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Preview XY046: The Clumsy Pukurin VS the Rampaging Bohmander!!

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Mar 5, 2009
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The Clumsy Wigglytuff VS the Rampaging Salamence!
Airing Oct. 9.

Screenplay: Hideki Sonoda
Episode director: Fumio Maezono
Storyboard: Fumio Maezono
Animation director: Atsushi Ogata
Interesting title. I wonder what this will be about. Perhaps about the advantage of Fairies over Dragons?
I'm assuming this episode might revolve around a Nurse Joy's Wigglytuff.
Interesting title. I wonder what this will be about. Perhaps about the advantage of Fairies over Dragons?

That and maybe Ash will probably learn about the little Normal to Fairy conversion.

Either TR will cause the Salamence to rampage with their collar used back in XY002, orrr this one could just be a wild one destroying anything in its path(and TR doesn't appear at all, lols)
The first thing I thought when I saw the title: Fairies and Dragons. There's almost no doubt about that much. I'm betting this Wigglytuff will be an annoying idiot until it figures out how to use some Fairy move (Dazzling Gleam, maybe?) and shoots an angry Salamence.
I hope Ash catches a Wigglytuff and it has nothing to do with a Nurse Joy's. But yeah, it's obvious that the Wigglytuff in question will decimate a poor Salamence. I'm curious now. After all, when Sylveon was introduced, we got a simple reference to fairy type and I haven't seen the Flabébé episode yet, but I doubt they went into detail in it.
Oh my goodness! ;_;

I can't remember the last time my favourite pokemon got a focus episode. Thinking about it, it may even have been as far back as the original series with that "Lights, Cameras, Quacktion!" episode. About time the rabbit-eared marshmallow was at the forefront again.
Let me guess. Salamence is rampaging because it's injured.

Or maybe back in the XY002, Salamence might get an electric collar by the Rockets just like what they used it for Garchomp IMO.
Could someone please translate the summaries? @Dogasu; @捷克羅姆;


"While stopping by a Pokemon Center during their journey, Satoshi and his friends come across a Pukurin who's been failing a lot lately at everything it does. Later, Pukurin starts to panic when a Bohmander begins rampaging around in the city and sending the pokemon it injures to the Pokemon Center, one after the other. On top of that, even the Joi-san who had been so nice to Pukurin is attacked by Bohmander..."

"Our heroes have stopped by a Pokemon Center and come across a clumsy Pukurin. Later, injured pokemon start showing up at the Pokemon Center, one after the other..."
This Sounds like a VERY GOOD Episode now. So Wigglytuff is just a BIG KLUTZ! I think this will be VERY FUNNY AND VERY ENTERTAINING IMO!!!
LOL, MAN THESE Wigglytuff are HUGE! What did they EAT? 3 Piloswine? Joke aside, This looks Good, I REALLY HOPE they do more of the Fairy Typing here because in the Anime, the Writers IMO have done a PRETTY LOUSY Job with it, and Fairy Type has like ONLY been referenced Twice really and I Personally think it's a little Sad. I Wonder how Ash and Everyone are going to feel about a Clumsy Pokemon Center Wigglytuff LOL. I Wonder why the Salamance is ANGRY?
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