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worst possible situation


i still love ditto, but i like this guy too
Dec 13, 2021
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  1. He/Him
how this works is someone says something someone does, then someone says what happens because of that, and the outcome is extremely bad to the point of being unrealistic. then the next person says how the character responds, and so on. if the character dies, we will start again with a new character in the same world, but we will describe more about them, so we can see how the world has been changed for the worse. if it seems that the world is destroyed too, then the person that creates the character will explain how they have survived as well.

I'm going to start this game by saying that a teenage boy ate a peanut butter sandwich.
the sandwich was poisoned
he calls poison control, or whatever that place my mom called when my brother and sister ate glitter forever ago was called.
places mouse traps every where to catch it
Richard Watterson gets the cheese in the mouse traps and says “in your face, science!” and is hit by the mouse traps
starts playing his Nintendo switch and hopes that the poison will just go away.
goes in another room and gets on her phone, trying to avoid what’s going on
don't mind me bumping this thread
tries to stop the goddamn rat by getting animal control
Animal control is actually comprised of a bunch of rats in trench coats
And the rabies is a rare form of rabies that doesn’t have any way of preventing you from contracting it
And the boy is already poisoned, so dies from the combination of rabies and poison.

Ok, time to make a new character and include detail about how the whole world has been changed for the worse
The world literally is falling apart. Like, about to shatter. Duct tape was discontinued, so there is no way to fix this.
The world falls apart and becomes 28 different planets
You and your house ended up on different planets (you were at work)
Oops, looks like that planet exploded, now you and your cat are homeless
You ended up on the planet with the least stuff and all of the homeless shelters are on other planets
so you build a rocket and try to go to these homeless shelters, yeah? big problem is, the only materials you have to work with are empty paper towel rolls and flex tape.
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