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Review XY008: Pokémon Trimmer and Trimmien!

The First XY Episode that STOINKS in other words it Stinks, this was an Episode I Knew was Going to be Bad and I Called it. I was Disappointed and we get our First BAD Filler IMO.

Very Boing I found nothing Good.

Bonnie Proposing again, it's Ok but I Think it is a Cheap Knockoff of Brock Flirting.

Redeeming Things, Officer Jenny having a Manectric Which are Ok Pokemon but Cool that Jenny has one. And THE WOBSTER RULES, Wobbuffet is SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO HILARIOUS IN THIS EPISODE AND Dresses Up as Napoleon, and Mona Lisa.

I Give this Episode a 5.3 I was Not Satisfied with this Episode just Boring I Thought.
Eh, it was okay. Nothing special. Next episode should be better with Clemont and Bonnie's dad (how many times have we seen a main character's dad?).

Wobbuffet was actually funny here.
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Well, this episode was okay. I like Furfrou, so seeing it and the different trims was nice. Though I am a bit disappointed that my favorite trim, dandy, wasn't shown. Bonnie's proposal was, once again, hilarious.


Okay, I went back and re-watched this episode and I'm changing my previous answer. Though while I did find the first half of the episode rather boring, I really liked the second half.

The battle against Team Rocket was great. Ash's tactics for the battle were amazing. The way he stopped Clemont and was confident that he could win even in the state that Pikachu was in. Pikachu literally beat them with his eyes closed.

Also, my man Clemont. He ran in between lines of a Thunderbolt. That was cool. Bunnelby was great too.

I also liked how Bonnie was actually going to try to battle Team Rocket; too bad Dedenne was asleep :(

So, for my new score, I'm giving this episode an 8/10.
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Don't know where the disappointment is coming from, for a filler, this was pretty damn good.

It appears that we have to see the raw for some time.

About the episode, typical filler episode. I hope that grooming pokemon is not what Serena will do in the anime because I find it boring (but better than Rhyhorn Races).
Way above average for a filler IMO. I liked the intro scenes before the song, that's something this series is doing great. Clemont bandaging Bonnie's knees was really great, details like that make the characters seem so much more real.

The city backgrounds are looking beautiful with all those cool European-looking buildings. BW's cities looked pretty gross IMO, this is a huge improvement.

I've always been a fan of Wobba and he was great in this episode, love that cosplay scene.

The combat was WAY better than I ever would have expected from a filler, this was what impressed me the most about the episode. I figured it'd be the usual quick, straightforward filler battle, but we got actual tactics here. My only complaint is when Ash stopped Clemont, one of the few things I don't like about Ash is his tendency to glory hog. I guess he just wanted to show off his bond with Pikachu by having him fight even while blinded, but it wasn't an official match and Pikachu was outnumbered anyway. I'm glad Clemont still did get to send out Bunnelby.

I don't know if it's a deliberate Star Fox reference, but I love how Bunnelby does a barrel roll when he uses Dig.

This episode wasn't as strong as the previous ones, but I wasn't expecting it to be. By filler standards it was quite good.
So far, to me, it's the worst episode in Kalos. The only fun part was the battle, TR seem to battle good. My least favorite part (I even turned away) was the all the trims that Furfrou had. Wobbafett in all those customs was horrible for my taste (I don't like in real life when people dress up their pets [to me they look horrible - it's just my opinion] - so it's pretty much the same in Pokemon anime).

1 out of 10 from me - it will be one of those episodes I don't want to watch again
It's fair to say that that episode didn't live up the standards set by the earlier episodes, although it managed to save itself from being completely forgettable by maintaining it's character focus and giving us a good battle. As far as the actual plot with the stylist and Furfrou goes, though, it failed to grab me. Jessica had her epic epiphany and formed a relationship with her Pokemon, but they didn't give us many reasons to care. Granted, the fact that I wasn't at all interested in this feature of the games might be contributing a lot towards my apathy. Also, seeing Wobbufet dress up in various costumes would have been funnier had I not already seen that done in AG many years ago.

Let's move on to something more positive: the battle and character focus. Episodes like this in the past wouldn't have bothered with having any of the characters have any sort of development or introspection, but this one at least gave us a couple of minor moments with Clement being amazed at Ash's battling and Serena continuing to ponder her future. The battle with Team Rocket turned out to be an actual battle instead of the one-sided beat down it usually is, and a good one, too. They seem to be finding some consistency with the quality of the battles this season, adding elements of strategy as well as the usual Shonen stuff about trust, bonds and determination and whatnot. Ash using Wobuffet's Mirror Coat to his advantage was hardly groundbreaking stuff, but is preferable to him defeating Team Rocket with just a couple of moves from whichever Pokemon just happens to have the spotlight at that time. It'd be excellent if every battle with Team Rocket was like this, and if other characters got a chance to battle.

It wasn't a bad episode, in the end, but it wasn't one you'd remember or want to watch again. Next week's looks considerably more interesting and fun.
like a few have said this episode was great way above average filler. but they could have came up with another plot but all in all ill give it a 8/10. i think this gen is going to be kick ass compared to the others if even the filler is good
For a filler, it was a very good one. The battle tactics were thoughtfully planned, especially the scene with Ash using Wobbuffet's move to attack on Inkay. I did not expect much to happen, considering it was a filler episode. Oh and Wobbuffet as Mona Lisa xD
Also, Jenny with a Manectric. Yes please.
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Great episode. Especially Ash's tactics in battle - I'm glad that he has got a good strategy now to fight Mirror Coat, which up to now was seeming to be way overpowered. Now Pikachu just needs a way to deal with Inkay's ink (something other than thunderbolting himself in the face hopefully) and they'll be set against Team Rocket again.

The rest of the story with the Furfrou was fairly generic in terms of a COTD needing to bond with their Pokemon, but there's enough there in showing off a new Pokemon and the character interactions in the episode that it doesn't seem repetitive, well yet at least. The problem there being that there's only a small number of new Pokemon to work with, so while the Rhyhorn racing was a good way to make an older Pokemon more relevant - I don't know how much else there is to work with, so it'll be hard to keep it up, but they've done really well so far.

Bonnie is quite right, keep Jessica.
I was amazed to see how much thought Ash put into his tactics to overcome Pikachu's blindness from Inkay's ink (Pikachu's accuracy fell! Lol) by having Pikachu jump to dodge his own reflected Thunderbolt from Wobbuffet's Mirror Coat to instead hit Inkay. It's good to see Ash keeping up this level of battle competence that he displayed at the start of the series, and hopefully it will remain the whole way through the end.

And speaking of which, I also like that Jessie continues to actually takes better advantage of Wobbuffet's abilities this series, as well.

The rest of the episode - basically the main plot - was only so-so; just a standard "CotD learns to get to know her Pokémon better" plotline. But that's okay.

So, while this probably is the weakest episode of XY so far, that's not really saying much, is it? :p
Oh and Wobbuffet as Mona Lisa xD
my personal favorite was marie antoinette sonansu


although eureka seemed to like afro hair sonansu


can we just talk about how adorable it is that eureka thinks every pokemon is cute no exceptions even if they are a big blue blob punching bag wearing a rainbow-colored afro wig
What outrageous overuse of the F-word in this thread! (Yes, it's a filler. And? Since when have standard Rocket-Dan battles been so good that in fact they're better than more gym battles we've had the misfortune of watching?! I hate seeing that word being used as if it's a bad thing!)

And in other news, Sonansu continues to exceed expectations.
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