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TEEN: World Poetry Day 2019 Community Collab

Collab Intro and Rules

Snuggle Tier List

What I tell you three times is true.
Feb 15, 2019
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World Poetry Day 2019 Community Collab


Welcome to the World Poetry Day 2019 Community Collab! This is a no-invitation-needed collection of poems written by various members of the community, all for the sake of reading, writing, and learning about poetry. Anyone may post a poem, so long as they meet the following criteria:
  1. Maximum Teen rating. Slammin' it raw is okay, but let's keep the atmosphere from getting too grim. It's a celebration, yo!
  2. One poem per participant. We're posting to show solidarity, to bring the community together. Not to hog the spotlight. If you happen to have multiple poems, then now might be a good time to start your own collection.
  3. Side chatter is allowed (comments, reviews, etc.), but do not put chatter in your submission's post. This is to prevent banter from being added to the thread's wordcount, and to keep Bulbaforum's reader mode clean and consistent.
  4. Your poem needs a name, and the name needs to be clearly displayed somewhere in your submission post. I'll use it to threadmark your poem so we have a proper index.
  5. Your poem needs a declared content warning, even if it's Everyone, and that content warning should be in your submission post. This'll let me know how to threadmark your poem.
  6. Your poem cannot be be placed in code blocks or spoiler tags. This is due to the threadmark word count skipping over certain formatting; format your poem with code or spoilers, and the word count gets skewed.

These rules are not mod endorsed, as this is not a mod endorsed event. However, if your submission doesn't meet these requirements, they will not be added to the index.

And that's it! There's no quality standards, length requirement, or anything of that sort. Just post a poem that meets these rules and I'll add you to the collection's index. Short descriptions are encouraged but not required. See my submission post for an example.

World Poetry Day is recognized internationally on March 21st, but to be fair with those with tight schedules, submissions are allowed until midnight March 23rd Eastern Standard Time. I encourage you to post on World Poetry Day itself, but no biggie if you can't make the actual day. However, any poems posted after the deadline will not be indexed. If you got a poem, share it now!

Oh, and in case you're wondering what this "index" thing is: see the little bar at the top of this post? The one labeled "Threadmarks"? On the right side of the bar, there should a hyperlink titled Index. Click that, and you'll be taken to all poems currently submitted. I'll make occasional rounds to add new submissions to the index; expect a small delay between submission and indexing. Feel free to make edits is you think your post doesn't meet the rules, but please avoid editing your post after you've entered the index.

TEEN: I Like Kittens by @Snuggle Tier List
I Like Kittens

TEEN Content Warning: Mention of violent death, kidnapping, and grand theft.

This is a poem about kittens. Adorable, cuddly, fluffy kittens. But also how adorable kittens make me happy and brave and cynically optimistic, because no matter what happens, there will always be kittens.


1: Oooooooooooooooooh

2: I-like-to-snuggle kittens, they're cuddly and fluffy
3: And you can't, take-that-away, from, me
4: You, could, shoot-me-in-the-head, put-a-bullet-in-my-brain
5: But, kittens, keep, being, fluf, fy
6: You, could, break-into-my-house; tie-me-in-a-room and, steal, all, my, cook, ies
7: But, you, can't, stop, kit-tens, from, snuggling-and-lovin'
8: 'Cause, kit-tens, are, so, fluf, fy! Yip, pie!

Today I earned a gold star!


Image credit: Know Your Meme

With the due date of March 23rd passed, this "collab" remains at one entry. I'm not entirely sure how to handle this, as while I'm tempted to erase any shread of evidence this "collab" ever existed, I also believe the very lack of collaboration is in itself noteworthy. I'm considering a postmortem to be added to this thread, so that others may learn from my mistakes. Unfortunately, the sheer volume of radio silence I've received means I don't have any tempering outside input, which would seriously bias any postmortem. I'm expecting my mind to bounce around more as I process, so I'll take some time before putting words to paper. If I do at all. Again, mind bouncing around.

