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Would you be evil in the Pokemon world?

Would you be evil?

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New Member
I would. I'd be kind of like Team Plasma, but I would only steal Pokemon from abusive/cruel trainers so I could help them and make them my friends.

And I'd take their house key.
And their electronics.
And their money.

I swear, only the cruel people though!
The Darkest Magikarp
I selected yes and no because it's kind of a gray area for me. I would join Team Aqua and try to reform them into something more logical. I think something on the scale of the plot to cool down the volcano and fill it with water to become a water pokemon habitat is the kind of project they need to focus on. (Why did we oppose that anyway? I don't see the problem with a dormant volcano and it's not like anything else was living there anyway...)

A good follow-up project to the volcano would be to free the Corsola of Pacifidlog Town from the chains that bind them to the stupid town they keep anchored. That's totally a terrible thing to do, and if the only way you can have your fishing colony in the middle of the ocean is to chain yourself to coral pokemon, then you don't need a fishing colony there. There are plenty of islands to move to anyway.

Another major issue for Team Aqua to tackle is the water pollution caused by coastal cities such as Slateport and Lilycove, which is presumably harming pokemon such as Staryu that live in the shallow coastal waters. I'm not sure how to deal with this but it's not like there wouldn't be others in Team Aqua to help me think of ideas!

Team Aqua is actually a good group if you get them away from their idiocy surrounding flooding the world with Drizzle, which literally cannot work because we know that water pokemon do not create more water out of nothing (or else the world would have flooded long ago, think about it).

And finally, I'm sure they would have an ongoing mission in preventing the destruction of wetlands for human expansion and opposing Team Magma, whose goal appears to be to expand the amount of land for human development.

tl;dr PIRATES :D
New Member
I so totally would. I would get the legendary Pokemon, my main one being Mewtwo since he's pretty evil too, and just steal, kill, oh and force every Pokemon I don't like into extinction. (I'm looking at you, Jynx.) If there's a morality system in a video game, I'm always on the evil side.
Nah. Being evil is a game like Pokémon would just be weird. I've never really been interested in being the villian, because it doesn't feel as gratifying. When playing as the villian, I take nothing away from the experience. Playing as the hero would suit me better.
Jacen the Robot Floatzel
No, I'd rather be the good guy, because I care for Pokemon and don't see them as soulless objects to be used for human exploitation, as I am against that portrayal of Pokemon.
dang dang diggity dang-a-dang
I couldn't be evil. I'd want to, and I'd probably love it, but with all these people with huge monsters that shoot rays out of their faces, I'd be too afraid.
Plus, being a regular Trainer would be cool. No, AWESOME.
On hold, not abandoned
I might come across as evil towards trainers (and not Pokémon). Or at best overly selfish and ambitious

But there's no way I'd join OR lead a team of same-faced chumps.

So I'll half-check yes.
Move along, move along
Espeon, Roserade, and Lucario all require high happiness levels in order to evolve. Those three Pokémon alone give me enough reason not to be evil.

But those Team Magma uniforms are sooo tempting... ;__;
Dreaming something bad.
Depends on what you define as "evil".

I'd say that I wouldn't be but I wouldn't fit the regular blank slate of "good" as well.
Alola :v /
I don't think so, I seek for power but to be the strongest, want to be on the top.. not destroying everything, stealing or trying to rule the world. The idea of being evil and abusing people and pokémon for my selfish desires doesn't interst me at all.