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Wollminster's Winter Market: Christmas 2017

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Fizzy Bubbles ZA
Sep 18, 2005
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Amph gazed at her reflection for quite a while, the look of her new hairpin more than appealing to her. The vendor noticed her marvelling in the mirror and proposed she might make some bows of her own with the leftover fabric he had. They were ragged and useless to him, so Amph would be doing him a favour. The man, not being able to understand Pokémon, shoved the pieces of dirty cloth in the Ampharos' hand. When Amph and Belle left to find Tyrant, they came to the realisation that the merchant had no clue what he was giving away and discovered that the pieces of fabric were in fact 2 rare Reaper Cloths.

The eating contest was more to the taste of the other two Pokémon; a Panphy and Slowpoke, who eagerly signed up in the hopes of winning (and avoiding payment). The judges set the plates near and were ready to start as the CD for contest music was loaded. Ready, set, go, the music scratched stiff at first and the audience clasped their hands to their ears to drown out the cacophony. The music was quickly halted and the CD removed but the eating contest was underway. Trunks and Pokey Jr. Emerged victoriously. Their reward?: not having to pay for the food. Satisfied with a belly full, they were about to leave when the judges passed by, explaining that the music they wanted to play got mixed up with some TMs. As a small congrats for winning the contest, they offer you the Christmas CD case containing the TMs. Not like it was of any use to them.

You obtained: 2 Reaper Cloths
and 3 TM Dig
Picking up my 2 Reaper Cloths and 3 TM Dig, thanks! Great work on the event Ex, and have a Merry Christmas!
Light and Dark
Jul 2, 2012
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Gemini Spark:
Amongst the confectionery stands of the snacking stalls, sweet music poured from the radios as your dragons gorged themselves on sweet caramel, chocolate (and not dead Emolga). Amidst the sweetness of all the candy, were some specialised cakes made just for this season. For some reason, your Pokémon’s interests are piqued and so they obtain some of that special cake, even though it may contain fruit. They took a bite and have instant regret. The cake was like ash in their mouth and as hard as steel. Even for Poison-types, the cake could induce vomiting. The cake was horrible and hard, and so they decide to not eat it up for now but perhaps keep it for a rainy day.

While your Blaziken and Zangoose are fighting amongst themselves and reminiscing of days BC (Before Capture), a few stockings are hung up by you and/or your Pokémon. The children all cheer and start singing in eager anticipation of the Delibirds’ arrival. Then, at once and all sudden, the door burst open and many red-coated penguin-like creatures fluttered in while tossing small candies in all directions. You and your Pokémon stand around to try and catch as much as you can, which ends up a surprising success. The Delibirds fluff of the stocking further with candies, gummis and quite a few berries before taking their leave, allowing the children, you and your Pokémon to enjoy their new candy cache they received for Christmas.

You obtained: 2 Hardened Fruitcakes, 11 Rare Candies
and 4 Yummi Gummis

Hardened Fruitcake:
A really disgusting and hard piece of cake. You can try feeding it to your Pokémon, but they might get so angry they’ll immediately throw it, after which they’ll learn the move Fling
2 Hardened Fruitcakes
11 Rare Candies
4 Yummi Gummis

Hope everyone had a good Christmas!
Dec 20, 2017
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You were surprised, to say the least, when you heard the ornaments were free to take and hang. You now mischievous Mawile appeared to be nothing more than one of any Pokémon who had joined in on the contest, adorned all over with baubles. Your Pokémon join in, excitedly, as they hung up festive baubles, tinsel and strings of popcorn and cranberries (if they didn’t chew on them that is). The ornaments are hung up on by one, taken from their box individually when you find to your surprise that a small set of them were just to heavy to be hung. Whenever you’d try they’d end up slipping and dropping, though luckily didn’t crash on the ground. The clerk explains when you ask; these were Pokéballs it seemed and not baubles. Heavy Balls, to be exact. “You might as well keep them,” he says with a laugh.

To make it up to Éclair, you scanned around the markets in the hopes of finding something pretty for her. There were many pretty gems to be bough, yet somehow none of these felt quite right for your Mawile. It was starting to get late and most of the stores were closing, before a gift-wrapping station provided you an answer. Éclair gladly wanted one of the ribbons as a fine accessory to which the clerks all but happily agreed. You offered to compensate them for it but they wanted nothing for such a trifle. Instead though, you find another vendor who was all but too glad to give away the last of his wares. He explains how he wasn’t a real merchant but just a regular man who happened to come across a curiosity he heard many tech-savvy geeks would want to buy. Yet here on Christmas eve he could find none who wanted it. He couldn’t so much as even give it away as so few people would apparently have a use for it. Even the man himself had no clue what it was, just that it was rare and worth a lot. And so, instead, he shoves them in your clutches, practically begging you to take the computer hard drives off his hands.

