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Who Would Win This Battle?

Who Would Win This Battle?

  • Trainer 1

    Votes: 2 50.0%
  • Trainer 2

    Votes: 2 50.0%

  • Total voters
Lone Scribe for the Lord of Time
Jun 10, 2018
Reaction score
First of all, I don't want to know if these are good teams (I know they aren't) or good movesets (again, terrible), just who do you think would win if these two trainers faced off. Assume that they can learn all of these moves in the same game too, Physical/Special Split for the moves and all six stats (not pre Gen 3). 6v6, Standard Single Battle.

The battle starts with Slowbro vs. Blastoise...
Trainer 1Trainer 2
Blastoise-Torrent-Enigma BerrySlowbro-Regenerator-Enigma Berry
Hydro PumpScald
Ice BeamAmnesia
Mega PunchSnore
Charizard-Blaze-Focus SashCharizard-Blaze-Lum Berry
Dragon PulseDragon Pulse
Wing AttackWing Attack
Donphan-Sturdy-Hard RockMarowak-Thick Club-Battle Armor
Stone EdgeDynamic Punch
Venusaur-Overgrow-Black SludgeUmbreon-Synchronize-Leftovers
Giga DrainDark Pulse
Leech SeedMoonlight
Snorlax-Thick Fat-LeftoversGengar-Levitate-Wise Glasses
Body SlamSludge Bomb
CurseShadow Ball
Sleep TalkHidden Power-Fire
Pikachu-Static-Light BallScizor-Technician-No Item
ThunderboltBullet Punch
Thunder WaveAcrobatics
Iron TailSwords Dance
Dynamic PunchRoost
Princess of Love
Aug 20, 2016
Reaction score
@Patrick Haines I moved this thread to the Battle Center since it has Battling elements to it.

Though this battle will be dictated towards the Snorlax and the potential counters to this setup.. after a few turns when the Slowbro rests off the Toxic the Blastoise player should be switching out since they know they can't do much against this Slowbro. I can see either Venusaur coming out or Snorlax since Slowbro is asleep it can't move allowing for Leech seed. or just Curse setup on the opposing pokemon. they'll likely switch out as a response next turn though. Gengar, Scizor, and potentially Marowak have answers to Lax that prevent it from walling the entire team. Gengar just by type immunity, Scizor can boost it's own Attack to counter the defense boosts and resists Body Slam while Marowak has Focus Punch despite it not working if it gets hit. This battle will most definitely lead into a stall war though. If Scizor is out then the Lax user should go to Charizard and Sacrifice the buffs.
Gengar is.. probably the hardest counter for this entire Player 1's team.. so sacrificing Pikachu might be the best call since Donphan can take a hit and one shot it with Earthquake. though this is also a very predictable play so I'd also wager using stone edge for the inevitable Charizard switch. If they made that play then charizard would be down (assuming a perfect battle with no misses). I can see either Umbreon or Slowbro coming in after. but Donphan still has it's sturdy so it may be a good idea to switch it out here so Venusaur should be returning to the field. and then they'll switch out to Scizor because Acrobatics will finish it off.
going to skip around since this could be longer but.. Battler 1 will be trying to protect Snorlax until Gengar is gone Scizor is weakened enough, and the Boosts will help Lax live a focus punch..
but I'm not sure if they could pull it off with those pokemon so I'd say that battler 2 would win.
Lone Scribe for the Lord of Time
Jun 10, 2018
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@Fluttershy of Light Thank you so much for the input at the move. I wasn't sure where to post to start with. Marowak has Dynamic Punch, not Focus Punch, but the hit rate still has to be taken into account.