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REVIEW: XY084: Harimaron! Its First Errand!!

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Oct 8, 2013
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Re: XY 83: Chespin! Its First Errand!!

Everyone doing something = good filler.

I enjoyed this episode. It made me have a smile throughout this episode. I love how everyone gets involved with something. Serena and Bonnie help out Nurse Joy and Ash does the hard labor while Clemont does the electricity repairs. I like how Luxray, Pikachu and Dedenne are used for electricity and Dedenne falls asleep (classic Dedenne)

Clemont noticed something that burned out and it's the key to restoring the power. Chespin helps out. I also like how Bunnelby was using the mop with its ears and wringing a cloth with its hands. I also love how all the Pokemon were like "Oh boy, Chespin is going..."

I love the interaction between Chespin and Bunnelby this episodes, it shows their personalities. Chespin is the funny man and Bunnelby is the straight man. Bunnelby keeps Chespin in check. I also love how KiraKira is used as a BGM and the music suddenly stops when the wallet is stolen.

When Chespin and Bunnelby encounter Team Rocket, there was a scene where Chespin looks at the wallet and then it remembers Clemont's smile and his words which makes it motivated to beat Team Rocket to finish its errand. I find that scene heartwarming because no matter how irresponsible Chespin may be, it still loves Clemont a lot. I also like how Team Rocket's cause of blasting off it's not due to Ash, but rather Chespin and Bunnelby using Ash as a distraction to land sneak attacks on Team Rocket and blast them off. Team Rocket should know better than to ambush the gang's Pokemon. Even without their trainers, they can still blast them off.

I also love how Clemont starts showering Chespin with food just for working so hard to the point that it gets so full that it has to go to the emergency room.

I'll give this episode an 8/10 just for being such a good and enjoyable filler!
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Mar 20, 2013
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Re: XY 83: Chespin! Its First Errand!!

I thought this was an okay episode.

Not sure what Clemont's invention did, but it sure looked cool. I expected it to blow up though:/ Well, honestly, I think he made up for that failure by stepping in to repair the generator in the Pokemon center. OMG, I actually gasped, when Ash slipped on the roof. Lol. I liked how he had Frogadier use his frubbles to make sure he didn't slip again. Ok, is there any particular reason why no one woke Dedenne up to help Pikachu and Luxray? And seriously Clemont? Something in the generator blew up while you were trying to fix it:/ Aw man.

Aw, Bonnie and Serena looked so cute dressed like Nurse Joy. Ok seriously, why didn't anyone wake Dedenne. Luxray and Pikachu were clearly exhausted. Ugh, whatever.

I actually found Bunnelby and Chespin's little adventure amusing. As expected, Chespin kept getting off task while Bunnelby had to bring him back to the mission. I loved their teamwork against the Fearow and later against TR. I especially liked when they hid behind Ash but were secretly planning their own attack before Ash even brought his Pokemon to battle TR. Also, Fletchinder slicing through Shadow Ball was badass as hell.

Just want to mention some other little touches I liked, such as Serena wiping rain off Bonnie and Bunnelby mopping in the beginning of the episode. Overall, an okay episode. The only thing that really annoyed me were Dedenne's uselessness and TR. I'll give it a 7/10.


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Oct 30, 2010
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Re: XY 83: Chespin! Its First Errand!!

Here is my summary of the episode.

The episode starts with Ash and co. entering a Pokemon Center during a rainstorm.

Ash gives his Pokemon, including his Pikachu to the Pokemon Center's Nurse Joy and her Wigglytuff.

The Pokemon Center is filled with lots of Pokemon Trainer's and their Pokemon.

Clemont reveal's to Ash, Serena and Bonnie a new invention of his.

Ash is excited about the invention.

Suddenly, the power goes out and that means that Nurse Joy can't heal any Pokemon with the Pokemon Center's machines.

Ash and co. go to check out the source of the blackout.

It turns out that here is a hole in the Pokemon Center's roof.

The hole in the roof is letting the rain from outside in and the rain shorted out the electrical generator, which powers the Pokemon Center.

