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Review XY110: Thunder and Onvern! The Lightning of Anger!!

Pikachu's Global Adventure
Feb 26, 2014
Reaction score
Glad to see Ash finally has a Noivern and all, but, the question is; will it go the same way as Goodra?

The fact that it was abandoned as an Egg already presents at least three different ways for Noivern to have to leave
Noibat does not show any sign of a trauma past that Goomy and Larvitar had in their debut episode. As such, it can assumed that wherever the Egg came from is irrelevant to the character arc of Noibat now Noivern. The closest parallel is that of Misty's Togepi, a Pokémon whose Egg's origin remains a mystery and ends up seeing Misty as its mother, and while that Pokémon was eventually released, it happened years after its debut and in a time where Misty is no longer part of the main cast anymore, meaning that Togepi was not intended to be released for the entire run of the Original Series (Heck, there was no indication that Misty's Togepi was from Togepi's Paradise to begin with).
Jan 14, 2013
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I know this might be beating the dead horse at this point but why did they make the town japanese-like? =/ I can forgive the Sanpei thing but this was a bit ridiculous.