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REVIEW: XY014: The Mysterious Rain Shelter! Nyasper is Watching!!


Mar 16, 2008
Reaction score
This episode was quite underwhelming. Espurr was just a friendly cat floating around using psychic on stuff. Nothing creepy about that. The Litwick episode in B/W was 10 times better than this.


Call me Robert guys
Oct 26, 2010
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I guess it was nice to see Bonnie bonding with Espurr but other then that, this episode was kind of pointless.
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Oct 21, 2012
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The weakest episode of the XY series. It was boring and predictable before starting what will happen in this episode. I knew that the Espurr was not going to be a bad guy, and that Espurr may come from a trainer. Good that Bonnie is getting development and again demostrating that for Bonnie Pokemon = Cute.


Jun 18, 2009
Reaction score
I thought this one was pretty good, actually. The whole group entertained me - both Citron and Serena, especially, were hilarious, and I liked how brave Eureka acted throughout the whole thing. The relationship between Nyasper and that old woman was really cute, and it was sweet how Nyasper wanted to return the pendant to her. I'm pretty happy that Nyasper wound up being nice since everyone would've bitched about this episode being a rehash of the Hitomoshi episode.

Ampharos King

Mar 6, 2009
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I guess the writer/animators forgot that Inkay is part Dark-type, and as such can't be levitated away by Confusion/Psychic.


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Aug 19, 2011
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I like the episode for how it helped further Bonnie's character, so it wasn't all a waste, but it didn't do much for introducing Espurr specifically as opposed to a generic Psychic/Ghost Pokemon - this episode could have been done with dozens of different Pokemon and still be as it was.

The setup to the episode was better than the result - the way they did the episode title really added to things and built up a great theme to the episode, but everything just got resolved too easily and quickly.

Besides the slightly amusing motto - was there any need for Team Rocket here? Especially as the battle didn't amount to anything, Dedenne jumping up to have it's first battle to defend it's new friend in Espurr would have made it worthwhile.

They are being amazingly detailed in their car modelling, though shouldn't Pokemon wear seatbelts?


Well-Known Member
Aug 27, 2012
Reaction score
Perhaps it's me being too sensitive but I think I drop a tear with Espurr's flashbacks, I mean An Eternal Prison really made the scene (I pray for TPCi to leave that BMG in the dub). I like that Espurr stopped being creepy early in the episode because we saw enough of the groups getting scared by that point, and I believe it was pretty obvious since the beginning that this wasn't going a Litwick episode ripoff, where they were clearly antagonists.

The thing is... the outcome was horrible. Well, not the outcome per se, but its development was horribly abrupt. I feel sorry for Team Rocket as they always get the blame, but seriously, writers. Was it really necessary to have them attack Espurr? Of course they needed a forced blastoff as Team Rocket is never allowed to be present when the conflict gets solved, but it took up time for the introduction of this young lady.

Also—I don't understand Japanese that much so I'm going to assume that the old lady passed away-, the preview for this episode was already creepy because of not having background music. Then they go and make a special title card for this episode that no character reads (when was the last time a special title card is made for a regular episode?... uh, never, right?), but to make it over the top odd, it's the old lady the one who hosted the Pokémon Quiz this week... From beyond the grave?

So, in the end, they managed to do this episode both scary and touching. That was nice...
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Galar Adventurer

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Jul 17, 2013
Reaction score
I thought this was one of the better XY episodes.

Clemont, Ash and Serena being creeped out was hilarious, IMO.
Espurr's back story was somewhat touching, too.


New Member
Dec 2, 2013
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This was somewhat odd, with a lot of style and buildup for what was ultimately a rather empty story: none of the characters really showed development (Eureka was presumably the focus, but she didn't really do anything unusual); the only Pokemon were Pikachu and Espurr and Espurr didn't really get its species showcased, with a rather particular individual focus.

After the nice touch previously with Leech Seed not draining Chespin, it was disappointing to see the slipup with Inkay being affected by Espurr's Psychic. Even if Inkay just got dragged along by the rest of TR in the blast-off, it would be nice to see the mechanics respected.