Clemont sends out his Luxray to help give more electricity to a fusebox inside the a room in the Pokemon Center, in order to get the power up and running again.

Ash asks Pikachu and then Bonnie asks Dedenne to help Luxray power the fusebox.

Nurse Joy and Wigglytuff are trying to attend to the Trainers and their Pokemon.

Nurse Joy asks Serena and Bonnie if she could help her out and they do.

Ash decides to go outside to the Pokemon Center's roof and fix the hole in it.

He is now outside in the pouring rain and he has a raincoat on.

He is climbing up a ladder to the roof of the Pokemon Center.

Ash is on the roof, but he has trouble staying still due to the roof being slippery.

Ash sends out his Hawlucha and then his Frogadier.

He asks for Hawlucha to help fix the hole in the roof and for Frogadier to throw some Frubbles along the roof, so that he can step on them for stability.

Nurse Joy, her Wigglytuff, Serena and Bonnie are attending to the Trainers and Pokemon.

Bunnelby is mopping up a puddle of rain which is in the same room as the electrical generator, by holding a mop with its ears.

Clemont is trying to fix the electrical generator while Nurse Joy stands next to him and then his attempt to fix it causes an explosion.

Clemont needs a part to help fix the problem.

Chespin comes out of his Poke Ball and Clemont asks his Chespin to go and collect the part that he needs.

Clemont then sends out his Bunnelby and asks Bunnelby to accompany Chespin on his errand.

Clemont is now outside the front of the Pokemon Center with his Bunnelby and Chespin.

Clemont gives his Chespin a wallet, with a string attached to it.

Clemont puts the wallet around Chespin's neck.

He then puts a piece of paper with a note on it, so that Chespin knows what the part that Clemont needs, looks like.

Bunnelby and Chespin walk towards their destination.

Ash then sees Bunnelby and Chespin walking and asks Clemont where they are going and what they are doing.

Clemont tells Ash where they are going and what they are doing.

Ash wishes Bunnelby and Chespin good luck on their errand.

Team Rocket is spying on Bunnelby and Chespin as they walk towards their destination.

Pokemon Quiz: Chespin.

A song starts playing in the background, the song is Kira-Kira by Tomohisa Sako, who also sings the current opening, Mad-Paced Getter.

Chespin jumps in a puddle while it and Bunnelby go on their way to find the part that Clemont needs.

The puddle splashes onto Bunnelby and after Bunnelby gets hit by the water, it has an annoyed look on its face.

Chespin and Bunnelby continue to walk towards their destination.

Chepin sees a Marill siting in a basket the front of its Trainer's bicycle, while the Trainer rides it in the opposite direction to where Chespin and Bunnelby are going.

Chespin turns around and runs after the bicycle because it has a crush on the Marill.

Bunnelby pulls Chespin away.

Chespin holds the wallet that Clemont gave to it in one of its hands.

A Fearow swoops by Chespin and steals the wallet from its hand.

The song in the background cuts out.

Chespin is surprised that the wallet got taken.

Chespin and Bunnelby chase the Fearow in order to take back the wallet.

The rain outside has completely stopped, so Ash heads back inside the Pokemon Center.

Ash notices that Serena and Bonnie are both wearing Nurse Joy uniforms.

Serena blushes at a comment that Ash makes.

Serena and Bonnie are facing towards eachother and are happily holding the palms of eachother's hands.

Chespin and Bunnelby are still chasing the Fearow that has their wallet.

Chespin and Bunnebly suddenly stop.

Chespin looks angry and Bunnelby looks sad.

Chespin uses his vines to try and reach the wallet that Fearow is holding in its talons.

Chespin's vines can't reach Fearow, so it uses them to pick up Bunnelby.

Chespin throws Bunnelby with his vines towards Fearow, so that Bunnelby can get the wallet back.

Bunnelby is flying through the air, towards Fearow.

At first Bunnelby is scared as it flies through the air, but then it becomes determined to get the wallet back from Fearow.

