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Preview XY046: The Clumsy Pukurin VS the Rampaging Bohmander!!

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Translation please? I think it's a little bit outdated poster for me....
Thanks to bluesun.

It's finally time for the Gym Battle with Corni!
And then, the story heads to the next stage!

MegaLucario is completely synchronised with Corni!
Bohmander, are your eyes alright?! Something seems wrong with them...
A meddlesome Yancham appaears - What will Satoshi do? How about Serena?
Eureka's relationship with her brother grows tense?

With summer past, autumn is here. The autumn winds of new encounters are set to blow in?!
Thanks for it! Now the question is who is the new encounters on Autumn. Hope it's going blow our minds
Seems like this Salamence is under the state of Outrage, or it can't control it..
Or you know, Salamence could just be following one of many descriptions its Pokedex entries give about it raging uncontrollably when angered.

On another note, I love Wiggytuff's sad face! T______T
- Wigglytuff falls on a Pokeball.
- Pikachu is with Wigglytuff at night.
- Wigglytuff cries.

doesn't look all that interesting imho, and the animation seems awful.
I hope Wigglytuff wreck Salamence's shit.
First they show us Jessie driving instead of James as usual, and now this?! It looks somewhat interesting for me. I only hope that Team Rocket's role is other than trying to steal Salamance, make it go on an outrage, then be inmediately blasted off and leave the twerps and Wigglytuff to solve the rest.

If you watch the preview closely, there is something on Salamence's forehead (0.21) - could it be another of Team Rocket's capture/control devices, a la Garchomp in episode 2?

To me, the plot appears to be -
Wigglytuff is no good at its job due to clumsiness, suffers a crisis of confidence & runs away. Pikachu attempts to reassure/encourage it, but it falls on deaf ears. The only thing that motivates Wigglytuff is seeing Nurse Joy in danger, so it steps in to protect her with a Fairy type move (or possibly Sing).
Who let Nyasu drive?!?!?!?!?!?!
CG ambulance looks bad. I wonder if they skimped on the budget for this one so they'd have more to spend on the Korrina gym battle.

The TR device on Salamence's head does have me intrigued, hopefully that means they'll do more than the "spam Psybeam and Shadowball then promptly blast off again" they've been doing so much of lately.
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