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wrong answers to pokemon questions

All the food

What is the strongest pseudo legendary in terms of base stats?
because it's the only pokemon, the others died out due to a great famine

what does iono call her fans?
(laughs in Kalos)
Twinleaf Town

What are the three starters in RSE/ORASDE? (I’ll explain later)
Tree branch, fried chicken, and M.U.D.K.I.P.

What Pokémon characters wear sunglasses?
(Welcome to TFC, home of Torchic Fried Chicken- I respect Torchic)
Lucas, Dawn, Barry, Hilbert, Hilda, Cheren, Bianca
And speaking of Cheren, what happened to his glasses?
After hearing to N's speech, Cheren decided to liberate his glasses

Why can't we find previous generation pokémon in B/W until late game?
Because when some of them tried to come in, Trip appeared and told them not to because according to him, they were “from the boonies”.
After hearing to N's speech, Cheren decided to liberate his glasses
(omg why did this make me laugh)
Who is Kalos champion?
(That was wrong and right at the same time lmao)
What is Bonnie’s catchphrase
that's too much man!

how come there wasn't a pure flying type pokemon until gen 5?
Because Skyla existed

How many Eeveelutions are there?
14, charmeleon, vaporeon, jolteon, flareon, espeon, umbreon, kecleon, finneon, lumineon, leafeon, glaceon, empoleon, sylveon and inteleon

what war did lt. surge serve in?
The penguin war where the Eiscue and Beartic fought each other when the North Pole and South Pole were one.

Why do people like shiny hunting?
All the people who shiny hunt are secretly crow-people hidden among us, and use that time to please their instincts of harvesting shiny stuff

Why are pokémon eggs so rare in the wild?
because pokemon only produce eggs in the day care, and there are no day cares in the wild

how do the pokemon you leave in the day care get the eggs the day care couple find?

What Pokémon is based off a Dachshund?
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