Bunnelby eventually gets closer to Fearow and then it holds onto the wallet.

Bunnelby gets the wallet back from Fearow.

Bunnelby lands back on the ground.

Fearow is chasing after Bunnelby and Chespin as they run from it.

Bunnelby and Chespin keep throwing the wallet back and forth towards eachother, in order to keep it away from the Fearow.

Bunnelby digs a hole in the ground and then jumps in it.

Chespin jumps in the same hole and they both use that hole to hide from the Fearow.

The Fearow flies away from where Bunnelby and Chespin are, because it has lost sight of the two Pokemon.

Bunnelby and Chespin jump back out of the hole after Fearow leaves.

Back in the town, Pikachu and Luxray are still using their electricity to help power the fusebox.

Dedenne is sleeping near Pikachu and Luxray, because it is too tired from using its electricity.

Ash has finished with the roof and has come to see Clemont.

Ash and Clemont talk to eachother.

Ash and Clemont are wondering where exactly Bunnelby and Chespin are now.

Ash goes outside and sends out his Fletchinder and Noibat.

He asks them to fly off and search for where Bunnelby and Chespin are.

Fletchinder and Noibat fly off in search for Bunnelby and Chespin.

Bunnelby and Chespin are still on their way to their destination.

On the way, Chespin has trouble walking up a steep footpath, so Bunnelby pushes Chespin from behind with its ears.

Bunnelby and Chespin are now walking along a flat dirt path, when they bump into Team Rocket.

Chespin looks angry when he sees Team Rocket.

Team Rocket say their motto.

Bunnelby and Chespin both look like they are ready to battle against Team Rocket and that they want to battle against them.

Jessie sends out her Gourgeist and then James sends out his Inkay.

Bunnelby and Chespin battle against Gourgeist and Inkay.

The battle stops when Bunnelby, Chespin, Team Rocket and their Pokemon see Ash running towards them with his Fletchinder and Noibat flying alongside him.

Ash stops, with his Fletchinder and Noibat stopping in midair, but still flapping their wings, allowing them to hover above the ground, as they all join Bunnelby and Chespin.

Bunnelby and Chespin are standing behind Ash's legs.

Chespin gives Bunnelby an idea for how to defeat Team Rocket and send them blasting off.

Bunnelby uses Dig to dig a hole where it's standing.

Bunnelby then jumps out from the ground in front of Team Rocket.

After Bunnelby jumps out of the ground, and is now in midair, it attacks Team Rocket with Mud Shot.

Team Rocket and their Pokemon's faces are all covered with the mud, after Bunnelby attacked them with Mud Shot.

Since Team Rocket are all blind because their faces are covered with mud, Chespin takes the opportunity to attack them with Pin Missile.

Chespin's Pin Missile hits Team Rocket.

Team Rocket and their Pokemon blast off.

Bunnelby and Chespin are happy that they defeated Team Rocket and sent them blasting off.

Ash talks to Chespin about his errand.

Chespin is now reminded about the errand it was supposed to complete.

Chespin runs off towards its destination.

Bunnelby then runs off towards the same destination, right behind Chespin.

Bunnelby and Chespin are now back at the Pokemon Center, where Clemont is.

Bunnelby and Chespin now have the part that Clemont sent them to buy.

Chespin gives the wallet back to Clemont.

Clemont opens the wallet and takes out the part that he needs to restore power to the Pokemon Center.

Clemont then rubs Chespin's head, as a show of appreciation for buying the part that he needed.

Chespin is happy when Clemont rubs his head and so is Bunnelby.

Pikachu and Luxray are still powering up the electrical generator with their electricity.

Clemont now uses the part that Chepsin and Bunnelby bought for him to finally restore the Pokemon Center's power.

The Pokemon Center's power is now back on.

Everyone in the Pokemon Center is now happy to have had the power restored.

Ash and co., as well as Pikachu, Dedenne, Chespin, Bunnelby and Luxray are all having a meal in the Pokemon Center.