The episode's ending, with the shot focused on Espurr rather than Ash & Co waving goodbye, was a little unusual. The custom title card (also unusual) was nice but it gave me the impression something interesting was going to happen.

If there is any deeper reason behind this episode (which there probably isn't) my guess might be that somebody involved in the series lost an elderly relative, and this is a homage of sorts.
Aug 14, 2008
Reaction score
I'm surprised people didn't enjoy this episode, it was one of my favourites so far in XY! I know, I know, Nyasper didn't get to show itself off as a ferocious fighting machine and therefore the episode suckz, but the little guy has probably the best CotD backstory for years! For the first time in forever I actually cared about the outcome and was secretly hoping the old lady had just gone on her hols :-( Has pokemon often dealt so frankly with death?

Besides which I found the first half really funny and for the first time I started to feel warm towards Serena. Even if the plot was predictable I enjoyed it for what it was. Citron giving Eureka a loving telling off was so sweet too!

I also thought it was a piece of art as any episode of pokemon goes! The animation was slick and highly atmospheric and I loved the music throughout. Shout out to the flute version of the original motto music which was fantastic, and tbh wasn't it a hilarious motto anyway?! So glad we didn't have to see the same old animation again. Let us pray that this is the beginning of the end of the motto animation recycling.

Besides the slightly amusing motto - was there any need for Team Rocket here?
Arguably tenuous :)-p) but Eureka did make quite a big thing about how she didn't understand what Nyasper was saying (and quite right too I suppose - you can't really have the kids understanding that sort of story from Nyasper's nya-ing and pointing at that picture) and Nyasu is the obvious solution to that problem.

ETA: Anyone know the writer/AD of this episode? (Some of the scenes stank of Tamagawa :p)


New Member
Oct 21, 2012
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@Gabo 2oo, never any episode of the anime had a title card like that. Never. In the long story of the show.For example showing the star of certain episode hasn't been done before but in the past there were title cards saying the number of badges that Ash has. But doing a special title card for a single episode is inedit in this show.


A deeper shade of blue
Aug 24, 2009
Reaction score
Anyone know the writer/AD of this episode? (Some of the scenes stank of Tamagawa :p)
I think the writer was Yukiyoshi Ohashi and the animation director was Atsushi Ogata.


Pokémon: Gen 8.0 You Can (Not) Catch 'em All
Dec 30, 2010
Reaction score
I only decided to watch because I wanted to see how cute the Nyasper was, and I was not disappointed with that. As for the story, I really loved Bonnie here - she's easily my favorite of this quartet. The ball-catching scene was really cute. Serena's reactions this episode were also pretty cool, even if she wasn't doing much beyond covering her mouth and bulging out her eyes.

I like them, but Team Rocket was a drag on the episode, I think. Aside from translating Nyasper's story (which could have been done with psychic powers or something), they were just an unfunny drag for me. I pretty much just skipped the battle because I was just sick of seeing them today.

The story was great, Nyasper was great, and the only complaint I have is how badly-drawn Nyasper was most of the time. Also, it smiled too much.


May 15, 2008
Reaction score
I'm actually surprised by the lukewarm reception to this episode too, I thought it was adorable! I kept on going 'awwwww' throughout, and I thought Nyasper had a really touching backstory. The flower and the pendant were really nice touches and I was devastated for Nyasper when it found out that the little old lady had died.

And I feel like I say this in every episode thread, but I really love Eureka. I really adore the childlike innocence she brings to the show without being bratty. She's just so refreshing. I thought it was really cute how she just gave no fucks about the situation and the playing catch with Nyasper scene made me bug out with cute. And Citron and Eureka's relationship is just so touching and it's handled so subtly. I even think the Rockets weren't out of place in this episode and added some personality and humor. Serena especially with giving such horrible hypotheses about the mansion and being like "GODDAMMIT WHY DID I SAY THAT" was very lulz considering her facial expressions and her over-the-top comments.


New Member
Jan 30, 2014
Reaction score

The episode was cute.

I have 2 Questions.
1. Is the old woman Eries grandmother?
2. Is the old women died or just sick?


