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XY catches you'd like to see?

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Nov 16, 2008
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Well, I was wondering, XY just started and none of the main cast
(excluding Bonnie since she is too young to be a trainer and Clemont who as a Gym leader already has some Pokés)
made many captures. So who would you want to catch which Pokémon in the course of the XY series (restricted to 6 at this point and I consider the whole evolution as one catch).

So far Ash has: Pikachu (obvious reason), Froakie and Fletchling
What Ash should capture and use IMHO: Carbink (he needs a fairy type since they are new anyway), Honedge (it suits Ash I think, that's all) and Phantump (I simple like and Ash to have it)
Others that could suit him as well: Spritzee, Tyrunt, Littleo, Hawlucha and Bergmite

Serena has: Fennekin
And should get: Flabébé, Amaura, Swirlix, Scatterbug and Goomy
Others that might suit her as well: Klefki, Espurr and Furfrou

Clemont (for completion) has: Bunnelby, Dedenne, Chespin (and in Gym) Heliolisk, Magnemite and Magneton
Should get (if we exclude the Gym Pokémon and Dedenne which he caught for Bonnie): Elekit, Mareep, Shinx and Joltic (to have Elektric Pokès from all around the world).

Now, your ideas?

Have a nice day.
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