You obtained: 6 Heavy Balls
and 2 Dubious Discs
Claiming 6 Heavy Balls and 2 Dubious Discs! Thanks for a lovely event EAI c:
Sep 16, 2012
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After that wondrous display, how could I not, continue in rhyme as I explain what you got.
While your Snorlax feasted on food aplenty, the crowd awed as he ate enough for man-twenty.
The vendors worried there was none to be left, until your Snorlax finally decided to rest.
With a little help from his pall Zyll of course, the people gifted him with food of force.
”Give this to your trainer” as they sent him off, with two Hot Cross Buns – which is nothing to scoff.

Stahl came a knocking with Berg in his grip; the Alolan Sandshrew who gave you the slip.
He wanted nothing of you, his kidnapper of woe, the one who had taken him away from the snow.
But the Ice-type’s cold heart melted in sight, of your warm and kind words on this coldest of nights.
The Delibird approved as he witnessed the snuggle, and gave you some sweets that he managed to smuggle.
To both of you he laid them out bare; eight Rindo berries and eleven candies of rare.

You obtained: 2 Very Hot Cross Buns
, 8 Rindo berries
and 11 Rare Candies

Very Hot Cross Bun
Crossfire (Fire) (subject to future change)
A Fire-type Cross Chop. The user’s arms are engulfed in flames and upon striking the opponent deal the same damage as Cross Chop with a 20% burn chance. The user, if not a Fire-type, has a 20% chance to gain a burn as well from recoil.
I wish I had time to RP this reply after the effort you put into it EAI!

Thanks for this lovely little event, it was a lot of fun!

Picking up 11 Candies, 8 Rindo Berries and 2 Cross Buns. Teaching my Charizard CM Crossfire with 1 of them, storing the other.
New Member
Oct 25, 2015
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Schala: While most would try to decorate trees on these occasions, you and Airmid had your sights on an Abomasnow that hid between the rows of pines. Your Shroomish, so eager about decorating an Abomsnow, even goes so far as to force an evolution on herself so she’d grow taller. Garlands and silk threads are weaved over the Abomasnow’s body, who was more than a bit wary about his role in all of this but allowed you to proceed nonetheless. After that came baubles, gingerbread men and lights. And just in time, as the judges were passing the rows and came up to you. “Oh what a marvellous tree, such a-“ “OH!” one of them yelled when they noticed the tree’s two large eyes. “Sir, I think this is a Pokémon,” after which the tree stirred and gave an ‘Abomasnow’. “Oh dear, well these do love to hide amongst the forests. Pines are like catnip to them.” It would seem you were disqualified from the contest itself but the judges congratulate you still on a job well done and give you props on decorating a pine tree. They had a few spare prizes left and so they hand you a box of one of them so you won’t feel too dejected. “They’re not really Christmas-themed, so we’d rather not give these out as rewards,” was their explanation.

Eskil: You were looking for small presents to give to your friends. You found a collar for Beira and a scarf for yourself but were still in search of something for Nyx. You came upon a jewellery store that sold all manner of gems, jewels and stones but none seemed to fit quite right with Nyx. Th day was coming to a quick close though and a surprising number of items had been bought by your competing visitors. Somehow, your eyes had landed on a few silver-coloured gems which the vendor made an elaborate sales pitch for. A straggler passed by and warned you not to be fooled. They were more common than he let on. The vendor looked a bit surprised and choked for a moment, before offering a smooth rock as a complementary item, clearly hoping it would shush you.