Mar 11, 2008
Reaction score
I agree the episode was a bit predictable, but I wouldn't call it weak or underwhelming. Fun and cute seem like more accurate adjectives for the episode. I continue to really enjoy the group's interactions, especially how Serena kept spooking Satoshi and Citron even though she didn't mean to. I also really liked the scene where Eureka played catch with Nyasper - too cute. The old lady backstory was also really touching.

Definitely among the favourites of XY so far for me.

Firox Vee

*Mreowr* "what did I do?"
Dec 12, 2012
Reaction score
Since I first heard about the episode, I knew it was going to be an instant favorite of mine, and I was right, it's my most favorite Kalos episode to date.

Just watching that cute Espurr move around, smile, and play just made me "die of cuteness overload". There wasn't a moment that made it boring in any way.

It was one of the few episodes that I actually liked the 'human characters' as well, it was funny to watch Clemont very scared, and Serena making worst at times (as in scaring the group even more) - (can't wait for a 'distant future' for this episode to be dubbed in Spanish).

The part that really made me laugh the most (as they say in text speak: lol) was Team Rocket saying their motto scared to death, near the end desparately screaming the motto of fright. One of the few times I actually loved hearing the motto!

To be honest, my only sad & disappointing moments: No cute Fennekin in this episode - and Espurr didn't go with Serena (I was really hoping for this to happen).

Loved how they made the title card opening - sort of spooky-white lettering, perfect episode to watch on Helloween night!

For me: perfect 11/10, #1 favorite episode in XY - #2 most favorite episode in the Pokemon Anime (all seasons combined - #1 is still "Pokemon Harbor Patrol"). This episode made me love Espurr much more than before. It's no longer "death-like stare" or "emotionless" I kept reading a lot in other forums - laughs, smiles, loves to play.

Not related to episode - when I watched the first time I was playing with Espurr in Amie!
Other thoughts while watching the episode:
The only thing I don't get in most horror movies/tv show it always shows it at night and raining with thunder! I just got used to it, I'm expecting it now.

Sort of looks like an abandoned old mansion - ready to crumble! Love that view Espurr gives from the top stairs (first cute moment!) just before the theme song.

Loved the title card! behind the 'abandoned' mansion - I was expecting something scary to appear all of a sudden before the start of the episode!

For some reason the 3 main characters (Serena, Clemont, and Ash remind me of Scooby-Doo characters by their actions) - Clemont sort of reminds me of Shaggy's personality.

Typical scare portions of tv shows/movies, doors closing by themselves - expecting the group to turn around and find a ghost behind them!! So much nostalgia for me! I'm a fan of horror movies.

Love how Serena tries to explain the ghost encounters!

Same with Team Rocket! Frighted when the window closes - expecting a ghost to appear any any moment! More horror movie nostalgia.

Thunder - woman painting! Bonnie is the only one not scared the other three hitting the floor! more horror movie nostalgia!

Those screams echoing through the mansion - James trying to break the window!!

Is it the move protect? - loud echoes of the thumping! Everyone getting scared = lots of horror movie nostalgia!

Team Rocket moving back to back!! Cute moment Espurr! just wants to play with!

TRio running away scared! more horror movie nostalgia!

More cuteness moments! Bonnie following Espurr! The 3 following and seem to loose her!

TRio hiding behind the bed! more horror movie nostalgia!

Clemont screaming out loud - frighting TRio! more of those 'lol'moments, more horror movie nostalgia!

More Cuteness overload moments - Bonnie & Espurr! playing with it's ball! Wish it was me istead of Bonnie at this moment!! That Espurr voice! so darn cute!

Playing with the all the toys! Watching Espurr smile and having a good time, brings lots of smiles to me as well!

Best TRio motto for me!! Frighted to death while trying to say the motto! THUNDER!! almost screaming the motto!! I had to rewind the video many times just to hear it over and over!!

Ahhh! back to cuteness!! Espurr!! just watching it I can't control myself!

To be honest - still hate the voice of the PokeDex in Kalos, sounded a lot better in BW - which it could have kept that voice instead

Espurr telling it's story - Meowth translating!! It was the moment I almost cried! could feel the tears coming down my eyes especially near the end. Wish I could have been there to comfort it.

TRio trying to catch it! few moments I was actually mad at TRio! Cute Espurr freed itself and 'threw TRio out the window'!!

