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REVIEW: XY131: Kalos League Victory! Satoshi's Ultimate Match!!

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I only watch the Conferences but they just disappoint every time, after Kalos I think I'm done with the anime, screw this.
You should watch the rest of the XYZ anime and you'll be less salty considering how good the rest of the season was, please go watch it. It's so damn good.
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You should watch the rest of the XYZ anime and you'll be less salty considering how good the rest of the season was, please go watch it. It's so damn good.
I watched most of XYZ because I was interested in what led up to the League and I mostly cared about the Zygarde plot, but I skimmed a lot of XY.
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I looked through the Serebii clips before seeing the comments here... Note that I stopped watching the anime ever since it went off of broadcast television (Which was the middle of the Battle Frontier arc), so my knowledge of the Anime quality is limited to the first three Generations.

All I can say is this: Ash losing Pokemon League Tournaments, then completely resetting (The reset button I recall started in Gen. III) is the stupidest and most artificial tradition in the entire Pokemon franchise. I mean, yes, there is a habit of some Animes out there that have the 'always win' syndrome to deal with, and they are quite troublesome too. Yet in the case of Ash, it's as if there is no sense that he actually learns anything from his failed runs by completely starting anew. Every time he enters a new region from scratch, we might as well consider him just another 10-11 year-old clone, made after his completion of the Orange Islands saga.

This episode was a chance to prove that this "Ash," who has supposedly been though countless bouts against super powerful legendaries and such, no longer has to deal with this "start all over again" mentality that I straight out loathe about the Pokemon Anime, that he really has come a really long way from the Orange Islands. Ash winning this match looked so logical if you didn't know anything about the losing tradition, and it could have even made a statement again the "never lose" mentality of the antihero here.

In many cases of losing, a good story gives you insight about why someone loses. Somehow, some way, I could not see any reason why Ash should have lost in terms of the story itself. The only reason I saw was this: To re-initiate the tradition of the reset button for the Alola region timeline. Back to the Orange Islands Ash clone we go! It makes me see that there was little purpose for Ash to really learn anything for his future from Kalos... But wait - Starting anew in Alola might be the answer! xD

Repeat after each generation.

Sorry if my opinion sounds harsh, but I say it like an aspiring writer myself, and believe it truly deserves much of the flack it's getting. ^_^
Alright, it's in-thread warning time. I understand why people are upset/disappointed over the outcome of the League. However, insulting the writers, the people who still watch the show and telling people to kill themselves if they're fine with the outcome is not going to be tolerated. Similarly, being so happy over the disappointment and salt from fans is also not going to be tolerated. You can express your disappointment without insulting other people, including the writers or production staff members, or getting people who are already disappointed more angry.

Any further flamebait comments will result in more infractions being handed out. Please continue with more productive and respectful discussions. Thank you.
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It makes me see that there was little purpose for Ash to really learn anything for his future from Kalos... But wait - Starting anew in Alola might be the answer! xD
I think they'll utilize this newfound side of Ash till the end of the anime, where I think he'll finally win a league.
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I knew that Ash would lose against Alain. I'd say "better luck in Alola", but it is already foregone conclusion that Ash will lose in the Alola League as well. And the Generation VIII league. And Generation IX and X and so on. All this hype for nothing, and proof that Ash will never ever win a league.

The anime has officially jumped the shark.
There is no league in Alola, soooo....
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What's wrong with these people? They are burning and throwing Pokemon stuff after seeing Ash losing again in the league? I'm not like the other people, I will never burn my stuff like this. Man, this is really salty. And yet the preview got over 10,000 dislikes. Who knows what will happen next after that?
It's a joke. I don't think they all literally burned their Pokémon stuff. They just pretended to do so.

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You should watch the rest of the XYZ anime and you'll be less salty considering how good the rest of the season was, please go watch it. It's so damn good.
I also only watch the leagues. At the end of the day, that's what the entire show leads up to. It's all that matters. Maybe XYZ has some decent filler episodes, but then there's plenty of better quality shows than Pokemon to watch instead.
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It's important not to forget that the purpose of the anime is to hype up and advertise the Pokemon games, merchandise and etc. It's always been like that and will continue to be.
Also blaming production is LOW

Ash and Pikachu are the face of Pokemon. Ash winning a League would limit his future series appearance. Had he won now and went to Alola for a 'Champions league" he just HAD to win that because it would be lame otherwise, which meant no Ash, no Pikachu.

No Ash, no Pikachu === Less interest overall, less merch sells, lower anime ratings.

So, long story short, Ash will never leave and probably never win a League until the very last breath of the PokeFranchise, if he wins it'd be something less major like Orange League or Alola trials or something, that's it.

And my personal opinion...actually this was a good loss for Ash, he fought hard and it wasn't a WTF opponent either. Alain was introduced early in the anime and, fight me for it if you want to, but he is a stronger trainer than Ash. The fact that Ash was so close to defeating him is pretty impressive.

So, point is, Ash/Pikachu are icons of Pokemon and getting rid of them won't be easy or logical...since other shows become sh*t or a half when they change the cast.

