay.
  • Least Favorite: Cheren
    I like him as a character, but I'll always have this grudge against him for fainting a shiny in a double battle.


  • Favorite: Clemont
    I actually don't dislike the Kalos Gym Leaders on an individual level. They don't do much and are limited in personality, but they work well with what they have. Clemont really owned his nerd schtick, and he made his quiz puzzle much more unique and memorable than Blaine's. He also invented Super Training, one of the few things you can continually bother with in Gen VI. That alone puts him above everyone else.
  • Least Favorite: Wulfric or Olympia
    I'll always question why these two were the two strongest Gym Leaders in the region. Olympia's as is a Meowstic (which you also faced just before you entered her Gym.) Wulfirc even says that you might find his Gym to be very easy, which should speak volumes as to why he was a terrible choice for the late-game.

Overall, my favorite Gym Leader is Marlon, and my least favorite is either Winona, Olympia or Wulfric.

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Sep 26, 2011
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My favorite is Sabrina. I love her design and I love what was seen of her in the anime.

Least favorite... I don't remember what I said last time. To be honest, I don't have a least favorite gym leader. There are forgettable ones, sure, but none I dislike since none gave me too many problems. Even Whitney wasn't terrible fighting. I want to say Blue could be my least favorite, but I liked him in Sun and Moon. So yeah, none are on my dislike list.

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Sep 26, 2015
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My favorites would have to be Sabrina, Norman, Winona, Juan, Gardenia, Fantina, Volkner, Lenora, Drayden, Marlon, Valerie, and Olympia. Everyone else I'm just indifferent towards.


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Sep 1, 2010
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Favorite: I have two. Marlon 'cause he's eye candy heh and Morty because he's the only male ghost type specialist and I quite like his design

Least favorite: Clay he's very annoying. I also dislike Clair because of the badge shennaningans. She's quite the immature brat.

Jersey Jimmy

Apr 27, 2015
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I'm taking the "favorite and least favorite from every gen" approach, since I too am an indecisive dumbass.

Favorite: Sabrina. She has a fantastic design, strong teams in all of her appearances, and is one of the most intriguing gym leaders the series has to offer. On top of that, both her anime and manga characterizations were excellent.
Least Favorite: Koga. I don't dislike Koga, don't get me wrong, but he's the Kanto leader that stands out the least to me. At least he became an Elite, I guess.

Favorite: Whitney. Her Miltank being strong is a good thing (and even then... guys, you can trade for a Machop), and she has a memorable personality. Plus, she's cute.
Least Favorite: Chuck. Again, not that I don't like him, but he's pretty supremely unmemorable. He's also one of the weaker Johto leaders.

Favorite: Winona. Tough call between her, Wallace, and Flannery, but her fantastic role in the manga is what pushed her to the top for me. Other things I like about her include her design and varied teams.
Least Favorite: Tate and Liza. They're really only acceptable as a duo; whenever I get one or the other in the PWT (which seems to happen a lot), I groan. Having one Pokemon each in RS doesn't help.

Favorite: Maylene. The thing about her supposedly being poor due to her father's gambling addiction is an interesting detail that the manga expands on in a good way. On the other hand, she has some humorous moments in both Sinnoh and HGSS, making her an all-around endearing character.
Least Favorite: Byron. The first truly forgettable gym leader, I think. At least Roark's kind of cute.

Favorite: Roxie! My overall favorite gym leader! She's a punk rock singer, she specializes in my favorite type, her ace is my favorite Unova mon (which is impressive considering I love Unova's Pokemon), her gym is fantastic, her design is great, she has actual character development, and her anime appearance made her out to be an absolute badass. God, I love Roxie.
Least Favorite: Cilan. Really, you could put the Triplets as a whole here considering their general patheticness, but Cilan's my least favorite of them. He was also Ash's absolute worst companion in the anime.

Favorite: Korrina. Another incredibly endearing Fighting-type specialist, and another gym leader the anime and manga really did justice. Plus, blading was honestly one of my favorite parts of X and Y.
Least Favorite: Ramos. I have no idea why male Grass-type specialists are so unremarkable, either. At least his gym's cool.