Wonder who's Lisa?

Saddened to see Espurr go away with Lisa! I wish it could have gone with Serena.

Cute Espurr sitting the car, again, I wish it was me driving it.

I had to watch the episode at least 6 times in a row, watching a 7th while writing the review. No amount of negative comments will make me like the episode any less. Watching for the 8th time while checking for errors or to add/replace parts in my post.
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Cute bunny baby
Mar 20, 2013
Reaction score
After seeing that this episode would be focusing on Bonnie, I figured I'd like it. I'm glad to see I was right.

Ok, first of all, the beginning was hilarious and I loved the group interactions. Clemont being super scared and trying to pretend that he wasn't despite clearly still being nervous was the funniest thing here. Then we have Serena saying random scary things making Ash and Clemont shiver and then immediately covering her mouth not realizing what she said. Priceless. And Bonnie being the bravest of all three of them, just chasing Espurr through the haunted house like it ain't nothing. Just adorable and amazing.

And holy crap, why did Clemont just randomly scream after they were looking for Bonnie. Weird. Just weird.

Speaking of adorable, Bonnie playing ball and sliding with Espurr was so cute! And then she pushed it and Dedenne on the rocking...Ponyta. It was so precious. I seriously love Bonnie. And even Clemont disciplining Bonnie was cute.

Okay, Espurr's backstory...that was so sad. It played with that old woman and picked her a flower only to find out she died. That was so sad, I really felt bad for it.

Now for the negatives. 1. Team Rocket. They just ruined the episode, by doing absolutely nothing and then attacking Espurr just so randomly and then getting blasted off without putting up any real fight. 2. With that said, I really hoped Bonnie would have used Dedenne to battle TR to save her new Espurr friend, but Espurr just handled the situation itself in like a second.

Overall, I really liked this episode. It turned out to be really great. 8/10.


ᵢₙ ₜₕₑ ₙₐₘₑ ₒf ₜₕₑ ₘₒₒₙ...
Jan 22, 2014
Reaction score
The weakest episode of the XY series. It was boring and predictable before starting what will happen in this episode. I knew that the Espurr was not going to be a bad guy, and that Espurr may come from a trainer. Good that Bonnie is getting development and again demostrating that for Bonnie Pokemon = Cute.

I disagree with that. I think the weakest episode so far surely has to be the Furfrou one. Nothing was really done, a new Pokémon was debuted with no actual spotlight at all (they could have at least showcased it’s Fur Coat ability), it used Charge Beam out of all moves, and the ep ended with a standard TR battle.

Anyways. I loved this episode! Initially, I was upset due to the lack of action going on. None of the gang’s pokemon appeared, sans Pikachu and Dedenne. Serena winded up not catching the Espurr. And the episode clearly wasn’t a creepy thriller the preview made it out to be. Not to mention, said Espurr didn’t go around scaring the heck out of people with those eyes and emotionless expression.

However, as the episode continued, I grew to like it more and more. It was a nice filler, that didn’t really need anything. All the character interactions were great, specifically regarding Serena, Clemont and Bonnie. Serena’s paranoid theories, and her reactions upon realizing she said them aloud, were hilarious. Also, Clemont being as creeped out as he was was pretty fun as well. Reminds you that they are all a group of young kids here instead of having an older figure lugging around (Brock and Cilan). Also I loved how the episode centered around Bonnie, and how her curiosity (which happened to consist of unintentional bravery as well) got the best of her. Her interactions with Espurr were so adorable!

And Espurr! I actually appreciate how the anime portrayed it as something completely different from the games. Initially I thought it was either a soulless creature or to cool for school like Ash’s Snivy. But seeing this made me acknowledge it in an entire different light; I’m so glad I raised one in-game haha. Also, it’s back story was so sweet and sad, I somewhat cried.

This episode was also really cool because of all the bgm present! We even got to hear the elite four battle theme too (unlike in BW)! Hopefully TCPi keeps that…hopefully…
TR was same old same old, so I can’t be too mad. But damn. After hearing that story about Espurr, then immediately attempting to catch it was kind of…wow. Apathetic much? Overall, cute episode.