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"Wow, I was an IDIOT!" moments

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So basically, this thread is retelling those times from when you were playing a Pokemon game and you did something that made you look like an idiot when it came to Pokemon. A few examples are like killing a wild Shiny Pokemon on purpose, resetting your game because you thought Pokerus was a bad thing, basically anything that made people think you were a noob.

One time I tried to breed Lilligant and Samurott together, and I waited two days for an egg until I found out that I couldn't breed them.
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Using quick attack on a Jellicent not too long ago.

I knew it was a ghost type and I use quick attack on everything with low HP. I facepalmed irl after I clicked it.
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Oh boy, when I played as a kid, there were a whole lot of 'em.

- I couldn't figure out how to get inside the Sootopolis Gym
- Misclicks
- Not knowing how breeding works
- Wondering why I couldn't hit certain Pokemon with certain moves
- Basically not knowing any of the game mechanics.
- Only training my starter
- Only using my starter and legendary
- Not knowing where to go next in the story line
- Didn't have a certain HM, so I was stuck somewhere
- I would constantly spam moves that couldn't hit until they 'hit'

That's all I can think of.
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Perfect thread for me. xD.
Here's some I can remember...
-Thinking I could go to Johto in Firered/Leafgreen but I can't. (This is what happens when you play HG/SS first. xD.)
-Thinking I could get Dialga in Pearl when I couldn't. (This is also what happens when you play Platinum first. xD.)
-Getting stuck in Pastoria City's gym.
-Shutting my DS off when my Crobat Screch got Pokerus. (Thought it was bad. DX.)
...That's it, I think. o3o. I'm sure there's more but I can't remember them..
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Trying to breed an Elekid with a Medicham to get an Elekid with Ice Punch, took me three hours to remember that Elekid can´t breed with anyone because he's a baby pokemon...
Before I discovered EV training, I pumped my Pokemon full of steroids Vitamins in order to get them attached to me. Yeah, not a smart move on my part. >.<
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I ran into a shiny Zubat in Silver. Scared the hell out of me, because all my 6 year old mind registered was a black and white flashing screen and a green Zubat. So I ran away from it :c
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I was seventeen when I realized that Bug-type moves aren't very effective against Fighting-types.

As someone who plays semi-competitively, imagine how embarrassed I was.
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I thought Plusle evolved into Minun, and that Volbeat evolved into Illumise. I spent several hours a day trying to evolve them.

I got stuck in Skyla's gym in White. I thought I went the wrong way, but I just missed the obvious alternate entrance into one of the cannons. Wasted of 20 mins. of my life.
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Oh, just remembered something.

- I used my rare candies to level up Rhydon until Lv100 wondering why he wouldn't evolve into a Rhyperior.
- I also did the same with Poliwrath, who I was trying to get to be a Politoed.
I used Fissure on Mewtwo in Yellow just for the lolz before I was gonna throw my Master Ball at it. Unfortunately it hit and I didn't think to just restart (I was young and foolish).

I also spent about an hour looking for a way to the top of the lighthouse in HeartGold until I found the hole in wall.
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Boy I was an idiot when I accedently fled from the most ledgendary pokemon and boy I was a fool by doing that.
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My most memorable naive moment is remembering that my team in Silver was Meganium/Pidgeot/Noctowl/Beedrill/Ledian/Graveler because those were the first six pokemon I found. I also kept Twineedle on Beedrill because I thought it was powerful for some reason. And Ledian definitely had Comet Punch + the 3 elemental punches. And Fire Blast Graveler, but that was less of a joke back then.

My most frustrating moment was in LeafGreen when I wanted to catch a Magmar. I walked around in the mansion on Cinnabar Island (THAT'S WHERE IT IS IN THE ORIGINAL GAMES) for about an hour before deciding to look up on the internet its location and I discovered it's actually in the Sevii Islands now. Grr...
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In Red Version when i was 6 years old.. When prof oak gives me the permission to pick up a starter pokemon, i tried to get out from his lab but i can't. I gived up after 30 minutes of play... i didnt know how to read nor how to speak english,
I traded off an Arceus last night to get myself a level 100 Dialga to trade for a shiny....then spotted another shiny that wanted an Arceus in trade. Man, I felt like a complete idiot.
I went through an entire play through up to the Victory Road gates on Leafgreen before realizing that I hadn't gotten the third badge. c: