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Why did you join the forums?

I wanted to talk about Platinum, which had just been released in Japan. Being 13 at the time, liking Pokémon wasn't exactly the coolest thing in secondary school, so I joined Bulbagarden to discuss the games in peace. And Serebii. And then Pokécommunity a few months later.
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The same reason I join any forum: it gives me something to do when I feel bored or need to kill time.
I had a whole fakemon Project and wanted to post what I had so far, and possibly ask some spriters if they were interested in helping me sprite my fakemon. I ended up setting a sprite shop and making sprites for others, and then I discovered URPG and that's what I stayed around for all these years.
Tbh I had joined because of shipping. There was a thread about my favorite pairing, which was quite active four years ago and I had wanted to interact with fellow shippers. Initially I was active only in Shippers Paradise but later on I started visiting other parts of the forum and enjoyed it a lot.

I am glad I decided to join the forum. It has been a wonderful experience so far.
Several reasons. 1: I was banned on one forum and left another, that one is down now(rip). 2: I didn't find a forum that allowed me to showcase my randomness until I found Random Messages here. 3: I actually once had a Bulbapedia account, but I forgot the email, password, and username. I don't remember it much but i know I had it. Since I had a connection to this site already I thought joining the forums would be good. (By the way, I made that account back when I was like 6 and found out about Pokémon via Smash Bros.)
I joined in order to discuss my favorite game series with my fellow fans.
Eh... I don't precisely know the actual reason for joining. I believe it was something to do with the eighteenth movie; of course, I stayed because I found this to be a fun place to interact with people and discuss on my favorite franchise.
I joined to talk about BW and other Pokémon-related things. Ended up migrating away from that to F&G, OtB, and social groups when those were still around to discuss decidedly less Pokémon-related things.
Pokemon is one of my favorite things in the world, so I joined a place where I can talk about pokemon with other pokemon fans (and unlike reddit I won't have to worry about being downvoted into oblivion if I don't share the popular opinion).

Plus I get to keep tabs on everything pokemon news related!
When I was a kid in the early 2000s and social media really wasn't a thing, I spent all my time on Pokemon forums. I felt kind of nostalgic for that experience and when I saw that Bulbagarden had forums, I decided to join.
I was heavily into Pokemon at the time and I was looking for other communities to join. The rest is history.
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