You obtained: 4 Steel Gems
, 1 Smooth Rock
and a set of 6 Cyber Balls

Cyber Balls: Red
, Orange
, Yellow
, Green
, Aqua
, Blue
, Violet
, Magenta

You may pick the colour. All 6 balls in the set will have the same colour.
Claiming 4x Steel Gems, 1x Smooth Rock, and 6x Violet Cyber Balls, thanks EAI!
New Member
Nov 21, 2016
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Freighya searched among the Merchant’s Market for a special item to give to her better half. There was almost nothing to find that seemed to fit quite right but you assure the Espeon that she just had to pick something that reminded her of Nadie. She looks a bit further when a peculiar scent piques her interest, She scurries over to a merchant selling all manner of incense and finds a particular sweet aroma that reminded her of it. The vendor informs you and Freighya that that particular incense was what was known as a ‘Rose Incense’, popular in perfumes with a fresh, rosy smell that had a certain sting to it as well that some might find pleasurable. Seeing your Pokémon’s keen interest in it, he offers to sell it to you for a cheaper price than usual, one that was too good to ignore, and so you take it. Meanwhile, your Spoink comes across a few particular gems that strike it’s fancy. The vendor turns out to be a brother of the other man who sold you the Rose Incense, and so he offers them to you for a near similar low price that is too good to pass up.

Later on, at a warm tavern inn, your Skitty quickly befriends a Pokémon, whom is quickly thereafter enamoured by your Pokémon’s charms. The Delibird’s had come and left already and so it was too late to hang up a stocking in anticipation for them. If you wanted, you could still decorate one and hang it up though. The shy Pokémon blushed and offered your Skitty some of its own, hoping Rumpleteaser would accept the gift and so perhaps, if it was lucky, return its affection.

You obtained: 6 Dragon Gems
, 1 Rose Incense
, 9 Yummi Gummis
, 5 Rare Candies
picking up the goods thanks for the event
Tired teacher.
Jan 28, 2017
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There once was a limerick rhyme,
Of a Kangaskhan around Christmas time.
It frolicked around inns,
With no parent twins.
T’is the story of a sad Christmas crime.

A parent in town came to hear,
Of the orphan’s sad story sans cheer.
It made an offer the grouch,
To carry the child in her pouch.
And so a family was born in this year.

The Delibird the children did greet,
Who hoped he might provide something neat.
Candies and gummis,
Berries and yummis,
It made for a sweet, X-Mas treat.

You obtained: 2 Psychic Gems
, 2 Heat Rocks
, 11 Yummi Gummis
and 11 Figy Berries

Picking up: 02 Psychic Gems, 02 Heat Rocks, 11 Yummi Gummis, and 11 Figy Berries.

Of the 11 gummis:

Feeding 05 to Ahi the Eevee.
Feeding 05 to Kehili the Eevee.
Feeding 01 to Pahalo the Mandibuzz.
No need for the disco
Jun 17, 2008
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A shadow Pokémon’s dark heart was set alight bright, as she handed over her stocking without much of a fight.
To the young girl she could not ignore, who thanked her and looked up with adore.
Was something a rumbling, was something amiss? To the Pokémon no one would hug, no one would kiss?
Bah humbug, in all things it’s likely, as she pulled away and tried to restore her psyche.
When the Delibirds entered with a loud boisterous noise, the children they cheered, both the girls and the boys.
And towards all the Pokémon, yes even the Zangoose, they gave them some candy and berries for juice.
For even they could tell, with only the slightest of doubts, all hearts were one while under the roof of this house.

After Attila ran off with stones very pretty, she didn’t get far in this festive city.
Stopped why a Whim, a Pokémon of fair, to which she could only reply with the most dreadful of stare.
But a lesson well learned as she returned the baubles, with no need to beg and no need to grovel.
The rest all looked on with face of admiration, at the Larvitar who learned the importance of felicitation.
The vendor impressed by the change of heart, offered four gems before he left to depart.
They were but a trifle, and to add some more sense, he gave for free some odious incense.

And that is the epilogue of the story you know, so says that poet; the dark, jesting Murkrow.

You obtained: 4 Flying Gems
, 1 Wave Incense
, 10 Rare Candies
, 9 Salac Berries

Collecting these goodies with my thanks.
Fizzytopian Idol
Feb 13, 2012
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While decorating the three, you take extra special care to pick out the colours. Large quantities of different baubles were laid out before you. You picked out the red, the green and gold, and some blue and purple. Lastly, a single star and a shower of glitter were thrown on top to form the pièce de résistance. The judges arrived to look over you tree and seem to be firmly impressed by your strict adherence to the traditional colours. They want to point out the blue and purple baubles you decided to hang. Not because they went against the colour theme you initially went for, but because it turned out someone had mistaken Pokéballs for Christmas baubles and added hooks to them. They were yours to keep now the judges assured you with a smile.

