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Would it really be so bad if Ash had these Pokemon?

Mar 26, 2011
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Simply put, would Ash having these pokemon really present that big of an issue to the show?

1. An Eevee

May had one and evolved it into a Glaceon, Gary had one and evolved it into an Umbreon, and who knows what Ritchie evolved his into. If Ash had an Eevee of his own, what he evolve it into?

2. A fully evolved Dragon-type

So far Ash has had a Gible, Goodra and Noibat (if that counts), but Gible was hardly used to ever come close to evolving, Goodra was set free and who knows if Noibat will stay after evolving into Noivern, if it even evolves at all. Would it really be so bad if Ash had a Dragonite, a Salamence or a Garchomp? You know it would just kill Iris (figuratively speaking)

3. A Mega evolved Pokemon

I bring this one up because he already has four pokemon capable of Mega Evolution (Charizard, Heracross, Sceptile and Glalie), he clearly has a strong bond with all four, so why not have one who can mega evolve?
Pikachu's Global Adventure
Feb 26, 2014
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1. Well in the original anime, Eevee didn't became part of the main cast (and rivals) till Gary Oak. And that was to mimic Pokémon Yellow. Before, Eevee was just a Pokémon of the Day, with Mikey and his brothers representing all the Eevee specimens so far. As to why Ash doesn't have one, I think it's due to the fact that by the time new Eeveelution came (Gen IV), the producers and writers think it would be better for protagonists of those region to represent Eevee and really, counting XY, only two protagonists have them, May and Serena. And May's Eevee evolved off screen, after May left the main group. But if Ash were to have an Eevee and Eeveelution, it's obviously Espeon. Why? His game counterpart Red in Gen II has Espeon, and his rival has Umbreon, a perfect foil against Espeon.

2. The thing about those Dragon-types (except Noibat) is that they are ridiculously powerful for their kind, hence why they are known as pseudo-legendaries. Because of that, they serve perfect obstacles for Ash to overcome and that's why you rarely see Ash with a Dragon-type Pseudo-legendary. I point to Ash's Krookodile vs Iris's Dragonite, with Ash winning.

3. As for Mega-Evolution, if it follows the game, he could only have one Mega at a time. And it has to be a very close Pokémon companion in order for it to work, according to the anime. And a great deal of Mega-Evolutions came from previous gens. Ash is focused on current-gen Kalos Pokémon to build his new team. He won't have time to whip out an old companion till it's quite clear that the Kalos team is strong enough not to be overshadowed by the old veteran. Also, Mega Evolution is quite over-powered relatively for him. They serve best near the end of his quest.