Regardless, I feel confident enough to say this thread should be preserved in some form, if only for historical reasons. I've archived this thread via the Wayback Machine (link). I do consider this collab at least in part a personal failure fit for display, one that came at not-insignificant time investment. Next steps are being carefully weighed, though I'll likely need some days' distance to fully clear my mind.

I'm not sure who to thank, as I'm not sure anyone else is reading. But if you're someone who took time out of their day to read my silly little poem about kittens; thank you. Your support, while small, is appreciated.
The One by @Darkmaster006
The One
Everything comes back to the one.
The one is all, all is the one.
There are many falls, yet all lead to the one.
There would be no two, if it weren't for the one.
Everything flows: it's the one.
Now would you believe someone
if they told you they won
their lover's heart with 'the one'?
Bunch of liars they would be.
Everything is x times line one.
Intricate rivers all start and end with the one.
Many names bears the one,
or none.
Everyone who stands against the one,
punished shall be,
The enlightened are one with the one,
and yet they receive no thing,
since the one does not give nor does it take,
it just is.

It's 2 am. Your thread was lonely and I saw it just now. I felt the need to comment. The need to make a very stupid poem about the one. If you guessed what's 'the one', that's nice, but as the poem says, there's no prize. It's just the one. I think? Do I get my 'you tried (after the deadline)'? I hope so. Correction, it was 3 am. Now it's goodnight.
@Darkmaster006 I'll take it! Thank you! Really. It came at a time where I needed some positivity in my life. So I'm breaking my own rules and giving you a threadmark anyways.

Also, just in case someone happens across this thread in the future; I believe my collab didn't get off ground because:

1. There wasn't enough time notice,
2. The community is too small to support a public collab,
3. The community feels uncomfortable writing poetry, and;
4. The rules were too much for "drive-by posting".

That's just my working hypothesis, though. I'm a new-ish member to the community, I'm still feeling things around, I expect my opinion to change as I get used to the Writer's Workshop.

Also, sorry to any moderator trying to classify this thread. This discussion might need to be locked. I don't even know
Hey, man. I'm sorry. I said I'd submit a poem for this, and I didn't! See, when the thread hit, I was swamped at my old startup job, which thankfully I no longer have, and there was no chance for me to contribute. I've had this tab open in a window ever since, figuring out how to deal with it, because I didn't fancy dismissing the issue. So I guess this message is an explanation, an apology, a commitment to contribute properly next time, and an encouragement to try again in the future.

Some recommendations:
  • Take submissions well in advance, however you'd prefer. I'd ask people to submit poems by PM ahead of time to verify their existence. :p
  • Make your rules and such extremely readable/accessible, run them by someone first for feedback.
  • Perhaps some parameters for poetry? Suggested themes? I mean, writing poetry to a brief is probably easier for non-habitual poets than an open request.
Better luck next time, mate.
Thank you, @unrepentantAuthor. I got the feeling you were getting surprise-swamped from some of your posts in general chat; it's completely understandable. Fan fiction don't pay the bills :(

I've been testing the waters with smaller-scale community projects in the meantime, hoping to get some experience (you may be familiar with one, aimed at improving my reviews via headers). I'm taking your recommendations to heart; while this collab was disappointing at first, I'm taking it in stride. It was a needed wake-up call for me, one that I learned a lot of lessons from.

If you don't mind, I'd like this thread to be either locked or moved to the Workshop Archive, as it's taking up a spot on the Writer's Workshop front page and there's some lingering shame on my part. As the person running this thing, I do recognize my own failures; I wasn't familiar enough with the community, I made some bad assumptions, didn't give enough notice or advice, and I expected too much of other people's time in general. But I got a whole year to build up my organizational skills; this too has passed, and I'm ready to move on. Thank you for your kind words; they've helped the "grieving" process.
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