After the contest was over, a place nice and warm would be a good place to visit next. Many taversn were sprawled out to visit and you head up inside one to enjoy a splendour of fine drinks. Most of your Pokémon enjoyed Tapu Cocoa which they offered you as well, but you preferred the fine taste of a more wintery cocktail. While some stalls in the snack places could offer such a fine drink, the baristas are sure of themselves they can compete well enough with them to provide you such a festive drink. You hung up your stockings and took your surroundings in, before the effects of your chosen poison took some hold on you. You were definitely going to sleep well tonight. The stocking you chose had the pattern of a Delibird, like the ones that were to visit later on, but on closer inspection you find it to suddenly start moving. You squint a little more and try to inspect it closer when suddenly it draws near. The Delibird’s face examines you up close and suddenly Double Teams’ before your very eyes. You hear the whole crowd rejoicing about something but you can’t quite tell what. Eventually you doze off for a while, just to take a small nap, and by the time you get up you find that actual Delibir’s had arrived and had provided you with some get-well sweets as well.

You obtained: 4 Space Balls
, 10 Yummi Gummis
, 4 Rare Candies

Luck was clearly on her side, Alice decided, given that the judges had approved of she and her Pokemon's hard work. Not only that but they had gotten some pretty looking freebies out of it, and Alice knew there'd be others who were interested in them even if they didn't fit her own aesthetic (Love Balls were so hard to find - she wondered if any other decorators might have come across them?). That wasn't to be the end of Alice's luck, though.

Said luck was prefaced by a bit of a fright, though, the kind that almost had her Pokemon rushing to her aid. When hanging up their stocking, it had not only blinked and wiggled but the Delibird-item had cloned itself over and over! Alice cried out and jumped back, her reaction making others leap out of their layers or laugh at her expense. If someone else hadn't inspected closer, she might not have realised that it was a bizarre execution of Double Team. Carrying her embarrassment as she always did, the blonde returned to her table with an exaggerated sigh of relief and hand over her heart deciding that she needed more to drink and might have lost several years off her life.

Sleep did eventually take her. Snuggling a Cubchoo would help do that despite all of the snot, which the bear kept wiping on its fur, already damp napkins or the table. Eventually one of her Pokemon woke her (as she normally asked them to if need be, as well as setting an alarm) and let her know that their magical stocking had gained some notice. Gummis and rare candies were a sweet haul indeed. Merry Christmas to them!
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New Member
Dec 31, 2012
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With aplomb you presented a stunning magic show with strong notes of contest appeals that did not go unnoticed. Despite some potential nervousness, a stray attack or a single trip, the entire act went smoothly until it reached its crescendo. The crowd erupted in applause while all of you bowed. The stagehand came to congratulate you, saying the success was no small surprise. She notes that she’s had a lot of luck lately in directing the plays on her stage and indicates the inside of your costumes. Inside the stitching of some of these, you find a precious four-leaved clover. The stagehand indicates that these were to give people good luck. While she didn’t believe in them herself, every little bit counts and so she sewed them inside the clothing. As a thank you for your performance you’re all allowed to keep the clothes you have on you, and you might as well take the clovers as well.

A little later, by the warm fire of the tavern, the two of you enjoyed your Tapu Cocoa. With the help of your Pokémon friends you knitted your names into stockings and hung them up. By the time the Delibirds arrived, each of the stocking were filled to the brim with candies and sweets. Though Robin had almost no clue as she had fallen into a deep lull by now. When she wakes up she’ll be pleasantly surprised to hear of the sweeties she has been given (and the fruit as well).

You obtained: 3 Four-leaf Clovers, 10 Yummi Gummis
and 10 Pomeg Berries

Four-leaf Clover: (subject to future change, effects are under scrutiny of updater's discretion)
Increases the holder’s luck. The holder’s accuracy and evasion are boosted by 1 stage.
Picking up all of my presents. Thank you EAI :)
New Member
Dec 12, 2017
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“Oi, you!” an angry voice shouted. “You just took my scarf and thought you could run away with it? Didn’t think I’d chase, did ya.” The man was practically seething with rage while he indicated the red scarf with bells wrapped around your Vulpix. Saddled across his back was a huge sack that nearly spilled its contents, most likely his wares which he hastily threw in his sack before he made chase. “You’d better pay up missy, and no returning. It’s filthy now that your Pokémon is wearing it.”

