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Review XY010: Harimaron VS Mega Mega Nyarth!!

points where i usually laugh out loud in an episode:


points where i laughed out loud, in my real life, in this episode:
-the theme song cutting james off mid ramble
-bonnie and serena make fun of TR and do their motto. while bonnie does random ninja poses.
-limone scootling along on his scooter, ash bolts past and clemont pants and heaves and gasps as he tries to keep up. it was somehow even funnier with his uber muscular dad just sitting on his scooter watching him be such a sports failure.
-clemont: don't just rush in suddenly. we'll be captured. (ten seconds later) clemont: i changed my mind. RUSH IN SUDDENLY!!!!
-while TR did their motto, ash and clemont began to free everyone, ignoring them entirely.

points i really enjoyed even if i didn't laugh out loud were clemont finally fanboying over a TR mecha, and chespin sharing the macarons, and bonnie actually ordering dedenne to do an attack (but it was asleep). also the subtle humor of dedenne just smiling like a nut when they got caught, and pointlessly gnawing on the cables.

this anime is a miracle.
Reviews from reference. Mine, who is a "disaster" of grammar
The episode start with Ash wanting to go to Shojo City and Serena showing her macarons made by her.

Team Rocket are showing the MegaBlaziken scene from Episode 2 in a computer. They present MegaMegMegaMegaNyasu.

Eureka focused episode!? (Episode title)

They are now in Sycammore's lab.
A Harmaron is eating the macarons.

Harimaron feels from Citrona nd the rest of the gang.

Team Rocket are near the laboratory. They enter inside the laboratory. They catched Sycammore.
Serena and Eureka enter into the truck of Team Rocket. Harimaron is going after the truck.

Harimaron is smelling a group of macarons. A summary said that are madeby Serena.

Team Rocket encounter Eureka and Serena. They try to recite the motto. And now they trap t Serena and Eureka. Eureka tries to use Dedenne but it gets sleeping.

Limone and Ampharos appear in a motorcycle. Ash and Clemont are near Team Rocket place.

TR are earching from Mega Pokemon. harimaron interfers with Team Rocket.

Dare da?= Chespin. And a curiosity for later.
Team Rocket motto
Satoshi frees Serena and Eureka. MegaMegaNyasu is going to appear.

MegMegNyasu are out of the lab. Harimaro9n is going to be trapped. Clemont saves it. Harimaron gies a macaron to Clemont.

Pikachu uses Thunderbolt.

Harimaron found the key of MegaMega Nyarth. MegNyasu is using Pikachu as target.

MegNayasu is not working. By disconnect from Clemont and Harimaron. Now they connect without coables Chespin uses Pin Missile. They did not effect. They use Tackle. No effect.

They are timing tpogether. to attack the robot. No effect.

MegaBursyamo appears. MegaBursyamo uses Flamethrower. MegaNyasu is down. Pikachu uses Electro Ball and Harimaron uses Pin Missiel. A blast off.

MegaBlaziken alls off.

Apparently Chespin is already at Clemont. No direct scene of capture. No yet.
Important scene of MegaBlaziken saying something about Citron.

Eureka want Harimaron. Harimaron officially join Citron's team.

Playerking said:
The episode starts off with Ash and co. walking through Lumiose city and towards Professor Sycamore's lab.

Serena stops and tells the others that she has some Macaron's for them to eat. The others are happy.

Team Rocket are in an old building and James says something about Mega Mega Evolution and tugs off a sheet that is covering something.

Ash and co. are now at Sycamore's lab and Sycamore is standing in front of them.

He then offers for them to sit down a have some tea, which they do.

Sophie then notices a Chespin behind a flower pot, munching on some Macaron's.

Ash uses his Pokedex on it and then Bonnie and Clemont try saying high to it, but Chespin runs outside the building to the garden area.

Sycamore is in the garden playing or feeding the Pokemon in there.

Team Rocket notice that and decide to crash into the garden and capture Sycamore, which they do.

Serena and Bonnie notices and try to rescue Sycamore from the back of the truck, but the doors shut behind them and Team Rocket drive off.

Chespin is angry and goes to follow them and then then the others notice as well.

Ash sends out Fletchling to search for the truck.

Chespin notices a trail of Macaron's, which were left behind by Serena, which Ash and co. use to follow Team Rocket.

Chespin also eats the Macaron's that are apart of the trail, because of reasons.

Team Rocket stop in a forest clearing and then open the door to Serena and Bonnie who are standing in the van, but are quickly tied up.

Ash and Chespin run past Limone who is with his Ampharos on the scooter and they tell Limone of the situation.

Ash and Clemont find Team Rocket's hideout and Chespin spies on the Macaron basket from a crack in the wall.

Chespin tries to sneak in and eat some, but as he does that, he blows his cover.

Ash and Clemont then run into the building.

Dare Da? Chespin.

Team Rocket then do their motto and afterwards, they notice that whilst they did their motto, Ash and Clemont were trying to free Sycamore, Bonnie and Serena.

Jessie and Mewoth get angry.

James then activates their mecha, which they call Mega Mega Meowth which is controlled from the inside, by Meowth.

Ash and co. run away from the robot and Chespin trips over whilst running, but is saved just in time by Clemont.

Chespin who was carrying the Macaron basket gives one of the Macaron's to Clemont as a show of thanks.

Ash tells Pikahcu to use Thunderbolt on the Mecha, but it deflects the attack back.

Chespin then trips over a cable that is connected to the Mecha and get an idea.

Chespin and Clemont try to pull out the cables that give the Mecha its power, which saves Ash and Pikachu from the Mecha.

The Mecha still has power and Clemont tells Chepsin to use Pin Missile on the Mecha and the Tackle.

The Robot isn't affected by the attacks.

