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Your Favorite Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire Memories


Zinnia Propagandist
Oct 29, 2017
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The premise of this thread is simple: Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire just turned 9, let's talk about our favorite memories and moments from them.
ok so i LOVE these games and it's so nuts to me that they're this old now...
there's a lot i like about them but to keep this post at an acceptable length i'll just my top five i guess?
  • the character redesigns are SO good. there are hardly any at all that i don't prefer to the original. i feel like the antagonistic teams especially got a huge glow-up, and... i feel like the newer ones just have more personality in general? to me at least
  • i know it gets (understandable) criticism from some people but man did i love the delta episode.
  • the SOUNDTRACK. not that rse's was bad or anything (i quite love it actually) but oras has a lot of the loveliest and most memorable songs in series history imo. the updated boss themes and rival themes especially <3 (not to mention zinnia's!)
  • oras has my absolute favorite contests in the series. in other games where they appear i usually try them out once and never go back unless the mood really strikes for some reason. i actually looked forward to them here.
  • okay it's totally not the first game to have the pokemon-amie but the pokemon-amie (the refresh too lol) is always a good thing!! though maybe that's just me being sappy cuz one of my favorite things in the series is like... spending time with and taking care of my pokemon i guess! and forming bonds with them as individuals? yeah i guess that's really cheesy but whatever it's true d:
so anyway i love oras (and just gen 3 in general i suppose lol)
Oh god ORAS is my personal favorite so there's too many...

Starting it at my friend's house the night it came out, making it to Mauville and screaming in shock at what they did with it. Hated it at first but loved it by the time I left.
Experiencing all the new but old characters in 3D
The new story parts and incorporation of Mega Evolution. Loved seeing my Latis get a small little story in the main game
Zinnia. Didn't like her at first and then loved her by the time it was over. Really hope we see her again someday.
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