“Oi!” another voice shouted. The man you had given the money to quickly hurried towards you. “Pardon me mam, but you gave me this,” he shows the money. He turns to your assailant, “I believe she meant to give this to you,” he says as he hand it over. “Ahh, finally. Wait…this is too much! I don’t have change for this on me. I had to run after you. You’d better be able to pay exactly for it or else-“ “Now now,” your rescuer protested. “What kind of attitude is that, especially during this time of year? The young lass was clearly happy to pay you more than your fair share. You should be happy. If you really can’t pay her back, why don’t you give her something else instead.” The merchant only grumbled. “Fine, I have some leftover perfume and incense I can’t get rid of. She can have that.” He handed you some incense and then quickly left, back to the Merchant’s Market. “Sorry about that,” the other man says. “The guy can be a real scrooge during the winter. Please don’t let this mar your visit. I know, I’ll by you something nice from these here stalls, and I know just the place. Your Alolan Vulpix is sure to love it.” He leads you to a stall that served Big Malasada’s and bought three. He seemed to be talking to the cook for quite a while before he returned to explain why. “I just told that nice lady what happened. She’s a friend of mine and real sympathetic. She told me to give you this.” He hands you some plastic discs. “She said she found it amongst her Christmas CD collection, but she has no use for it. Well, I’m off. Enjoy the Malasada.”

You obtained: 3 Lax Incense
and 3 TM Bullet Seed
Claiming my 3 Lax Incense and 3 TM Bullet Seed!
Jan 16, 2013
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Your song finishes and you and Geddy bow, hoping for an applause. There’s a long silence for a while and you hear someone coughing as the crowd looks a bit confused. One man starts slowly clapping, a pity applause, before a few more join in and afterwards the entire audience cheered with great joy. There were a few whistles and you could relax as some threw flowers of admiration, though others could only throw seed, one of which you managed to catch. After descending the stage you were met by a rather punkish-clad gentleman. “Yeah man, rock on!” “Please sir,” the stagehand interrupted him, “keep it down, we-“ “Why didn’t you come to my stage?! We could have set up a sick sound system, and a fireworks display. Yeah man, fireworks and fire!” “That’s dangerous,” the woman said. “Never mind that. Boy, your performance was heavy, heavy like a, like a, well an Iron Ball. Have at it man!” He hands you two very heavy items which he apparently seemed to have on him without hindering even a slight. “Next time, you make sure you come see me, yeah?”

Later that day, you and your party quickly scanned the food stalls for an sign of funnel cake. One cook stops you to ask you what you were looking for. When you answer funnel cake he protests. “No man, why go for funnel cake. At this time of year you should be eating fruitcake. They’re my specialty and they’re really good. Here, try some,” he insists you and your Pokémon try his fruitcake and hands you three platters. You take a tentative bite out of one of the served pieces and…and…it was terrible! Fruitcakes were notoriously an acquired taste but this one really took the cake. It was hard, stale even, and for some reason salty. It almost made you want to gag. The vendor beams at you with delight. “And? What do you think?”

You obtained: 1 Miracle Seed
, 2 Iron Ball
, 3 Hardened Fruitcake.

Hardened Fruitcake:
A really disgusting and hard piece of cake. You can try feeding it to your Pokémon, but they might get so angry they’ll immediately throw it, after which they’ll learn the move Fling
Claiming my goodies. Thanks!
Resident Spellslinger
Aug 27, 2015
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Myles II:
While you sat back to enjoy your warm Tapu Cocoa, hours passed before the door burst open and a small flock of Delibird entered. The children immediately erupted in cheer upon seeing their arrival. The first few Delibirds went up near to the children, responding to their jovial cheers while handing small portions of sweet candies to them. Other Delibirds flew towards some of the parents who were keeping them watch and gave them a few snacks or treats themselves. The majority of the flying Pokémon though went to each stocking one by one and poured some of the contents from their big Santa sack into them. Despite hanging you own stocking way up high, the Delibird’s had no problem reaching it, though you couldn’t tell what they were giving you. One Delibird flew up to you and your Pokémon and gave each of you a single gummi as a small start.

Eventually though, after having emptied their candy reserves, the Delibird’s gave a warm goodbye, wishing everyone a happy holiday, and left. Everyone flooded to their stockings to see what they got, and you and your Pokémon would have to do the same if you were going to see what you got. Hanging it up high was one thing, but taking it down was another. Looking into your Chatot-patterned stocking, you find a few more gummies for you and your friends. After returning to your pine tree, you find the judges had already passed, and had placed a small parcel under the three with a note that congratulated you on a job well done. You gift was a set of Pokéballs, specially designed with an intricate detail.

You obtained: 15 Yummi Gummis
and 4 Bug Balls

Finally officially claiming these. Thanks!
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