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Who says rules restrict the fun? ^^

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Dec 30, 2002
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Yokoso to BMG Shippers! Please give all your valubles to Team Rocket, and prepare to see them screw up pawning them.

Quick few rules (which are so damn basic it's pathetic, and you all should know anyway), so...

1. If you're a Shipper, for God's sake, Prom! They, and all other 'community'-type things, are in Shippers Community, and all are welcome.

2. Flaming = bad. No flaming, regardless. We can all act like amture individuals if we put our mind to it, and regardless of WHO comes in acting like a dick, leave it to Mods and Admins. So, that means no:
"OMG, u support Ash and Misty - u HOMOFOBE!"
"Palletshippers = scum"
"I really fucking hate all of you."

3. Please, please don't spam. It's naughty. Any posts like "Yes", "No", "I like [character]" and such get deleted. Continuous spamming leads to a spanking and possible banning.

4. Hentai = naughty and not in here. Bugger off to a hentai forum. Limes/possibly lemons are allowed in SF+A, but that is it.

5. Stay relevant to the topic you're dealing with. Straying leads to spam and spam leads to a closed thread.

6. Be nice to newbies. They may be stupid and have no idea about shipping, but just tell them nicely that Misty's Song is an ass-sucking hint, instead of whooping them.

7. Clubs are allowed so long as they're not stupid ones like "ASH IS GAY!" and the like. They WILL be monitored. (if it's like OPS, URS etc., fine.)

8. Fics and Art go to SF+A.

After all that, have a great time here!

[Any more rules, stick them on. ^^]
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