As for the outrage, give it two days, three tops. No one will remember it by next week ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
I haven't watched the full episode yet but I've seen the point where Alan wins and yeah... I can see where the complaints are coming from. I stopped expecting a lot from this show a while ago and have just been watching it and enjoying it for what it is since then, kinda like a weekly dose of Pokémon junk food. But yeah, that was just a lazy cop-out to keep the status quo. I understand the reasoning why Ash should never win a league. The Pokémon anime is a commercial for the games first and a way to actually tell a story second. Also, I think if people would stop looking at the anime as one 20 year long story, and more like a brand new show (with the same main character) every three years or so it makes more sense. Keeping a consistent 20 year long canon and having to constantly write with the knowledge that your audience is refreshing every 3ish years sounds impossible. The show is going to reset come November so the new generation of kids can come in and with it without any need of prior knowledge. Something as game changing as Ash winning a league throws a wrench into that model. It's not the best by a long shot, but that's the reality of the Pokémon anime.
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So on one hand, I'm kind of angry that Ash lost here after all this build up...What I don't get is all the people saying they are "done with the anime," as though these tournaments are the most important part of this anime they really are not. X and Y and XY and Z have been a really strong showing of the anime especially after Best Wishes trips through mediocrity and I still am rather hyped to see what happens in this Zygard arc. I think there are 12 or 13 episodes left before Sun and Moon come out. That's not a lot of time to wrap things up and start the hype for gen 7 that the anime is known for. I guess we will have to see how they go about doing this.
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I'm really depressed about Ash losing to Alain, so I'm trying my hardest to just forget about it...

I've got a lot of Arc-V episodes to catch up on, and my friend lent me his Japanese dubs of the Harry Potter movie to help me practice my Japanese. Totally will take my mind off Alain. :)
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I do like how they showed Pikachu as being too tired to use Quick Attack after the first attack. Its much more realistic than him just going attack, attack, attack, after all of this accumulated battling. Using Iron Tail on the field to block the Flamethrower was cool. Though going in to use Iron Tail to combat Dragon Claw was a bad move. Size tends to win in those situations and...yeah Charizard's came into play there. Should have gone with T-Bolt imo. Also, forgive me if I'm wrong, but it looks like reused the same exact image of Pikachu being KO'd by Sawyer's Sceptile as they did for him here with Charizard. Like I said in the last episode, I like how Alain specifically used Charizard to beat Pikachu. Shows 1. how much of a threat the little guy was:p 2. how he wanted to keep Bisharp to get another quick OHKO on something else.

Goodra. Poor Goodra man. He (and Noivern) pretty much got the worst match ups of this league. First he's up against a Pokemon his STAB move can't touch, then he goes against a speedy killer who resits all of his damaging moves. His only benefit was having Rain Dance so his Hydration wouldn't allow him to get paralyzed by T-Wave, but that didn't even matter in the end. Also, that Iron Head to the face tho...damn.

Well, it was nice to see Ash actually have Greninja using his water move with the boosted rain effects... for Bisharp. Seriously, why the hell didn't he use Water Shuriken on Charizard while it was still raining. He literally had the perfect opportunity to get a point blank boosted Water Shuriken in Charizard's face and he goes for Cut. That makes 0 sense. It's also just as stupid that Alain a. had Charizard start out with a weakened Flamethrower and b. didn't Mega Evolve him right away so he wouldn't have had the water weakness. Aye, great start to the final match up. Now I'll admit, using the Water Shuriken to stop Blast Burn was pretty dam cool. And I did like how it constantly showed Ash feeling Greninja's pain. But yeah, the giant glowing shuriken of death was a big tease.

I was upset about Ash losing at first, and to be honest I still kind of am a bit salty, but I'm not angry. I've stopped really caring about Ash or having any hopes about him winning a league for a while now, so this isn't a huge disappointment for me. The biggest thing for me though, and I know I'm immensely unpopular in this opinion, but I wish it would have been a tie. Yeah, Ash finally made it to the finals and I'm certainly grateful for that and yeah, his Pokemon technically still would have lost, but I would have much rather he have been able to say "At least I defeated his Charizard". Hell, even if Greninja would have fallen first he still would have at least had the honor of making Alain's strongest Pokemon go down as well. For me that would have been better than, he made to the finals, but he still didn't take his final opponent down. Ash was certainly wronged in Sinnoh with Tobias's legendaries, but at least he took out 2 of his Pokemon, something no one else could do.

I'm also bothered by the fact that Ash didn't seem even slightly upset over his loss. He just made it to the finals of a league and was one Pokemon away from claiming victory and then he lost. Can there be some emotion. I'm not saying he has to be depressed or enraged, but its almost like he has no feelings over it. Like it was just another battle he lost. I think a scene of him being deeply frustrated after the match would have been nice to at least show that he has some feelings about his loss. The attitude of "oh well, maybe next time" just rubs more salt in the wound imo.

Lastly, I hate to be one of "those guys", but I really am not all that concerned with the Team Flare arc right now. I'm sure I'll feel better next week when the episode airs, but as of right now, I'm kind of "eh" about everything. I'll give this a 6.7/10. Could have been much better, nuff said.