Bonnie thanks Dedenne for its hard work, but Pikachu and Luxray pull a face because Dedenne was sleeping most of the time.

Since Chespin purchased and brought Clemont the part that he needed to restore power to the Pokemon Center, he gives Chespin a lot of Pokemon food.

Chespin eats all of the food and then Chespin's stomache becomes really big, so Nurse Joy's Wiggltuff rushes it off on a cart.

Ash, Serena, Clemont, Bonnie, Pikachu, Luxray and Bunnelby all pull faces as a reaction to Clemont eating too much food.

To be continued.


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Mar 27, 2011
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Re: XY 83: Chespin! Its First Errand!!

This episode is surprisingly good! Love that the Electric Pokemons provided the temporary electricity for the building. I am not sure why everyone is criticizing Dedenne though, as it was clearly the easiest to exhaust in the bunch. It served its duty and has the right to rest.

So the generator of the Pokemon Centre didn't explode. That totally took me off guard, it was Clemont's invention after all. But that was a rather pleasant result to be honest. This makes the trailer seem more misleading and fun at the same tme.

Ash's frubbles tactics has just gone to a whole new level. What can he do with frubbles next? They already used it to make substitutes in battle, training for Sticky Web, gas mask, open doors and now to walk on roof.

Serena and Bonnie in Nurse uniform. Nuff said, too CUTE to resist.

But the star of this episode is indeed Chespin and Bunnelby, I love when Bunnelby is thrown into the sky to retrieve the purse. And that Dig tunnel strategy by Bunnelby is rather well done. I felt so bad for Bunnelby as he had to stop Chespin from being distracted by his incredibly wide array of interests. I love how Ash totally played second fiddle behind Bunnelby and Chespin when fighting Team Rocket in this episode, which is for me a huge upside.

Overall a nice episode that is worth a rewatch, 10/10.


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Nov 1, 2009
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Re: XY 83: Chespin! Its First Errand!!

I see Fearow are continuing their proud tradition of being the biggest assholes of the Pokemon universe.

Seriously, has there been an episode when they didn't attack/steal from some one?
Aug 14, 2008
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Re: XY 83: Chespin! Its First Errand!!

Loved it. This almost had the tone of a Kanto episode in minimal plot but maximum exposition of character quirks! The star was of course the super bantz between Harimaron and Horubee, but the Pikachu/Dedenne bromance also stood out to me.

How frickin irresponsible was Joy though? She allowed 4 children to:
1. Repair her roof with NO safety equipment.
2. Fix her electricity generator which was visibly wet and sparking in front of her eyes.
3. Work as unqualified medical practitioners.
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Aug 28, 2008
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Re: XY 83: Chespin! Its First Errand!!

3. Work as unqualified medical practitioners.
:p :p :p
I'm pretty sure Bonnie and Serena's role was the equivalent of passing out food, water, supplies at a relief disaster shelter.

They weren't treating the Pokemon medically. And if they were it would be probably the equivalent of using bandages on simple wounds, rather than anything serious that would require a degree. Plus i'm sure Nurse Joy was there to assist them under serious conditions.


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Jan 22, 2014
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Re: XY 83: Chespin! Its First Errand!!

I see Fearow are continuing their proud tradition of being the biggest assholes of the Pokemon universe.

Seriously, has there been an episode when they didn't attack/steal from some one?
There have been many.

On the other hand, I think your award actually goes to Beedrill as most if not all episodes with their swarm appearances have them attacking somebody or something.


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Mar 23, 2012
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Filler, but a good one (like many this series) :)

And hey, there's something to be said for any episode where Pikachu ISN'T the big hero :thumbup:
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Nov 27, 2014
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This was a Thriller of a Filler...

More Abbot and Costello-type episodes between Bunnelby and Chespin, please!

Also, Noibat needs to do something to lessen its "Fletchinder clone" factor soon, like learning a Dragon-Type move or even Super Fang, or I'm calling it a s****y replacement for Goodra. Still hoping Goodra returns for the Kalos League, since Ash didn't use the BLUE beam of release, so it still belongs to him...