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Would You Rather...

I’ll take the duck. I don’t really like it when bugs crawl on me, and I know I’d probably freak out if bugs came at me purposefully intending to do me harm. By contrast I generally really like birds, so I don’t think I’d be as bothered by the angry duck.

Would you rather spend a day in the Distortion World or in an Ultra Space dimension?
I choose the Ultra Space dimension. After all, that does include the Ultra Megalopolis, which would surely be safe after Necrozma was defeated.

Would you rather attend psychotherapy as a mitten crab or a red admiral butterfly? (Assume the psychotherapy is free.)

EDIT: Assume you are not able to talk in either animal form.
I'd rather be too cold. I can trick myself into feeling warm with hot food or capsaicin patches, even if it's a permanent effect that no amount of warm clothing can fix.

Would you rather have a 5-foot tall non-talking noodle with googly eyes and dubious sentience or a German-speaking philosophy professor (who is a large herring) as your lifetime roommate?

EDIT: In case you're wondering, yes, oddly specific and wacky prompts are normal for me.
The philosophy prof who is a large herring... I could finally improve my German that way :yay: Also, the first thing you described creeps me out for some reason lol.

Would you rather have some good friends irl who you are not super close with or really close online friends who you could never meet with in real life?
50 immortal kittens. Having 50 of any pet (except ants) would be quite strenuous, but at least with 50 kittens, it's possible to at least partly automate their waste cleanup and playtime needs (assuming they don't simply play amongst themselves). Additionally...I just prefer cats.

Would you rather be a porcupine or a turtle?
(Yes, this is a reference to the porcupine problem and its proposed solution, but interpret this literally)
I’ll go with porcupine. If I were a turtle, I feel like I’d be a bit worried about being stepped on. I think porcupines also move at a decent speed so that would be nice.

Would you rather have all noise be extremely loud and overwhelming to you or have everything you touch with you hands be painful
I'd prefer that everything I touch with my hands be painful. It's easier for me to go contactless with things like speech-to-text or wearing gloves (if this is a workaround) than it is to control the noise around me. Admittedly, moving to a remote rural area where it's always quiet is also a solution, but urban amenities like a good library is simply too appealing.

Would you rather instantly turn someone you dislike into a waffle or a large pretzel?
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All alone and always happy, that’s my introverted ass by default =D

Would you get isekaied into Guild Wars 2 for the rest of your life or isekaied into FFXIV for the rest of your life?
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