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Win a copy of Pokémon Scarlet or Violet as part of Bulbagarden's pre-order giveaway!

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The ninth Generation of Pokémon is swiftly approaching, and to celebrate this milestone, Bulbagarden is giving away nine pre-order copies of either Pokémon Scarlet or Pokémon Violet! It could hardly be easier to enter - all you have to do is make a comment under this news post, answering one simple question: Which starter Pokémon are you planning to use in Scarlet or Violet, and why?

Your response can be as long as you like, but must actually answer the question. For example, "I'm planning on using Quaxly in my first Scarlet playthrough because I haven't used a Water-type starter since Gen IV!" would be a good response, but "I'm going to use the green one, just because." would not be. Final judgement on if a sufficient answer has been given will rest with the Bulbagarden staff.

The deadline for all entries is Friday September 16th, at 11:59pm (PDT). Once this deadline has passed, we will randomly select our nine winners from respondents. Winners will be contacted in the first instance via Bulbagarden Forums DM, and then via any other contact details connected to their Bulbagarden Forums account in the event that we don't receive a response.

Due to Amazon pre-order limitations, we can only award up to three copies per geographic region; Amazon US, UK etc. Winners in Canada and some other countries may also be required to answer a basic skill-testing question to receive their prize, in compliance with local laws. As a result of these factors, we will also need to know the country in which you are based, so make sure you've added this information to your account details to confirm your eligibility.

Full terms and conditions for this contest, along with an FAQ, can be found here.

Good luck, Trainers!


If there is a way to use Emboar in the game. I'm going to use Quaxly. If I can't use Emboar in the games, I'll use Fuecoco. I just want to use Emboar cause he hasn't been on the switch before and I love him. and Why I'm gonna ue Quaxly is because, he is: funny, cute, better than Sprigatito in any way, and because I'm a fan of water type starters. (and I'm hoping it's not gonna be as ugly as pelipper is) and Why am I using Fuecoco. He is my fac of the three. I love his design. He is cute, Derpy, funny, cool. :D
(I'm also not gonna pick Sprigatito cause the cat's boring compared to the others)
"I'm planning on using Quaxly in my first Scarlet playthrough because I haven't used a Water-type starter since Gen IV!
Thank you everyone who has entered this contest. We hope to inform all winners tomorrow, via Bulbagarden Forums Private Message. In the event that we don't hear back from people within the first week, we may send a follow up message using any email or social media details attached to your Bulbagarden Forums account. If we still haven't heard back from you after two weeks, then your prize will be redrawn and awarded to another entrant.
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