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Will Madame Boss make any appearances in the current timeline?


Apr 30, 2014
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Several different incarnations of Pokemon have established that Team Rocket leader Giovanni has had a very stormy relationship with his mother who answers to the name of "Madame Boss". Madame Boss has even made an actual appearance in the anime. However it was in a flashback, and it didn't involve any of the current protagonists.

Now it was established that Madame Boss has since retired as boss and left Giovanni in charge. However she looked quite young and good looking, so chances are she might be still around somewhere. I'm not sure it was ever established if she had died or not, so it's still up in the air as to where she is now.

Could she be still working behind the scenes, twisting Giovanni's arms when it comes to major Team Rocket plans? Or maybe she has completely given up Team Rocket and is living a quiet retirement. Who knows? Do you think that maybe Madame Boss might encounter Ash Ketchum at any point in time? I wonder what she would think of the bumbling TRio if she encountered them?

What do you think Madame Boss is up to in the current timeline and could she make any appearances?

ii kanji

Eternally misleading
Aug 14, 2008
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I may well be wrong (I'd love it if I were!) but wasn't Madame Boss' only appearance in Shudo's The Birth of Mewtwo CD drama?

Sadly I think it highly unlikely that any of the radio-drama-only characters would appear in the anime, especially now when it's been over 15 years after the fact. (I'm sure an argument could even be spun up to question the canonicity of those stories to the anime as we know it.)
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