Pikachu and Chepsin team up with a Tackle and Quick Attack.

Mega Blaziken then attacks the Mecha and then Ash and co. turn around and notices Mega Blaziken and The Maked Blaziken.

The Mega Blaziken destroys the Mecha.

Pikahcu uses Electo Ball and Chespin uses Pin Missile to finish off Team Rocket, which sends them blasting off again.

Chespin looks hungry/tired and Clemont then decides to give some Macaron's to the Chespin.

Ash and co. are back at Sycamore's lab as the sun sets and says their goodbyes as Bonnie notices Chespin nearby, looking at them.

Sycamore then throws Clemont, Chespin's Pokeball, which Clemont catches.

Clemont then returns Chespin to the Pokeball, making Chespin his now.

Clemont poses afterwards and then they run away, excited.
Was Harimaron's gender revealed? There were apparently rumours that it was a female, but I have no idea where and how that originated.
Yet another great episode, XY is on a roll here.

Chespin is insanely cute, I was wavering slightly on Chespin being my favourite of the starters after how good Ash's Froakie is, but Chespin tops that here.

This is the best part of the episode for many reasons,

Nice to see Ash just ignoring Team Rocket and getting on with things, when TR and the group interact in this way, I have no issue at all with them being included, XY is even managing to get the balance right on TR, something no series prior managed imo. Wobbuffet's reactions throughout show what a difference he makes to things.

The earlier scene with Bonnie and Serena trying to do the motto was great as well, especially how Bonnie seemed to enjoy it so much, as if she was miming out Team Rocket's routine having seen it on a cartoon.

My only hope is that Chespin and all the other captures get a chance to develop a bond that doesn't rely on Pikachu being the centre of attention. Would have been nice to see all three starters out and working together or otherwise try and get the Pokemon to develop as a group as well as the trainers have. Screentime balance of Pokemon is about the only thing remaining for me to tick off XY as getting everything right.
I will give a Full Review later but I give this Episode a 10/10 VERY GOOD Episode and my ONLY complaints are Dednne, I know it was Chewing the Rope but IT FELL ASLEEP WHY NOT BATTLE U LAZY ELECTRIC HAMSTER BATTLE AND STOP BEING CUTE. And the other Issue I have was Team Rocket, they were REALLY WEAK As Villains today and I thought they would be Better.

Anyone raise there Hand in Agreement if U thought Chespin was SOOOOOOOOOOOO ADORABLE HERE and that Clemont was Great today.
Dear staff of the Pokemon anime,

Buddy cop movie starring Ash and Clemont. Make it happen.


so... is platane's laboratory getting destroyed again going to be a running gag because it's really gr8

I thought the choice of Pokemon for the eyecatch was quite funny since every fan's been saying that Chespin was the new Piplup/Oshawott since he first appeared...now to see if the Anime follows suit with that.
The choices were Piplup, Oshawott, and Chespin, Starter Pokemon with the same basic body shape and, for the first two (and perhaps Chespin), were sort of over-saturated in the show as being cute mascot Pokemon.
This effing scene.


That synchronized grin from Chespin is too much! XD
Hey look, Chespin is already better then Piplup and Mijumaru combined in just one episode.


1. He's not a chicken and actually wants to help and fight
2. He is food crazy but learns to share
3. He is pretty smart
4. He is actually cute without being all up in your face about it

So ya, started off pretty much not caring about Chespin but now I kind of like it, good job writers.
This is without a doubt the best episode of XY so far. Would only change 2 things.

Mega blaziken should not have been there. Chespin deserved the kill.

Chespin 4 Ash.
I have to Admit that Grin that both Clemont and Chespin make are Priceless to look at and I Laughed REALLY Hard when Bonnie was doing Kung Fu Style when Team Rocket was Mad at her and Serena for Stealing their Motto, SHE WAS TOO FUNNY THERE.
Lulz at how Harimaron got to do more and show more personality in 1 episode than Fokko has in 5. :B [/bias]

In all seriousness though, absolutely enjoyed this episode. Initially when the saga startered and realizing that Satoshi would only get Keromatsu I was a little disappointed, but after this episode I'm fine with it going to Citron - they sync so well. I loved how smart the little guy was in remembering the robot's power cord it had tripped over earlier.
Little things like Eureka's ninja poses when the TRio discovered her and Serena, Dedenne sleeping when it was needed to battle once again as well as Satoshi and Citron completely ignoring the motto and going to untie their friends added some nice humour to the episode as well.

10 episodes in and all ten have been awesome. Colour me impressed :)
This has been my best episode so far of BW (and I suspect it'll soon be on the list of all time favourites!) I don't think I've actually laughed out loud at a Pokemon episode probably since the giant Nendoll episode from AG!

Pretty much all I had to say was said in sunyshore's post at the beginning of the thread :p

the theme song cutting james off mid ramble
OH MY GOODNESS! Is that what that was?! I thought there was just an error in the version I saw! That is priceless!!!!!!!!!

I have to admit that this is the first episode since DP ended where I feel Musashi, Kojiro and Nyasu have been written with their old vigour. I suppose I shouldn't have underestimated Junki Takegami's ability to bring them back to life!

I also love the blatantness of the eyecatch putting Harimaron with frickin' Pocchama and Mijumaru. Thankfully Harimaron appears to have avoided any of traits that made the other two so unpalatable. Even the gluttony was (as someone else has said) balanced by sharing at the end of the episode.
So reading spoilers....

I guess "Blaziken Mask" has a better ring to it than "Ampharos Hair"?
Clemont is like a hybrid Brock/May thing combined with Tracy's social ineptitude. And I love it. Its gonna give us some amazing character development arcs, starting with this episode. I loved how Chespin was portrayed in this episode, and I'm glad its as good as I originally thought it was going to be at its reveal.
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